Backdraft of System


This will be a compilation of literary works assigned to me by instructors at my college this semester. They will be educational and enjoyable to read. I hope they will bring a joyous atmosphere of entertainment for readers.

Classes will consist of;

Environmental Politics,
Nutritional Health,
History, and
English. As a little game; read the Plot Keywords as if they made up a sentence.



2. Tuesday

Environmental Politics

What I Know…

I haven’t the slightest inclination on this topic. Al Gore would be the most popular Environmental Politician that I know of—I’m sure that for those who reviewed his campaign, when he ran for presidency, remember the documentary he produced to further his popularity among fellow Americans. He was very persistent and had good evidence to back up the negative effects of global warming. In the information I possess, Al Gore would of made many environmentalist very happy.

What I Assume…

It would be safe to assume that Environmental Politics consists of debates and decisions made about the environment. Some debates may include topics like environmental awareness, global warming, and pollution. My goal for this class is now to become more familiar about Environmental Politics to better understand its relevance. I may even go further as to break down why we need Environmental Politics.

What I Imagine…

Though I have an undesirable amount of imagination I know not to trouble myself with mischief. I’ve been an artist my entire life and have dedicated most of my time on imagination so believe it’s there. But, many of my thoughts also revolve around knowing my place as a fellow person(s). To imagine the unthinkable would be awesome. We should just let life flow where the wind blows.

What I Learned…

At this point in time, among the students and my peers, I do say I’ve learned this class will hopefully broaden my point of view on said subject. Of course I’m sure the class will work together in order to assist the environment to their hearts desires and from there on have something to show for. Our projects seem to be the pinnacle of our semester, lets knock them dead.

Writing and Reading Concerns…



I’ve been a novice writer for about eight year’s total (on and off). The biggest concern would be my use of words and the readers understanding of them. When writing I use a compilation of sarcastic, relative, points to describe a thought or cluster of information. I realize that it may frustrate your noodle and I can only ask that my writing would be entertaining toward its audience.


I didn’t realize that I could read until my eighteenth birthday—my parents bought me my very own New King James Version of the Bible and I was supposed to read it. I did. I’ve heard it, read it, studied it, and have shared it. It’s a good book—literally and metaphorically. After reading this book, which consists of over sixty books, I realized I could read. But, there was a small problem—lets go back to about, oh roughly, the sixteenth century and imagine we were writing a twenty-first century book…it can’t be done. I can’t imagine a William Shakespeare version of Little Wayne—the New King James Version wasn’t you ordinary English reading today. Nevertheless, I have bought and read a couple of plain English books to help me out. It will be my pleasure to read your writings as well.

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