You are my everything

Emma is just an ordinary girl when something terrible happens to her and her mother luckily a boy whom she loves comes to their rescue


1. The car ride

As I hopped into the car mom asked " so Emma how was the birthday party?"
" Eh it was alright nothing special" I told her
Then there was a silence for a few minutes but then she said " we need to stop at the store to get some milk for my recipe"
"alright" I agreed
Then all of a sudden out of no where a car came out and crashed into the drivers side of the car. The car had flipped over and I could hear my mom screaming bloody murder. I was so scared.
Then she barely said to me " Emma you are my everything and never forget I"
Then she was gone. I was balling my eyes out. Then I could hear a car coming.
I yelled as loud as I possibly could " SOMEONE HELP ME ANYBODY HELP!!"
Luckily I heard the car stop. Then I heard the car door open then after about thirty seconds the door closed. I could hear multiple people running towards the car. The footsteps stopped.
" Hello? Is anyone in there?" I heard a British voice say
" Help me" I moaned
Then I saw a boy kneel down on the ground and open the door.
Another boy helped me out.
Once my vision was clear I saw who my savers were. One Direction. One Direction had saved my life.
" Hun are you alright?" Harry said
I just dropped to the ground. Luckily Zayn caught me. Then he cradled me in his arms and said " Niall call 911 fast"
" Love, is anyone else in the car?" Liam asked
I nodded
"who?" Louis said panicking
" My mom.. But she's.....she's.....she's dead." I said between sobs
Harry came down on the ground and hugged me and said " I'm so sorry"
" Niall came running back " I can't find the phone!" he yelled
Zayn told Niall to come down on the ground and take his place by cradling me with Harry. He did as told and said " You're okay, your okay"
"what's you're name Hun?" Liam asked kneeling on the ground next to me
"Emma " I replied
" Emma what a beautiful name" Niall replied
Zayn came rushing back over and said " the police and EMTs will be here momentarily. How are you doing sweetie?"
" I'm scared" I whispered
" I know Emma I know. Are you hurting any where?" Niall asked
" My leg and butt are killing me but my butt hurts because of the rock I'm sitting on" I said smiling a little
The boys all laughed a little too. Then the next thing I knew I was being lifted up by all five boys then placed genteelly down in the back seat of there car.
" Is that better?" Harry asked
" Much, thank you" I said
" By the way I'm harry this is Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam " he told me
" Hi" I said blushing a little
" Hi " Harry said wiping tears from my eyes
Then next thing I knew EMTs were all around me asking me questions than telling me to go over to the ambulance.
I grabbed Harry's hand and said " Can you come with me?"
" Of course" he said and smiled
Once the EMTs were done making sure I was okay they asked where I lived. I told them of course.
Then Louis asked me " Emma do you want to come over and hang out with us?"
" yeah sure" I said
I was still a little scared to get into a car and Harry and Niall knew that. So being the gentlemen they were they walked with me to there tour bus. Harry and Niall were always my favorite in one direction. And to think they were walking me to there tour bus? That was amazing!
" So Emma do you live around here?" Niall asked
" Yeah I lived here with my........." I couldn't finish my sentence
I stopped. I couldn't move. I tried I just couldn't it was like I was frozen. Completely still.
As soon as Harry and Niall noticed they stopped looked back at me and then looked at each other.
They both came back and Niall put me on Harry's back. I started crying again.
Niall looked me in the eyes and said "It's alright I know it's hard really hard"
I nodded then said " I'm sorry, I just can't stop crying"
" We get it" Harry said
I felt really bad for Harry having to carry me but it was the only way I was going to move.
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