Our Moments

Taylor finally got tickets to a one direction concert. Her favroite band. when they came to L.A. she meet them for the first time at her moms bakery. the boys take a strong liking in her, espically Louis and Niall. What will happen when they both unexpectiedly ask her out??who will she pick out-going Louis or shy Niall?? how bout she worrys what will happen when they leave.


5. The Text

Paul walked up and paid for the food , with Daddy Direction by him. "Thanks for everything" Liam told me. "Yeah no problem" i said with a smile. Thats when Harry walked up looking at Jane " heyy love" she said to her. She smiled "hi" she replied simply. Liam and Paul walked away and i felt awkward so i walked away but enough so i can still hear. "soo Janie huh??" he said smiling " uh yeah. my friend taylor gave me the nickname years ago. usually she only calls me that" she replied starting to ramble but finally stoped. "Can i use it?" he asks cheekily. "You can call me whatever you want" she said flirting back.*** Harry's P.OV*** She was flirting back. She is soo beautiful. More beauitful then any girl ive met. or talked to. She gave me burtterflies when she laughed. She had the most hear stopping smile. "How about on the tellie?" i asked hoping to get her number. she pulled out her phone and we swithched numbers. i put the name in as Harry <3. I really hope that Jane likes me. we exchange phones back and see that she put her name in as Jane :). I looked at her and smiled , "I like Janie"i i tell her. "ohh okay i cane change it or you could" she said with a blush . "ill text you later, smiling at her nervousness. ***Jane's P.O.V*** "I like Janie"oh gosh im soo stupid. she soo cute plus he flirting with me. then i started rambling oh gosh jane shut up shut up . i finally stoped.and he said he will text me later. i almost fangirled right then and there but i stopped myself. i smiled and waved as he walked out the door. what an amzing day.<<<<<<<<<<< hey guys if you have any feedback make sure to comment. sorry for short chapter.

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