You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


3. The next morning

When I woke up I looked at the clock it was 10:00 am. I looked over at the boys and saw I was the only one awake. So I decided to make them breakfast. As I got up as quietly as I could the remote dropped with a big crash! I was saying in my head please don't wake up! Then I realized nothing could wake up these boys. While I was making breakfast one of the boys came up behind me scaring me so I jumped.
Then he said " Morning beautiful!" so it was something Harry would say but it was actually Zayn!
"Hey! Morning to you too" I whispered back trying not to wake up the rest of the boys.
" You do know your stealing my job! I'm the one who makes breakfast!" he whispered in a yelling sorta way
" Oh I'm sorry Zayn! Consider this a holiday from making breakfast!" I said to him
" Ah there is one way I will forgive you!" he said in an evilish way
" What would that be?" I wondered
" just say my name again" he simply said
" alright Zayn" I said in a weird way
" thank you it's been a while since I heard a lady say my name unless they are screaming it in my face at a concert!" he said jokingly
" No problem" I replied
" So can I help you with anything?" he asked
" Nope I'm all finished" I said as I served the food to the table
" Hey Em before you wake up the lads can I talk to you outside for a second?" he asked looking down
"Sure Zayn" I said
" You are awesome!" he told me jokingly but I knew he ment it
Once we were outside Zayn looked through the window to make sure they weren't ease dropping. When it was clear Zayn started on talking.
He said " Emma I know that you are with Harry and I shouldn't even be saying this because he's like my brother they all are it's just.."
"Yes Zayn?" I asked
" There it is again, okays it's just I really really like you and I just want you to know that." he whispered looking everywhere but at me
I took my hand and held his head still and said " Zayn that's so sweet but try looking at me and saying it okay?" I asked giggling a little
" How about I do this instead?" Zayn asked
Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer looking me in the eye he whispered the words I'm sorry then he kissed me. He kissed me for like thirty seconds the backed away
" Emma I'm so sorry I just needed you to know" he said with a tear in his eye
" Zayn no please I'm sick of the words I'm sorry please don't say that please you are the only one I can trust not to say that" I said " promise me you won't?"
" I promise Emma but please just tell the boys when they wake up that I won't be back for a while I just need to clear my head" he whispered then ran off
" Zayn please don't go! Zayn please! All five of you boys are everything to me! Please don't go!" I yelled running after him and sobbing
He stopped and started walking towards me a little and I could tell he was crying too.
" Please Zayn I lost the most important person to me don't make me lose you too" I said as I hugged him
" okay Emma don't worry I'm not going anywhere" his whispered as he kissed my head
Then Zayn and I walked back to the bus and saw the boys were still sleeping and Zayn said " don't worry I got this"
He flipped the couch out into a bed and all four boys went flying. They woke up automatically!
Then I walked over to Zayn and high fived him
The four boys were all up on there feet now. And they were all complaining about there backs and shoulders.
So I said " as soon as I'm done eating I will rub your shoulders Kay? Zayn take two and I take two!" I said looking at Zayn evilly.
" Zayn, this is payback for scaring me!" I said to him
" so Zayn you've been scaring my girlfriend hmmm?" Harry asked
" It's possible" said Zayn to Harry
" we'll than looks like there's gonna be a fight after we get the shoulder rubs" Niall said jokingly
" I call Emma" Liam shouted
" Emma!" Niall yelled
" okay so Zayn you have Harry and Louis so get to it!" I ordered Zayn to do
It took us about twenty minutes until we were done. Then Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam all ran outside to see the fight. Niall stayed inside.
" Niall you don't have to help me with the dishes" I told him
" No trust me I'd be in here anyway I hate fights" he said and I could tell he was telling the truth
" Me too! Someone always gets hurt so I'm hoping this is just a joking kinda fight" I said to him
" trust me it's not one of them will come in here hurt" niall said as he wiped the dishes
There was a silence for a few seconds then Niall blurted out " I hear Harry wants to take you dancing tonight!"
