You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


2. Hanging Out With One Direction

When we got to the tour bus Harry put me down, and both Harry and Niall held my arms while I steadied myself.
Then Niall said " Welcome to the tour bus!" while bowing
I giggled
Then Harry said " Wow that's the first time I've seen you laugh. I like your laugh it's cute"
I blushed and said " thanks, I always thought my laugh was stupid"
" Nothing about you is stupid Emma everything about you is perfect!" Niall said to me with a smile
Then Harry opened the door to the tour bus and held it open for me and said " Welcome Miss Emma" and bowed
Then Niall yelled " Hey! That's my thing!"
I winked at Niall and he blushed
When we got into the tour bus no one was in there
I said " where are the boys?"
Harry and Niall shrugged there shoulders
" Well then have a seat Emma and tell us about yourself what do you like to do?" Harry asked
" um I love to sing and listen to music!" I said to them
" Really? What do you like to listen to?" Niall asked
" Well my favorite band to listen to is well One Direction" I told them smiling
They looked at eachother and said " well we are flattered"
" Would you like to sing a few bars of a song for us?" Harry pleaded
" No I'm not that great" I said blushing
" Come on please??? I'll give you a kiss!" Harry said
" I will to!" Niall added
" fine" I told them
" Yes!" they replied in unison
" Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me over..whelmed " I ended turning a bright red
They both applauded and yelled " Beautiful!"
" Thanks that really means alot" I said
Then they both leaned over the table and gave me a kiss on the cheek!
It was so incredible!
Literally two seconds after they kissed me Liam, Louis, and Zayn all walked in and Zayn said " Ohh I'm sorry are we interrupting a little romance ?"
He'd said it in a funny voice that made me laugh
" apparently so!" liam added
I got up and shoved Liam and Zayn down on the couch at the same time then whispered " They wish! They owed me a kiss on the cheek!"
Then Louis made kissing noises and I came over to shove him to but he just went " woah woah take it easy I'm just setting the mood! Even though both of them can't have you!"
Then he chuckled
" shut up you guys!" I said jokingly
Then to kill the awkward conversation for Niall and Harry, Harry yelled " I think we have a star on our hands Emma can really sing!"
Then Zayn came over and liftedme up onto the table and said " go ahead prove yourself miss Emma!"
They all started chanting " Sing, sing, sing!"
I started singing the words to gotta be you and they all just stared.
After I was done the all cheered and clapped
Liam came over and lifted me down and said " You will be the next Madonna!" in a joking way
" absolutely beautiful give it up for Emma!" Louis shouted
I started to turn bright red again and they all laughed
Harry ran over to me and whispered " can I talk to you outside for a moment love?"
I nodded and let him pull me to the door
Once we were outside by ourselves I asked " What's wrong Harry?"
Then he started singing " I've tried playing it cool but when I'm looking at you I can't ever be brave cause you make my heart race shot me outta the sky you're my kryptonite you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can't breathe cause you've got that one thing Emma you've got that one thing"
I stood there frozen. I was so shocked. I had no idea what to do. Then he grabbed my hands and pulled me closer and started kissing me. Not on the cheek like before but right smack on the lips! It wasn't a forced kiss it was warm and soft and passionate. It was lovely. But then he stopped stepped back and whispered " I'm so sorry Emma I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry"
Then he dropped to the ground and put his face in his hands and was shaking his head. I took his hands away from his face and held them in mine and started kissing him! I realized I was head over heels for this guy! Seriously head over heels!
Then I pulled away and said " I accept your apology only because you let me kiss you back"
He smiled. It was a sweet cute smile.
And he whispered " I really like you"
" I really like you too Harry" I whispered
Then I got off my knees and sat in his lap and told him " Please don't be sorry for that, what you just did right there was amazing"
He grabbed my hand, held it for a moment then kissed it and whispered " I know we just met but I just want you to know that you are my everything Emma "
I looked up at the sky. I felt just one tear well up in my eye.
