Our Moments

Taylor finally got tickets to a one direction concert. Her favroite band. when they came to L.A. she meet them for the first time at her moms bakery. the boys take a strong liking in her, espically Louis and Niall. What will happen when they both unexpectiedly ask her out??who will she pick out-going Louis or shy Niall?? how bout she worrys what will happen when they leave.


4. First Encounter

Louis was soo nice. I felt a lttile sad when he went to go sit down. Louis 'The Tommo" Tomlison said I was beautiful. He was so sweet i could beileve that he didnt have a girlfriend. Any girl would be lucky.After everyone else ordered me an Jane brought the food to them. I immendiatly saw Niall smiling at me. Then i notice Louis was too. I gave both of them a smile. I turned and was about to walk away when i tripped over Jannie's food.  Janie turned to help me when i felt a pair of storng hands helping me up. I turned to see who helped me up, it was Niall. "You okay there?"he asked me in his beautiful isrish accent. "umm yeah" i replied hesitantly. he was looking in his eyes and i his. they where beautiful blue and amazing. Thats when Janie inturpeted us, "OMG Tay im soo sorry i didnt mean to trip you, i should have moved my foot an-" "Janie its okayy " i told her smiling she gave me a small smile. "You alright there love?" i turned and looked at Louis. I smiled and nodded. that was soo embarsing i just tripped in front of One Direction. Oh my gosh. the boys started back into there booth and went back to their conversations. The boys started to eat and me and Janie went behind the counter. "Oh my gosh" Janie said. "I know right " I replied still shocked the boys are actually here."One Direction in the bakery" she said dazed. i turned to look at them and notice Niall,Louis and Harry looking our way. When i met Nialls gaze he smiled the blushed and looked away. I did the same. Then i looked at Jane to find her drooling over Harry. I looked at Harry and to my surpise he was staring at her too. "Janie... Harry cant take his eyes off you" i tell her. She blushed and looked down. "They are soo hot"she said. "I know right look and Niall and Louis they are just.... amzing" i said. suddently we hear shuffling and we look up to see Louis walking over here. Janie nudges me , i turn and give her a look. "Hey its Taylor right?" he asks in his amazing british accent. " uh yeah" i hesitate.. well becuase its Louis. "i was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime" OMG OMG LOUIS OMG " uh yeah sure" i replied. he pperked up and said, "so ill give you my number and text you later" "alright cool" i took out my phone and he took out his. we switched and put our numbers in.

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