" Oh no" I gasped
" What's wrong?" he asked
" Well I can't dance to save my life!" I told him
" it's easy! See watch" he said grabbing my hands
" you just put your left arm on his shoulder and your right hand in his hand. Then you just step forward and back." he was watching my feet then he looked into my eyes and I saw his eyes sparkle
" your eyes are so pretty when they sparkle" I said
" Oh I'm sorry" I said in a hurry
" No its okay I was just about to say the same thing to you" he admitted
" Aw, your so sweet sometimes I think you are the last guy in the world who would admit something like that" I told him
He smiled
Then we heard a loud crash! We both ran out side and saw Harry and Zayn lying on the ground with bloody noses.
" What happened!" I yelled
" Zayn told me what happened with you two!" harry yelled
" Yeah I told you so you wouldn't be mad Harry! I told you the truth!" Zayn yelled back
" Come on you guys get up and I'll help you get cleaned up and not bloody" I told them pulling there arms for them to stand up
I took Harry in first and patted his nose with a cloth he kept saying ow!
" Harry are you mad at me?" I asked
" No I'm mad at Zayn!" he screamed
" You shouldn't be! Do you want to know what he said before he told me!" I sort of yelled
" sure!" he said sarcastically
" he said I know I shouldn't say this because Harry is like my brother " I told him
" He said that?" Harry wondered
" yeah he did. I knew I shouldn't have stayed the night here I just cause to much arguing and fighting" I said shaking my head
" No, love please don't say that please" Harry pleaded
" just go and tell Zayn to come in here" I ordered him
He did as told
I heard Zayn say to him " Harry please I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me come on please forgive me" he pleaded
" just go see Emma" Harry told him
Zayn walked into the bathroom and he said "I really messed up"
" no I did for coming here I'm so sorry Zayn I didn't want to hurt anyone" I said looking at the ground
" no Emma its a miracle you did come I've never seen Harry so happy and I was so stupid to kiss you. And now I may have lost one of my brothers because of my stupid mistake" he said looking sad
I hugged Zayn and said " I promise I will make this right"
He yelled " ow!" then said " I'm sorry I didn't mean to scream its just Harry pushed me pretty hard, especially when I landed on my back"
" No no its okay just turn around for a minute.
He did as told. Then I lifted up his shirt and said " Oh my, Zayn! Take off your shirt for a minute" I ordered him
Then once he did I saw that he had a enormous cut all down his back.
"What is it?" he asked
" Niall, Liam, Louis!" I yelled
They all came running in.
" look at his back!" I screamed
They all stood there and gasped
" What do I do does he need stitches?" I asked
" do i need what!" he yelled
" it's fine Zayn just calm down you'll be okay" I told him
Then Harry came in saying " what's all the yelling for?"
" do you see what fighting causes!" I yelled at Harry
" oh Zayn! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!" Harry pleaded
" I don't think he needs stitches " Liam said
" But it needs to be cleaned out which will hurt even more" Liam added
" oh no" Zayn said shaking his head " no thanks I'm good"
" you don't have a choice Zayn!" I told him
" okay the four of you just go outside okay?" I asked them
They all raced for the door
I started patting his back with a cloth and I swear his scream could be heard all the way from Boston to Africa!
" I'm sorry Hun but it has to be done!" I said to him
" No I know I'm sorry Im screaming so L....ow!...oud" he said
After ten minutes of screaming the cut was finally clean. I put the biggest band-aid on it and surprisingly it was just the right size!
" you are sure your not hurt anywhere else right Zayn?" I asked him
" yeah I'm sure doctor Emma" he said jokingly
" I'm serious Zayn if it hurts anywhere else you need to tell me!" I said to him
" I'm sure" he told me
I hugged him making sure not to touch his back and whispered " Good bye Zayn I'm going to miss you"
" wait what do you mean where are you going!" he asked
" I'm leaving I just cause to much trouble and I am sorry for that" I told him then Zayn ran out of the bus and yelled " Hey! Emma is leaving someone do something!"
Harry ran over to me and said " Em if it's because I was mad at Zayn "
" No well I mean that's part of it but I just cause to much trouble I knew I shouldn't have come here. I have to go. But I just want you guys to know that I lost the most important person in my life and I have just gain five more" I said
Niall ran up to me and said " Emma please don't go"
" I have to Niall. I couldn't be able to live with myself if you got hurt. I'm sorry" I turned around then Niall scooped me up and said " you aren't going anywhere!" then he brought me to where the boys were and he sat me down on the ground. He sat next to me and the rest of the boys made a circle when they sat down.
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