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This will be a compilation of literary works assigned to me by instructors at my college this semester. They will be educational and enjoyable to read. I hope they will bring a joyous atmosphere of entertainment for readers.

Classes will consist of;

Environmental Politics,
Nutritional Health,
History, and
English. As a little game; read the Plot Keywords as if they made up a sentence.



3. Wednesday



1.  What is the difference between religiously based myths of origin and creation stories derived from scientific accounts?


There are a couple of differences between religiously based myths of origin and creation stories derived from scientific accounts, which I can think of. Religiously based myths of origin are more of beliefs opposed to the written fact that science has acquired over time since the 17th century—when humanity decided to look back further then just western historical studies. By studying events closer to our time and date, science has been able to predict what may have happened in the past.

2. How do you respond personally to modern notions of the immense size and age of the universe?


Personally I would say that the scientific facts derived by man over time are by design false and truly self-serving as distasteful by me. Though I would by nature, if it were the will of my desire, agree with the age and vast size of the universe, I cannot disagree with where the wind blows. It may go this way or that; and, though you say no, don’t blow here, it may…who can tell it where to go? I am incapable of agreeing with billions, or millions, or hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of years old. Harken when I say no, it can only be less than ten thousand years old.


That’s what I’d say…I hope.

3.  What examples of comparison, connection and change in world history would you like to explore further as this course unfolds?


Though we may not cover it, I’d like to compare Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Nazi uprising of 1938-1944, and modern day Americans. Though, the Nazi’s maybe in a bracket of their own; the connections between these governments are; power, desire to be the perfect society, and lawlessness. I’d like to know how Rome ended up as America—believe it or not, there isn’t much change.


Greek Creation

First, there was a place of death and Night, the Greeks called it Erebus. Then, out of nowhere came Love, subsequently; Light, Day, Gaea (the Earth), and order fallowed. Awkwardly enough; Erebus and Night soon begat Ether and Day. Night begat Doom, Fate, Death, Dreams, Sleep, Nemesis and others. And, while these nouns put the ump in hump Gaea squeezed out Uranus. Gaea and Uranus later acquired the urge to have sexual intercourse. The product of their incest was three Cyclopes, three Hecatoncheires, and a dozen Titans. However, Uranus disliked the Hecatoncheires and stuffed them back in Gaea’s womb. Gaea later plotted against Uranus with her youngest son, the Titan, Cronus. Gaea slept with Uranus and Cronus was victorious at neutering his father. Cronus disembarked his father’s genital to the ocean. And, from what fell from in-between Uranus’s legs conceived the Giants, Nymphs, and the Erinnyes. Aphrodite was a product of the ocean and Uranus’s testicles…and so on and so forth.[1]  Then, well, we all know that the God’s created man.


Comments on Nacirema,

I don’t believe Nacirema is modern day America. In truth, I pictured this civilization to be of Indian origin and maybe African. The U.S maybe one giant market but I don’t know of anyone or religion that practices the magic performed in the Nacirema article. Though it would be a very interesting society to compare with, the author of the article obviously had something against religious acts, as he linked it with magic—giving a sense of witch craft, which was punishable by stoning in the early 1500’s, Europe—and the actual flow of economy the American society actually functions with. By nature any man would love to be surrounded by Vestal (virgin) maddens, even if he is having a bowel movement into a holy vessel. The author is running off his own imagination. If he is, in fact, sarcastically linking Nacirema with America, couldn’t he use some class?

There was an increasing amount of fascination in me as I read. It seemed to me like I was reading of the Catholic Church, with a little bit of primitively. Do this and thus will happen, buy this recant and go to heaven…pretty similar stuff eh? I thought it was interesting and very depicting.



The Navaho were, in fact, correct. It was their beginning but not the worlds. If we remember the story of Noah Ark, we can easily draw a line between the great flood of the Navaho and the great flood of Noah.

Noah and his family were indeed Holy People. And; they, indeed, were the only people left to start a new beginning. So, the Navaho could have heard of, or maybe great descendants of, Noah and his family—goodness I feel like this is turning into a thesis.

Key annotations to point out: “Holy People,” are those of religious or Christian accord.

“…forced to surface by a great flood…” Only one great flood came to my mind when reading this and it was the flood of Noah.

“…escaped from a hollow reed.” The hollow reed indicates a boat; and, having the verb, escaped, pre scripting a noun, means they were eager to step on land.

I’ve noted that the first man and first women to know each other (have sexual relation)—and bring forth child—were of different ethnic groups—“ears of white and yellow corn.”—according to the Navaho.

The Cosmic Egg, which is in fact the Orphic Egg, implies the serpent of the Garden of Eden now having power over the earth—which was created good.

I’d have to conclude, with the facts present and of authenticity, that both the Greek’s beginning and the Navaho’s beginning can be linked to the beginning noted by the Bible.


The History of the Universe

Stars collapse, die and become supernovas, black holes, and pulsars.

All very interesting…






[1] Hunt, J.M.. "Greek Mythology Stoy of Creation." N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Aug 2012. <>.



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