The Medal

For the Legacy competition. Rose is giving everything she has to her 14 year old grand daughter Lily including her most prized item the thing that is closest ot her heart.


1. Passing down the Medal

I clasped the medal in my frail hand and rocked gently on the old rocking chair remembering the day that I won a bronze medal in the Olympics sometimes I don't believe it but now holding the medal I know it wasn't a dream. It was the best day ever and I remember everything the crowd, the atmosphere the sound of people cheering for me when I had won in gymnastics. I couldn't believe it that I had won I was the youngest person there only 14.

I felt like I had won the lottery the medal, I had kept it safe for 40 years always beside me wherever I went never took my eyes of it even when I was sleeping I wore it on my neck still gleaming and spotless. I close my eyes and thought back to the Olympics I looked at my frail hand and gasped when a young hand was on top of mine I looked at that hand then smiled it was my beautiful young granddaughter Lily. Lily, she's so pretty with perfect golden locks and emerald green eyes she looks so much like my daughter Annabel but also with my son-in-law David eyes.

I look at her and I see myself 40 years ago sometimes I find it hard that I won't live longer and that soon I will be dead yes I have cancer and you know what hurts that I won't see Lily older married,having child nothing I try hard not to show my feelings to no one nobody knows I have cancer its a secret i don't want no one to be sad because of me I knew cancer could be curable but mine was not, death was my friend it had taken my husband Leo 13 years ago and I was ready to welcome him. When people ask me do I believe in hell and heaven I say yes we are judged  for our sins and if we are good may we live a happy death . Lily pecks me on the cheek and starts plaiting my white hair.

"Lily I want to give you something" I mumble.

"What is it grandma" Lily asks curiosity shining in her face.

"This, Its the most special thing of my life and I know I will die soon and I want you to have it so one day you can tell your children of me" I whisper.

"Don't say, you will die" Lily whispers back.

"You know I'm old Lily I don't work how I used to" I mumble.

"But still" Lily whispers hugging me.

"Keep this" I whisper placing the medal in her gentle hands.

"What this medal for Grandma" Lily asks.

"I won it 40 years ago in the Olympics" I mumble smiling

"Wow that is amazing Grandma don't you want it" Lily exclaims.

"I want you to have it that one day you can tell your  ancestors about me and not forget me" I whisper.

"I will never forget you Grandma I love you" Lily exclaims.

"I love you too my little flower and I know you will keep my yourself and the medal safe " I whisper looking at Lily her eyes brimmed with tears of love.

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