The World Below...

Kirstie ( pronounced Kir-s-ty) moves to a small, quiet town in Virginia. At school, the subject sticking to her mind like glue, was History. She was told the Legend of the town, that underneath the surface of the earth, below them, a whole world full of mythical creatures, ivolved.
But when Kirstie goes to explore, she finds out that the story isn't a Legend, it's true...
So Kirstie explores the wonders of this world, every nook, and every cranny.
She meets all kinds of creatures, their powers, their fears, everything. But when Kirstie's back in the Human world, things are different. She'd been reported Missing. It had actually been monthes that she'd disapeared for.
Now, her life is different. Should she tell the truth, and risk the Creatures lives? Or should she lie, and hope that it was believeable?


4. Chapter 4

I sat in the Library, reading everyword in the BysonCK carefully.

The words felt like they came alive when I read them. It was like a story, and, it was real!

The BysonCK told me that this world was in Creason Woods, the biggest wood in Undertown. It was the ginormous woods, west from our house. It was on a cliff beside the Sea.

Aparetly, it was in the middle of the Woods, by a rock, ressembling the enterance. If you move the rock, there'll be a hole, that'd lead you to the world.

"Maybe I'll explore it" I said to myself, and something pinged in my head.

It was saying 'Your the only one who can get in, make the most of it'.

Strange, I thought to myself.

I shut the book after a couple of minutes.

I knew how to get in, and how to get out.

I knew what to look for, and I knew how to get it.

I knew what there was, and how to handle it.

I knew what I should do, and what I shouldn't.

I was ready to explore this place. The book had said to explore it at Night. And to come back at Night. Their time was different too ours.

I was going to have to make serious plans.

I placed the book back where I found it, and made my way home, the sun setting clear in front of me. It was hard to watch it go down properly, as all the houses got in the way.

The only clear view was from my bedroom window.

I walked quickly, and patiently, until I reached my house. I opened the gate, and walked up to the front door.

I knocked, and stood back.

Mum opened the door, and she looked...

" Mum... why are you dressed like that?" I asked her, stooden-aback.

She rolled her eyes.

" You know Dave, the one I met yesterday, when I was finding a job? He asked me out on a date. I mean, he was really sweet, and I accepted!".

She sounded like a teenager.

She practally was.

" Mum, you 27, and he's...what, 34?" I sighed, budging past her.

" Are you trying to call him old? I mean, he doesn't look 34. And don't budge, littlemissus. I don't want teenage behavior from you. I want kind behaviour. That means Ash as well. Dinners on the side. I'll see you later. I have my phone, I'll call you. Bye sweets" she spoke, giving me a kiss on the head.

Not that she could reach, because I jerked away.

I wandered into the kitchen, and sat at the table.

Ash was already there, tucking in.

We were quiet.

I tucked into my own dinner, and when I'd finished, I did both of our dishes.



It began to get dark outside, and I waited impatiently for mum to come home.

" What are you so jittery about?" Ash asked me, coming to sit beside me.

" I...nothing. Just waiting for mum to come home. I really wish she'd hurry up" I said annoyingly, and Ash shrugged.

" Who knows when she'll be back. But, I know when she is back, she'll go strait to bed. I bet your going to sneak out, arn't you".

Why was my brother a phychic?

" I don't want to sneak out" I lied, rolling my eyes.

" You do. When ever you roll your eyes, your lying. Come on, admitt it!" he sighed, poking me in th ribs.

" Shut up, and go to bed, Ash" I growled, shoving him.

He growled back, but followed my instructions all the same.

At that exact moment, mum came waltzing through the door, twirling about in her flowy dress, standing high on her heels.

" Mum?" I said, getting up.

" Yes, hons?" she spoke, her speech a tad slurred.

" Mum...your drunk?"

"No, I'm not Drruunk" she laughed, the door slamming behind her.

" Go to bed, mum" I sighed, grabbing her dress, and pushing her up the stairs.

" Let go of me, you little monster. I can walk prefectly fine" she lied, wobbling.

As soon as she'd gone into her room, I walked into my room, and got changed.

I had my rucksack, old trainers and old jeans.

I was ready, to face another World.

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