The World Below...

Kirstie ( pronounced Kir-s-ty) moves to a small, quiet town in Virginia. At school, the subject sticking to her mind like glue, was History. She was told the Legend of the town, that underneath the surface of the earth, below them, a whole world full of mythical creatures, ivolved.
But when Kirstie goes to explore, she finds out that the story isn't a Legend, it's true...
So Kirstie explores the wonders of this world, every nook, and every cranny.
She meets all kinds of creatures, their powers, their fears, everything. But when Kirstie's back in the Human world, things are different. She'd been reported Missing. It had actually been monthes that she'd disapeared for.
Now, her life is different. Should she tell the truth, and risk the Creatures lives? Or should she lie, and hope that it was believeable?


7. Chapter 7

We had one last leg, of our journey.

A mile, Mable predicted.

"Mable, I'm really going to miss you" I cried, tears pouring dow my cheeks.

" Aww, don't sob, Kerstie. You'll make me cry, and that's highly dangerous for me"

I laughed, and wiped away the tears.

" Mable, you are the kindest creature I've ever met. Please, before I go, tell me all about your town. I know your not allowed, but, it's not like I can tell anyone. They defiantly won't believe me. I want to spend a final Night here. Surprise me"

" Okay. I know I musn't. But, I trust you, Kerstie".

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