He asked " why are you getting teary eyed?"
I whispered " that was the last thing my mom said to me" then I buried my face into his shoulder and let the tear fall.
" I'm sorry Emma" he said hugging me
I lifted my head up and I said " No don't be you just made me even happier by saying that"
I felt more tears coming on then I just sat there in Harry's lap until he nodded at the window to the tour bus.
" What was that?" I asked
" The boys have been watching" he said
I could tell he was getting teary eyed too
All of a sudden I heard the door slam shut and the next thing I knew I felt four othe boys giving me and Harry hugs. And I saw that they were all teary eyed too! Aw!
" Were you all ease dropping?" I asked them as they hugged me
" Of course we were how could we resist!" Zayn said
" You guys are so sweet and I know we just met but I love you guys!" I said sniffling
" we love you to Emma " Niall whispered as he sniffled too
Then when everyone was done hugging we all just sat on the ground outside the bus. Then Louis came over and sat down next to me and telling Liam to move over.
Louis told me " Emma, you better take care of my Harry you understand?"
" Yes mrs. Styles " I said laughing a little
That of course made everyone laugh
Harry said " Mum! Don't harass my girlfriend"
" haha very funny but Emma I'm serious you have a really great guy in your hands don't let him slip away because I can tell already that he's in love with you" Louis said
I leaned up against Louis giving him an enormous hug and whispering " Trust me he wont be going anywhere"
" Hey! What's up with this you give my best friends hugs but not me this is rubbish" Harry teased
" Yes but you get kissed!" Niall, Zayn, and Liam said coming over to join Louis and my hug
Then I kissed all four boys on the cheek.
Then I said " And I have saved the best for last" and I kissed Harry right on the lips
" there are you guys all even now?" I questioned laughing a little
" I don't know I might need one more kiss Em!" Zayn teased
I gave Zayn a little push and said that's as much as your getting then I winked at him.
" Fine" Zayn said dramatically then chuckling a little
" Take what you can get Zayn!" Liam yelled smiling
As I leaned up against Harry and he wrapped his big arms around me and in that moment I was surrounded with people I loved and I felt completely safe
After a little while once it got dark I yelled out " bonfire anyone?"
" yeah!" Niall yelled " Harry don't be stupid and lose this one cause she is the full package!"
" trust me she couldn't get away even if she tried!" harry said looking in to my eyes
I reached my hand up and brushed it through his hair and said " I won't be trying to get away until you ask me to"
" you will be waiting a long time then Hun" harry told me
" good" I yelled
Once we got the bonfire going Zayn started singing the words to the song good night and we all jumped in
Then Niall sang stereo heart, Louis sang valarie, and then they all sang torn.
After the song torn I said to them " I swear you guys are half angel because your voices are heavenly!"
They all laughed and said " that has to be the cheesiest joke we've ever heard but it means alot coming from you"
We spent about three hours by the campfire then Liam put it out and said " movie anyone?"
We all nodded and raced inside.
By now it was about eleven pm so I was kinda tired but it didn't matter. Harry asked me to pick out a movie so being the girl I am I picked mama Mia! All the boys laughed and I said " It's your fault for letting me pick the movie!"
What surprised me the most was that everyone of them were singing the words to the songs along with me!
Near the end I looked over at the boys and saw that they were all asleep except Harry.
He whispered to me " are you okay?"
"Yeah" I said
" go ahead go to sleep Hun" Harry said in a soft voice
" are you sure I don't think they would want me to spend the night" I said worriedly
" sweetie its two in the morning I will not allow you to do anything else but go to sleep" he whispered
" How bout this" I asked as I kissed him
" That I will allow" he said as he smiled
" Good night Harry love you" I whispered dozing off to sleep
" Good night Emma I love you and always will " he whispered
Then I dozed off to sleep in Harry's arms.
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