Our Moments

Taylor finally got tickets to a one direction concert. Her favroite band. when they came to L.A. she meet them for the first time at her moms bakery. the boys take a strong liking in her, espically Louis and Niall. What will happen when they both unexpectiedly ask her out??who will she pick out-going Louis or shy Niall?? how bout she worrys what will happen when they leave.


2. Bakery

Me and Janie offer our help at my moms bakery alot. So when we get in everyone knows us and we know what we are doing. it hasnt been very busy cnsidering its a tuesday. Me and Janie talk about the concert a lot. we found out on saturday and we went shopping yesturday for new shirts. we are preety big directioners i mean who isnt. Me and Janie are talking about their X Factor video diaries when two black SUVs park in front of the bakery. Suddently we see the five faces we love and recognize, our musically inspirations, our favorite people, One Direction. They walk in the bakery. I give Janie a quick glance and she smiles at me. i cant help but stare at them. Them with all of thier beauty and talent. they walk up to the counter and i know i have to act prefessional so i ask " Hi can i help you with something??" Niall pushes his way to the front and when he gets to the front he just stops. i expcexted a big order, i mean its niall but she just dosent say anything. **Nialls P.O.V**  sat on my phone trying to find a place where i can get some food and came a cross a bakery not to far from our hotel. they have on downsatirs but they are closed for a make over. man was i hungry. i begged liam and paul to take us to the bakery. they fainlly agreed and rounded everyone into the cars. when we got to the bakery i was soo happy. we walked in and got to the counter and i heard the girl ask if there was anything she could help us with , i pushed my way to the front and looked up. that when i saw the girl she was sooo beautiful. i couldnt speak. her eyes where  a beautiful blue and she had the prettiest blonde hair. she smiled at me. that was an amazing smile. thats when someone nudged me and i whipped my head around. Louis. i turned back and blushed. finally i got the couagre to tell her what i wanted. i did my usuall big order and i expected her to react like everyone else did but she didnt she smiled and turned to the girl next her who was staring at Harry, and nudged her. the girl blushed and went to get the pastries. i went to a booth and sat where i could see the beautiful girl behind the counter. Thats when i saw it  her talking to Louis. she smiled and let out a giggle. it was soo cute. **Louis P.O.V** when i saw Nialler stop i didnt know what got into him i nudged him and he turn then blushed i didnt get it. when i looked i the counter i understood. the girl was beautiful. she had the most beaitful hair and the most azaing blue eyes. Nialler gave his order we all waited for the surpised look we got when Niall ordered but we didnt get it. surprisingly. finally it was my turn to talk to this beautiful girl. i walked up and smiled she returned it. "wow" i said impressed. "what?" she giggled "well you didnt seem surprised when Niall gave his order"  i explained. "well thats cuz i expected it, i mean who dosent from niall?" she replied. "haha im guessing you a fan?" i said. "yeah" she smiled. her smile. **Taylors P.O.V** "haha im guessing your a fan?" louis laughed . i smiled " yeah" he smiled back louis had the best luagh and smile, well it was between him and niall. "well me and my friend Jane over there are going to you concert this weekend." i told him he smiled at me "ohh really you dont seem like a directioner" he beammed a heart stopping smile at me. " why is that??" i asked. "well because you are some beautiful and not freaking out right know" he laughed. if only he knew.

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