You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


5. Let's Go Dancing

" In celebration of you staying I think we should go out and do something!" Zayn exclaimed
" Oh really like what Zayn?" I asked him
" It has to be wicked fun!" Niall shouted
" And somewhat fancy!" Liam suggested
" How about we go dancing!" Harry yelled out
" Exactly!" Zayn screamed
" Wait boys aren't you forgetting one very important persons input on what we shall do?" Louis said pointing at me
" Ah yes, Miss Emma, may we take you out to go dancing?" Zayn asked kneeling down on one knee
" You may, as long as I get to have a dance with each one of you" I told Zayn
" Yes I'm sure that can be arranged!" Harry said scooping me up and spinning me around
" Liam, Louis! Could you bring Danielle and Eleanor?" I asked
" They are already on there way!" Louis yelled to me
" Yay now where are we going to go dancing?" I asked Harry
" Hmm Niall do you know any cool places?" Harry asked Niall
" Yeah there is the one on West Main Street" Niall suggested
" yeah let's go there!" I yelled
I heard the bus door open and Danielle and Eleanor popped there heads in and said " Heyy boys!"
" Hey ladies!" Harry called out
" Harry where is that lovely Emma we have heard so much about!" Danielle asked
" Ah yes Emma come here for a minute this is Eleanor and Danielle" Harry said
" Hi! I'm Emma" I introduced myself
" Hey Emma! So are you ready to go dancing?" Eleanor asked
" Of course! But do one of you ladies have an extra dress I could borrow?" I whispered to them
" Oh honey, we are going shopping for dresses!" Danielle told me
" So go get what you need to get ready and we will be off!" Eleanor ordered
I ran and got my make up then kissed Harry goodbye and said " See you at eight! I'll be there! I promise I will" then hugged him and ran out the door.
It took the girls and I about an hour and a half to find the perfect dresses, then a half hour to do our makeup. The limo Harry had sent to Danielle's house to pick us up arrived at seven forty five. We all hopped in and I said " Let's go dancing!"
" Oh yeah!" screamed both girls in unison
When we arrived five amazing guys were wait in the front all in tuxs for us.
" who wants Zayn and who wants Niall!" Eleanor asked us
" I'll take Niall!" I said giggling
" I'm stuck with Zayn I guess hehe" Danielle said giggling
We stepped out of the limo and the guys just stood there and stared.
I looked at Harry and said " What's wrong?"
" look" Harry got cut off by Niall
" absolutely beautiful" Niall said
" thank you" I said blushing
I took Niall and Harry's arms and interlocked them with mine. Niall looked at me and said " May I escort you in my dear"
" you may" I said smiling
" may I have the first dance love?" Harry asked
" You may" I said
We all walked into the ball room there was a slow song on so Harry took my hands and said may I have this dance my dear?"
" Of course Harry" I said as I let go of niall's hand
Harry and I were actually dancing together! It was a dream come true!
" I feel like Cinderella, and it's all because of you Harry thank you" I whispered to him
" You were always my Cinderella Emma you just couldn't see it" he said smiling
" Thank you Harry " I told him
" for what?" he asked
" For saving my life. I owe everything in the world to you. If it wasn't for you I'd not be breathing right now but you saved me. And I love you for that." I said kissing his cheek
" Yes you do owe me something and I know exactly what" he said with a twinkle in his eye
" Oh? Then what is it" I asked him
" As long as you stay with me forever then we are even" he said smiling
" I can promise that but there must be something else you want?" I questioned
" Well there is something" he whispered
" what?" I asked
" A kiss" he said as he dipped me down.
While I was by the ground I put my lips on his and he lifted me back up. Then the song was over and he brought me over to Niall.
Just as Niall and I walked out to the dance floor the song stereo hearts came on and he whispered "perfect"
We slow danced to the song.
Then he sang " my hearts a stereo it beats for you so listen close hear my thoughts in every note"
" your eyes are sparkling again it's so beautiful" I said smiling
" It's only because I'm with you Emma" Niall said sweetly
" aw Niall you're so sweet" I said
" It's true Emma you bring out the best in me" he whispered
" By the way I see my dance class lessons earlier helped a lot" he said chuckling
" Yes thank you Mr. Horan" I told him giggling a little
" anytime Em" he said staring into my eyes
Then he twirled me and brought me back in and whispered " I never thought that my first dance with a girl would be teaching her how to dance"
" You've never danced before?" I asked him
" Nope" he said
" To me you're like a pro" I said laughing a little
Then the song ended
" Man some of these songs are just to short" he said shaking his head
" it was a four minute song" I told him
" It wasn't long enough" Niall said to me as we walked back to Harry
" Thank you Niall" I said " that was lovely"
He smiled at me and smiled back
" Harry do you mind if I dance with Zayn?" I asked him
" Of course not go for it" he said
" Thank you" I said
As I walked over to Zayn he was just standing there staring at me I was thinking to myself please let nothing be slipping! Then when I reached Zayn I smiled at him and said " Hi"
" Hello beautiful" he said as he smiled
Then he reached into his jacket and pulled out a rose and said " Emma will you accept this rose as long as Harry doesn't punch me?" he'd asked laughing
I took the rose and said " Of course, may I have this dance?" I asked him
" Of course" Zayn said
" You look stunning tonight Emma" he told me
" thank you" I said looking into his eyes
Zayns eyes were locked on mine, his eyes were amazingly beautiful too.
