Backdraft of System


This will be a compilation of literary works assigned to me by instructors at my college this semester. They will be educational and enjoyable to read. I hope they will bring a joyous atmosphere of entertainment for readers.

Classes will consist of;

Environmental Politics,
Nutritional Health,
History, and
English. As a little game; read the Plot Keywords as if they made up a sentence.



1. Monday



My name is...I am an elect first, boyfriend second, scholar third, and apparently the master at prioritizing. I’m fine with...but you can call me...—it is what it is. My living location is Kamuela, Hawaii. I expect to graduate with my AA as soon as I have an AA to graduate with; and my career goals are…well…pending on the amount of leisure the federal bank is willing to note me. Reasons for enrolling in History would include an understanding on human doubts and an every teasing pleasure of critiquing human evolution—may I point out that thinking up answers to already clearly answered questions is destroying my central processing unit (it’s a joke—AKA my brain)—which in fact came from our imaginations.

No one but I, in this class, to this date, has gone to Europe, enjoyed a cruise of Greece, adventured through Germany, Austria, Italy, and flew fifteen hours on the return trip home from Germany, impressed my girlfriends parents, upset my girlfriend because I spent more time with her brother—out late at night—frolicking in clubs at 16 and 20 years of age, downing alcohol at my age because its legal in Europe, discovered an anti-drunkenness effect alcohol has on me, and made it home without spending more than 400 Euros—behold, my girlfriends parents paid my way.

I feel vexed! Please forgive my boastful behavior as it was required for 4pts toward my grade.


Nutritional Health


My name is...I’m 20 years old and a current college junior class member. This is my second beat around this bush (2nd time in this class)—forgive my offense; none was meant.

I enjoy math, reading and writing, and excelling at anything physical. I am also very easily disturbed by things I don’t agree with. At times you may call me sick and I agree; I will in fact laugh at death, frown upon hippies—forbid them not—gesture at many perversions, and maybe even strike a few nerves—please note I do everything without hesitation and with endless thought.

I’m looking forward to this semester with you!



Hello fellow classmates and instructor,

My name is...I’m twenty years old and currently studying liberal arts. The first couple of steps into college were really neat. I was an online student for my first semester of school, then I attended the school, and now I am an online student again—starting my third year. I find literature to be a very fun class. I have recently acquired the will to read and write, which in my opinion is a good thing—right along the lines of eating a lot of tasty food—it’s tasteful. In the last year, cumulatively, I’ve read the Bible about six times over, Just Do Something (Kevin DeYoung), a number of novella’s, and the beginning of Rant (Chuck Palaniuk). I enjoy books that have great stories in them. If obliged, I wouldn’t mind reading some of your work as well.


Environmental Politics

Hello my fellow classmates,

My name is…and I live on the Biggest Island. I enjoy reading, writing, physical activities, and spending time with my parents. There are a few things you should know about me; I’m a junior, I have done online schooling before, and I can be very Inpatient.

Some of my hobbies are extreme sports, exercising, working and attending school. I’ve never been fond of myself and I am paranoid. I sit in a chair and I never allow the opposite. When I use the bathroom I flush the toilet. And, I eat when I’m hungry. Gosh…you got me at a loss for words.

Looking forward to working with you!

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