Backdraft of System


This will be a compilation of literary works assigned to me by instructors at my college this semester. They will be educational and enjoyable to read. I hope they will bring a joyous atmosphere of entertainment for readers.

Classes will consist of;

Environmental Politics,
Nutritional Health,
History, and
English. As a little game; read the Plot Keywords as if they made up a sentence.



6. 2nd Monday

Environmental Politics


Dialectic Journal:



Responses (in detail); how connections, questions, and citations are chosen. And, reflections.


Coastlines are undergoing some protest movements towards the pollution in local waters movements.

I chose this connection because it reminded me of a friend. He is a local fisherman and is dedicated to keep local waters open to fishing. The government wants to legalize a law that will ban the fishing of local coasts for many years because of environmentalists. My friend protests against them.


What measures are being utilized in order to insure the Waters Managements position is heard? Who will they address? What gain is therewith?

I chose this question because the only real reason the U.S. would help an environmentalist would be so that there is in place an illegal bond of control. If we allowed managed waters things will get worse. Corporations only want a reason to gain control; and, they will inevitably acquire such. You’ll just have to be a good little slave I guess.


Rio 20: Issue brief 4-Waterss. (2012, June 22). Retrieved from


With expansions in economy and our generational knowledge of the waters resources, it would be safe to assume any public attempt to clean and or preserve the Waters to our imaginations will be without effect if not in cooperation with the will of government and or superior officials.

Facts and Figures: Waters

The “Constitution of the waters” has 161 parties that include 135 coastline states—an organization that promotes ocean law. This party protects the ocean, which makes up 72% of the troposphere, supports life, and is essential to hydrological cycles. In 2008, the ocean supplied nutrients acquired by fishing to 540 million people and absorbed 30% of CO2 emissions making it necessary to promote against ocean pollutants.

Implements to Date and Real Reasons of Pollution—Tools

Since 1994, implements for the “Constitution of the waters” have been legally used to enforce ocean challenges. These tools of law have been set on foundations that insist that polluted reefs and waters are due to a lack of human care—on a personal political front, this is true; but, I believe it is oil, toxic waste (garbage, landfills), and fuel spills that are causing the major pollution rather than overfishing/destructive fishing, fishing nets and lines, and loss of biodiversity. Though not stated in document, the actual pollutant is industry—any entity producing global profit such as certain corporations.

Issues and Resolve

Since the industrial revolution waters have become 30% more acidic, one fifth of coral reefs are unable to be repaired because of damages, and small Island livelihoods are being threatened because of climate change. Ocean Impairments have brought need for management over sustainable resources. Management will insure ocean compatibility.[1]

[1] . "RIO 2012 Issues Briefs." RIO 20, 22 June 2012. Web. 27 Aug 2012.<>.




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