Our Moments

Taylor finally got tickets to a one direction concert. Her favroite band. when they came to L.A. she meet them for the first time at her moms bakery. the boys take a strong liking in her, espically Louis and Niall. What will happen when they both unexpectiedly ask her out??who will she pick out-going Louis or shy Niall?? how bout she worrys what will happen when they leave.


7. Fun Night

After we read the texts, me and Janie freaked out. I ran downstairs and found my mom. "Mom Im gonna go out with, those boys from the bakery." I told her. "oh okay have fun." she replied not even noticing I was talking about One Direction. "okay but first I'm going to go to Janies to get ready." I said and she nodded. With that Janie was down the stairs with my bag and hers. We hopped in her car and we were off. When we got to her house we ran into her room. Louis said that we were going to go somewhere nice. So we got dressed into fancy clothes. I put on a red, one shoulder dress, sparkly dress. That matched perfectly with the ruby red heals Janie bought the other day. I guess it's a good thing me and Janie have the same exact body. Janie put a new pink dress that was shorter in the front and longer in the back. She also put on a pair of black heals that matched her belt. I curled my long blonde hair and Janie hers. When we finished we admired our selves in the mirror. Just then there was a knock at the door. Janie ran to go get it and i picked up our purses and phones then walked over. I see Harry standing there looking very nice in a blue blazer and khaki pants. I walk up to them and hand Jaine her purse. Harry walked us too the car and opened the door. I could see Niall and Louis in the back talking. Liam was driving and Zayn was sitting in the front. That left the middle from Harry, Janie and me. After Harry and Janie got in, i got in and closed the door. We all started talking. Niall sat behind me and started playing with my hair. I turned to look at him "What??" he beamed with an innocent smile. "oh I dont know someones touching my hair. I wonder who?" i said with a sly smile. "Hmmmmm thats werid I guess we'll have to find out" he replied. I smiled and laughed at him . Then Liam announced, "We're here." I opened the door and got out and everyone did the same. As we walked to the front of the resutant I felt an arm one mine. I looked over to see a smiling Louis. Then I hear someones steps behind me and slip their arm around mine. I look at see a very happy Niall. This is gonna be a long dinner. We walking in and Harry steps up to talk to the teenage hostess. He opened his mouth to talk when the hostess let out a squeal. "OMG Hi Harry I'll show you to your table but can i get a picture with boys first" she asked. "umm sure" Harry replied. She handed me her phone with a dirty look. The boys all stood together and she stood in between Harry and Louis. i started to count to three and right before i took the picture she kissed Harry's check. She smiled at him then gave me and Janie another dirty look. I turned to Janie and asked "You okay?" "Yeah i probably would have done the same thing" she replied. WIth that the boys walked up catching the end of our conversation. "Can I?' Niall asked. i looked at him with a confused look and he kissed my check. I smiled and him. The hostess took that moment to show us to our table. We sat in a round table Zayn at the end then Janie, Harry, Louis, me, Niall , then Liam. Me and Niall were sitting very close to each other though out the dinner. I think i like Niall the most even though he eats alot, he is still fit. He has an amaing voice and personality. Well not that Louis didnt I just like the way Niall is so sweet and a little shy. We had a spectacular dinner. Only a few fans came up to ask for autographs.I could tell that Harry and Janie were really hitting it off too.

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