You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


6. The Last Dance

When we got to the bus we all hopped out of the limo. Then Harry took out his phone and played the song uninvited and said " May I have this dance?"
I said " yes yes you may"
Then Harry and I started dancing along with Liam and Danielle and Louis and Eleanor. Niall and Zayn were watching and videoing the dance. How much sweeter could they get!
Then Harry spun me right into niall's arms he threw Zayn the phone for him to video it.
" Hey I never got to thank you for saving my life" I told him
" For what?" he said
" saving my life" I said
" Oh, that" he said
" Yeah that" I said giggling " so thank you"
" no problem" he said " but when I couldn't find the phone I felt so useless"
I could tell he was upset
" You are not useless Niall, don't ever say that" I told him leaning my head on his shoulder
Then he leaned his head on my head
And he whispered " No one has ever been so sweet to me but I think I should let you finish your dance with Zayn "
Then he spun me right to Zayn and Zayn tossed Niall the phone for him to video it.
" Hello there" he said with a smile
" hey" I said
" You forgot this at the dance club" he said and pulled the rose out of his jacket
I held it in my hand and said to him " Thank you Zayn for everything"
" It's my pleasure Emma" he said
He started singing" this could be the night a night to remember we will make it last forever"
" I love it when you sing Zayn" I said staring into his eyes
" I love it when you sing too Em" he said looking lost in my eyes
" Harry looks a little impatient I think you should go dance with him before I get my teeth knocked out haha" he said laughing
" yeah we wouldn't want that to happen" I said laughing
I walked over to Harry and said "you look a little impatient do you want to dance?"
" very much so" Harry said with a little chuckle
Harry and I danced for a long time then I said " Liam I never did get that dance like you promised! Would you like to dance?"
" I'd love to" Liam said with a smile
" Thank you Liam" I said while slow dancing
" For what?" he asked
" for saving me from the car" I said
" I didn't help much though" he said
" Hey! You helped and I'm here so thank you" I told him
" your welcome" he said
Liam spun me over to Louis who was waiting for his turn.
" you didn't forget me did you?" he asked
" who could Louis!" I laughed
" thank you by the way" I said to him
" what for?" he wondered
" for saving me the other day with the car" I told him
" oh your welcome" he said
" thank you too Emma" he told me
" for what?" I asked
" for making Harry so happy I've never seen him smile this much" Louis said
" he's the one making me happy" I said
" well you both deserve each other because your both amazing" he said
" thank you" I said
Once I was done dancing with Louis I went and sat down next to Zayn and Harry. We all sat around that fire past midnight, and I'd realized that I felt like part of a family again. I figured out that family isn't the people who share the same blood but it's the people who love you and who you love. I saw that I was with my family. And it was an amazing feeling

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