" Thank you by the way" I told him
" For what?" he asked
" For catching me when I was about to fall and for saving my life" I said
" That? That was my pleasure sweetie" he said in his soft voice
" If it weren't for you who would have pulled me out of the car?" I asked
" I'm not sure but lets not think that way you are here and that's all that matters to me" he said
" I was so lucky to have you there Zayn " I said in a hushed tone
" And I'm lucky to have you here dancing with me right now " he said
Zayn spun me then spun me back in and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.
" Why do you keep doing that?" I asked
" Because I have no strength I'm weak" he said as my eyes met his
" Speaking of being weak I'm sorry I forgot about your back and here I've been resting my hand there I'm sorry Zayn! Does it hurt?" I asked
" It's fine Emma relax it doesn't hurt because you are here with me" Zayn said slowly
All of a sudden I heard a window break I looked around and whispered to Zayn " what was that?"
" I'm not sure but we need to get you out of here" he said looking worried
Then the lights went out... Zayn grabbed my hand and whispered " Emma stay close alright?"
" Yes" I whispered
I wrapped one arm around his waist and I interlocked my hand with his. I was very scared.
Then I heard a scream and I jumped
" It's okay Emma it's okay" I heard Zayn whisper.
Then he said " Em get down on your hands and knees and crawl and try to find a table"
" Where are you going Zayn, please don't leave" I said worriedly
" I'm right behind you Hun just keep crawling" Zayn said in a stiff voice
Then the lights went on and Zayn and I got up. I was still holding onto Zayn because I was frightened.
Then I said " We need to find everyone"
Zayn nodded then we set out looking for them.
We couldn't get pass anyone so Zayn lifted me up on to the table the climbed up himself and we were searching for the boys and two girls.
First I spotted Niall so I shouted his name he heard me and raced over to the table and stood up on it
Then Niall hugged me and said " are you alright Emma?"
" yeah I'm fine where's Harry I thought you were with him?" I asked
" I was then he went to go get some punch then the lights went out" he said
" Look! There's Louis, Eleanor, Liam, and Danielle!" Zayn yelled
Then we all screamed " Louis!"
He heard us and gided the three of them over to us and jumped up on the table
" where's Harry?" I asked them
" we haven't seen him" they said
" I'll go check the men's room" Liam said dragging Danielle with him
" and I'll check the parking lot!" Louis said bringing Eleanor with him
" I will go walk around and see if I find him" I said
" I'll go with you!" Niall volunteered
Then I jumped of the table and forgot I was in heels so I didn't land on my feet but I did land on my butt!
Niall jumped off the table much smoother than I did, bent down and said " Emma are you okay?"
" yeah I'm fine I just forgot I was in heels and could I get a little help up please?" I asked
" Yes of course" Niall said standing up giving me his hand
When I got to my feet my ankle gave out but Niall caught me
" thanks but now I can't walk" I said sounding hurt
" here get on my back" Niall said
I jumped onto his back and said " I'm sorry Niall I'm such a clutz"
" It's okay I don't mind" he said laughing
" wait! I can call Harry!" I yelled
" Well do it!" Niall shouted
" Hello?" Harry said
" Harry! Where are you?" I screamed
" I'm outside the dance club why?" he said in a weird voice
I hung up and got everyone to go outside
"Gee thanks Harry for telling us where you were going!" I yelled at him
" Im sorry Em but I was trying to chase that guy that.....never mind" he said
" that what?" I asked limping over to him
" I was going to give you this during the last dance but that guy broke through the window saw what I had stole it then started running so I ran after him" Harry said taking something out of his pocket
He opened the box and inside was a locket I opened the locket up and inside was a picture of him on one side and a picture of the four other boy on the other side. I looked up at him and said " Harry its beautiful thank you so much"
" your welcome Emma" he said looking into my eyes
" will you help me put it on?" I asked him
He took it out of the box then pushed my hair to the side and put it around my neck.
" Wanna go back to the bus anyone?" Harry asked
We all nodded then hopped in the limo
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