The World Below...

Kirstie ( pronounced Kir-s-ty) moves to a small, quiet town in Virginia. At school, the subject sticking to her mind like glue, was History. She was told the Legend of the town, that underneath the surface of the earth, below them, a whole world full of mythical creatures, ivolved.
But when Kirstie goes to explore, she finds out that the story isn't a Legend, it's true...
So Kirstie explores the wonders of this world, every nook, and every cranny.
She meets all kinds of creatures, their powers, their fears, everything. But when Kirstie's back in the Human world, things are different. She'd been reported Missing. It had actually been monthes that she'd disapeared for.
Now, her life is different. Should she tell the truth, and risk the Creatures lives? Or should she lie, and hope that it was believeable?


3. Chapter 3

My last lesson of the day was History.

I sat down  beside a girl called Jennifer, and she explained to me, that I shouldn't put my hand up because it annoyed sir.

I  thought it's be because everyone would call me nerdy, but I didn't mind.

" Sure, I'm all in for annoying those elderly teachers!" I said, sarcastically.

" I don't care wherter that was sarcastic or not, but I do know sir will be absolutly purple by the end of the lesson. You watch. He gets so worked up over nothing. Trust me, it's a sight to see" she laughed, gesturing towards sir, who had his back facing us, writing on the board.

" Okay. I'll keep a steady eye on him, shall I?" I asked, watching him, while talking.

" Yes. That was proberly sarcastic as well, but, please, do" she smiled, shaking her head.

As sir turned back, he gestured to the board.

" Read, then write. Copy all of it. And Cydney, that does mean the date, and the paragraph too" he sighed, sitting down.

I read the board, and frowned.

" I've never heard of that Legend before" I whispered to Jennifer, who just shrugged it off.

" Your actually reading the board? Uh, nevermind. Can't teach you everything".

" I'm not messing about, Jennifer, what is it?" I asked her, and she faced me.

That's when things turned serious.

" The Legend of Headsford Creek. There's a world underneath us containing Mythical creatures. Aparently they come from the deapths of The Undersea world, also near us. They were transformed by a Magical Fairy, Named Apota, and she'd found the Undersea creatures, and transformed them into something different. An Akota, for instance, is a creature who has the powers to Heal the injured. Ect" she spoke, in a hushed tone.

" Where did you actually find this Legend? In an ancient book? Was it made up? Come on, your leaving me in suspense!" I whined.

" It was found in a book called the BysonCK. Don't ask me why it's called that. It sounds more like a Robot, if you were to ask me" she spoke.

I sniggered.

Sir glanced over at me, and narrowed his eyes.

" Miss Greyson, I think you better continue with your work before I issue a D10. On your first day".

I rolled my eyes, and carried on reading from the board.


I spent an hour in the school Library. I was looking for something, and I was extremely determined to find it. I was in the History Section, looking inbetween every book, searching high and low for the BysonCK. I knew it wouldn't be here. But it was worth a shot.

A old lady walked over to me, and pushed her glasses down to her nose.

" Honey, I know I'm old, but I can help you find what your looking for. I know the title of every book here. What is it your searching for?" she asked, perching her glasses back in position.

" Your going to call me crazy. But, the BysonCK. I know, it's a lot to ask for. But I'm new here, and I like a good Mystery" I smiled.

"Hmm. Your looking in the wrong place, lovey. You might want to make a quick trip to the Public Library. They have all the Old Books there, even the BysonCK. There are many copies of it there. Your not allowed to take them out though. Because of theives. You know"she explained, and then she sighed.

" It's a shame, really. You can't trust anyone here. Well, you can turst those who look plesent. Don't trust the Trampy Lookers. They'll take your money. Alright, enough of me. Off you go, deary" she spoke, shooing me away.

It was a tiny bit tricky finding my way to the Library.

It didn't look like it, but it was quite a big town.

I arrived; walking up the gigantic stone steps.

The door was a huge, wooden wonder.

There were patterns engraved all over it, swirly patterns, slanted patterns, it was amazing.

And that was just the outside.

I pushed open the door, and slipped inside.

There were a few older students, obviously working on there exams and A levels.

I walked over to the desk, and pinged the small, silver bell on the desk.

A short, young lady walked in from the back room, her hair in a tight bun, her expression grim.

" May I help you?" she asked sternly, tapping her fingernails on her desk.

" Yes...uh, please, I'm looking for the BysonCK...?" I asked, looking around the Library.

" Ah, yes. Behind the Towns History Section. Its just around the corner. No borrowing, I'm afraid. We close at 6:00.... so you have..." she checked her watch.

" An hour?" I spoke, looking at the wall clock behind her.

" Uh..corrrect. Bye now" she spoke, and rushed back into the back room.

I walked around the corner, following her instructions.

There, standing in front of me, was a large bookshelf, holding, as the lady had said, the Towns History. As I walked behind, I saw a whole section of BysonCK books, holding the Secrets of the Towns History. I took any random one off the shelf, and made my self comfortable on a desk not far from the shelf. I opened the first page, and began to read.


I knew I wouldn't be able to read the whole book in an hour. So, as I made my way home, I planned to come back the next evening, and try to finish it. As long as mum would agree.

I was a pretty fast reader, so, it wouldn't take me long to finish it. There were only (roughly) 100 pages or so.

I opened the front door, and wandered inside.

A breath of hot air hit me in the face.

" What in the world..."

"Honey, is that you? Aww, thank goodness! I thought you'd run away!" mum said, walking into the hallway.

She reached out and gave me a hug, half squidging me to death.

" Thanks..." I replied, releasing myself.

" Aww, honey. Anyway, Pizza's being ordered by Ash. I hope your hungry!".

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