Our Moments

Taylor finally got tickets to a one direction concert. Her favroite band. when they came to L.A. she meet them for the first time at her moms bakery. the boys take a strong liking in her, espically Louis and Niall. What will happen when they both unexpectiedly ask her out??who will she pick out-going Louis or shy Niall?? how bout she worrys what will happen when they leave.


6. The Date

Me and Janie sat there fangirling for about an hour, til my mom let us go home. She went back to my house and we fan girlled even more. We sat on twitter until we heard our phones ring simultaneously. We go and look at our phones. I got a text from Louis , i read it and almost fainted. *** Louis's P.O.V*** When we got back to our hotel room, i knew i had to see her again. I looked at Hary i knew he felt the same way about Jane. "That was fun" Harry anounced. "Yeah cuz you thought Jane was cuuuuttee" i said drawing out the 'uu' . I loved making fun of him. He blushed then said , "Soo, You think Taylor is cute". "I think that we should watch a movie" i tried to change the subject. Usually i dont feel this way about a girl. I'm usually super crazy, it super unusual. "Toy Story!!!!!" Liam shouted. "Okkayy' i shouted eager to get my mind off of Taylor. She was just so beautiful. I wanted to to tell her that and keep her in my arms all day. Maybe i shout ask her out. I hope she says yes. She is so down to earth she didnt even fangirl in front of me. Which i didnt expect. What about Niall though. I saw the way he looked at her. I know he wants to see her again. Just like I do. I have to do it before he does. ***Harry's P.O.V*** Toy Story again.Liam love Toy Story but I couldnt stop thinking about Janie. She was so beautiful. I mean really he brown hair the way it waves down her shoulders. The way her sparkling brown eyes looked at me like im me and not 'Harry Styles from One Direction'. I want to take her out. I get up and say "Louis can i talk to you Lad?" i walked into the kitchen, with Louis on my tail. "hey whats up mate" Louis asked. "okay so i know you want to see Taylor again" i told him. " yeah so" he replied. "so lets go on a double date." "hmmm i dont know a double date" at that point Niall walks in the door "ohh a date?? with who??" he asked. "uhh Taylor and Jane" i said. "Oh cool ill tell liam and zayn. Well after i get some cookies" he said as he walked toward the counter.  ***Niall's P.O.V*** once Louis and Harry went to the kitchen i knew they were going to try something. I cant let Louis get the girl. The shy irish never gets the girl. So i walked by the door so i could hear their conversation. Harry want Louis to go on a double date with him.Oh no this is not gonna happen. So i walked in and heard them say date, "ohh a date?? with who??" i asked playing dumb. "uhh Taylor and Jane" Harry responded. "ohh cool ill tell Liam and Zayn. Well after i get cookies" i said wanting it to look like i want something and i wasnt ease dropping. I hope she says yes. I really want to see her smile and luagh again she is so beautiful. 

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