You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


4. Please Stay

" Come on emma remember last night we all had so much fun!" Niall told me
" Yeah but alls I've done is caused pain and I'm so sorry! I can barely live with myself for getting Zayn and Harry hurt if anyone else got hurt I wouldn't be able to live with myself" I said
" Emma please I'm fine, please stay I couldn't get along without you none of us could" Zayn said
" Please Em! Harry do something!" Louis shouted
" Harry please don't " I begged
" I have to Em because I can't be away from you for more than a second!" Harry said
Then all of a sudden they all start singing the lyrics to the song gotta be you.
" you are my princess Emma and I can't let you go" harry said looking into my eyes
" Emma can you come over there with me for a second?" Liam asked
" yeah" I said
" look Em Harry loves you so don't the rest of us! And if you left Harry he'd be a total mess. All of us would" he told me
" I...I...I..." I said
" am staying" Liam said finishing the sentence for me
" Fine" I said smiling " thank you Liam" I hugged him then walked back to the boys
" I will stay if Harry you and Zayn start acting like brothers again okay?" I asked
" Okay" he said smiling
Then he went over hugged Zayn and said he was sorry. Next he came over to me and kissed me! Right in front of everyone!
" I love all of you guys, and to tell you the truth you are my family, and the most important people in the world to me" I told them
Then they all came over and hugged me.
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