The World Below...

Kirstie ( pronounced Kir-s-ty) moves to a small, quiet town in Virginia. At school, the subject sticking to her mind like glue, was History. She was told the Legend of the town, that underneath the surface of the earth, below them, a whole world full of mythical creatures, ivolved.
But when Kirstie goes to explore, she finds out that the story isn't a Legend, it's true...
So Kirstie explores the wonders of this world, every nook, and every cranny.
She meets all kinds of creatures, their powers, their fears, everything. But when Kirstie's back in the Human world, things are different. She'd been reported Missing. It had actually been monthes that she'd disapeared for.
Now, her life is different. Should she tell the truth, and risk the Creatures lives? Or should she lie, and hope that it was believeable?


5. Chapter 5

I was in a different world.

Lights were bright, but the World was dark.

Creatures, they were fictional.

None of this was inside the book.

Something had happened through the years.

All the creatures inside the world were Fire People, or Ice People, or Dragons and Giant Lizards.

I wanted to escape, but I didn't know how!

I sat in an empty alleyway, watching both to my left and right.

No-body, or, should I say, nothing, was coming.

Why did they make this world, if you couldn't get out?

" Don't think like that!" something spoke, sitting next to me.

It was... a Fire Person.

A girl.

"Goodness, you startled me. I'm sorry, the fire's scaring me. Please don't touch me" I said, eyeing her up and down.

" It's okay. It only works when I'm angry. Your a Human. That's so cool! I've always wondered it they were a Myth, or actually true!" she laughed, reaching her finger out.

I must have jerked back, because her smile faded.

" Yeah, everyone's frightened of me. Even those living here. I suppose that's good in a way. Anyway, we need to keep you hidden. You'll startle those who are of different qualities, should I say" she spoke, holding her hand out.

" Come on, I told you, it won't hurt. Not unless you say something horrid. Then it'll work" she grinned, her fire hair lighting up a bright yellow.

I let her lift me up, and she walked through a wall, obviously telling me too follow.

I put my hand on the wall, but nothing happened.

Suddenly, a Firery hand popped out of the wall, and grabbed my wrist.

I tried ot to scream.

But, it didn't work.

When I'd got to another side, it was only the Fire Girl I'd just spoken too.

" You seriously thought I was something else?" she sniggered, holding a Firery hand to her face.

" You can walk through walls, it could have been anything!" I surrendered.

She shrugged.

" I guess. Wow, your hands are so pale. And soft" she giggeled.

"Yeah, uh, I suppose. Anyway, why are you being kind to me? Wouldn't anything down here, like, eat my brains, or something? I guess I'm greatful your nice. Thanks".

She smiled.

" It's no trouble. I've always wanted to meet a Human. Not that they'd want to meet me. They'd just throw water over me" she sighed, sitting down.

We were in a large room, all wooden, and dark. The only reason I could make her out, was because she was bright.

" Yeah, uh, what would happen if something chucked water over you? Would you disapear? Would you die? I'm curious" I asked, sitting down beside her.

" I would...become Human. But a bad Human. I'd be put in a... what do you call it? Pryson?" she explained, pausing, obviously waiting for an answer.

" Prison. Why, do you have Prisons? Wow, your world is soo fasinating!"

" As is yours. We call ours Belowners.I guess because we bury our cells. Strange, right?"

" Not really, it just means they wont escape. I could imagine it now. Giant Lizard un-burys his self" I spoke, holding my hands above me, pretending to underline a Newspaper Headline.

She laughed.

"Anyway, what's your name? Is it related too fire? Can I guess? I guess Oxygen? No, no, Heat?"

" No. Its Mableay. Mable for short" she smiled.

I shrugged.

" I've never been here. I'm a Newbie. So, Mable, am I trapped here? I want to go home. I miss my mum, even if she is Drunk. And Ash. He's my brother. Please, will you help me?" I asked desperatly, standing up.

" Yeah, I'll help you. But, uh..."

" Kerstie"

" Right, yeah, Kirstie, it's extremely tricky. We learnt about this at school. My special school for nice Creatures. We were told, we must hardly tell the Humans about this world, and that you have to help them escape. Unfortunatly, I cannot Escape. I have a special heart, well, we all do. If we hit the atmosphere of the Human's World, we will die, a slow, and painful death" she explained, grabbing my hand.

" It's okay, I won't let you die. Do we have to be out by Night? Is that how it prevents you from dying?" I asked, as she dragged me through another wall.

We were lead onto a deserted street, with broken houses, and rubbish by every doorstep.

" This place is horrible. Is this how you live?"

" Gosh, no, we live in normal conditions. Perfectly clean Bathrooms and Byerooms..."

" What are Byerooms?"

" Places where we sleep"

" You mean bedrooms?"

" No, I mean Byerooms. Wow, your race is so fasinating. Please, tell me more".

She lead me through abandoned streets, and Hidden Villages, until we reached a gigantic Forest.

" The rest of the way, is through here. I'll show you the way. It's going to take Dyons" she spoke, looking ahead of her.

" Dyons?"

" 24 Hons"

" What?"

" 24 hons...oh, yes, you don't speak Gladion, do you?"

" No, I'm pretty sure I don't. Does 24 hons, mean 24 hours?"

" I'm not sure what hours mean. Oh, wait, yes I do. We learnt this in Enghlishk. Right, I got this. It'll take Days. Yes. But our meaning of days and hours, are quite different to yours. Hours for us, are days for you. Days for us, are months for you. Keep that in mind, Kerstie" she spoke, facing me.

" Great. It'll take months to get me home. I'm in a right pickle. You wait until I see my mum. She'll be having a cow, and a pig, and god knows what else at me when I get back".

" Whats a Cow? What's a Pig? And, what's a Pickle?"

" Oh, I forgot. You don't understand that much English, do you?"

" No, I'm pretty sure I do not".


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