Fireflies Chapter 1

A young girl, aged 14 , moves to Grimville. She's getting used to things around the town, until their first Halloween. It's different to how she'd imagined. As she tries to figure out the mystery of it all, something even more complicated happens...

(This is about the WHOLE story, not the Chapter. Just in case it's not your type of thing).


1. Chapter 1...

The frost nibbeled away at my ears, as I crossed the road, heading for home. I had my scarf covering my neck, and my mouth, almost choking me. I'd have prefered that, showing the weather wasn't going to brighten. My gloves wern't making any difference, they were almost colder. The crisp, cold wind wrapped around me, as I struggeled up to my front door. My hand shook furiously, as I tried to jam the key into the lock.

"" I repeated, twisting the key. The door popped open in front of me, and I felt a rush of hot wind hit my face. I was relieved ; mom was home.

" Mom? Mom? MOM?" I called, the front door slamming behind me. I heard faint mumbling coming from the kitchen.

" In here, honey! I'm just cooking your dinner. We've got Pasta!" she replied, stiring a pot on the cooker. She was using a wooden spoon, and every so often, ( that I could spot ) , she was trying a twirl of Pasta.

" Ah, Pasta twirls. Just like the good 'ol days" I laughed, pouring Orange Juice into my cup.

" Yes, I know. Your dad'll be home soon, he says. Not that I take notice. He's been working extra hours the last few days. I'll tell you why at the Dinner Table.

I pulled my chair out, and sat down at the table.

" Okay, you can tell me now".

My mom shook her head.

" I mean at dinner, honey. Honestly, you call that funny? No wonder at Sleepovers, you send half the Night giggling" she sighed, a smile creeping onto her face.

" Mom! That is utterly offensive! I'm not talking to you. Keep the Surprise. I don't wanna hear it" I said, folding my arms, smiling a little too.


A while later, dad came walking through the front door, holding his beaten-up breif case, and scuffed shoes.

" Hello, Darlings!" he called.

" Oh, honey, you came at just the right time! The Pasta's just finished boiling. Come in, sit, sit".

I rolled my eyes.

Parents, what are they for.

Dad sat down at the table, smartning his tie, and flatening down his hair.

" Father, this is Dinner. Not some fancy interview. Seriously, you must tell the difference".

" Oi, cheeky! Honestly, I can see where your getting that cheekiness from. Your mother's no different".

Mom gazed at him for a moment, then clicked her fingers.

" Almost forgot. George, tell Faye the thing. You know, that secret thing.

Seriously, my parents are no good at trying to keep things secret. I told mom I didn't want to hear the Surprise, and hear she is, asking dad to 'spill the beans'.

" I said I didn't want to hear it!"  I whined, giving mum a look.

" And you were joking, Faye, honestly. I don't know where your getting this attitude from. Your acting as dumb as Celia" mom sighed, crossing her arms across her chest.

" Now, Faye, I have something important to tell you. But, first, before I tell you, I want to ask you something. Will you please act kind, and respectful towards your mother, and no more cheekiness. I also don't want you to act like your funny, because, quite frankly, your not. Okay?".

I gawped at him.

My jaw had dropped to the kitchen floor.

" Okay, whatever. Turning the funny-switch off, now. But, I don't actually think I have one. Because, you have just crushed my dreams of becoming a Comedien".

" Faye! What did I just ask/tell you? Right, fine. Angelia, honey, you tell her. She's quite impossible to talk too, this one".

" As are you" I replied, sarcastically.

" Faye! Goodness, you are no where near as funny as you were when you were 8. Look, Faye, were moving. Somewhere peacefull, and where people arn't so cheeky. You could do with a Freshstart, young lady".

" What?"

" You heard me. Were moving. Away from here. Peacefull. No funny buisness. Cheekiness free. Bliss".

I pushed my chair back in a rage.

" No! I am not moving. I finally have a social life, which you were pushing me too have anyway, and now, were moving to somewhere that I don't even know the name of!"

" Its called Grimville"

" To somewhere I've never heard of!" I cried, stamping my foot.


I sat in the back of the car, my arms folded, and my expression grim.

" Faye, your going to have to talk to us sooner or later" mom spoke, frowning.

I didn't move. I blinked, though. Obviastly.

" Faye, if you do not reply to your mother, like, soon, I will stop you from having Pocket Money. Full stop."

" Fine. Whatever. Ban me. I was having a fresh start, right? No Pocket Money. Rubbish Clothes. Scrawny hair. I'll be a nerd, okay?".

" Faye, were moving. And there's nothing you can do to stop us".


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