Its gotta be you, only you

Taye is nothing special, she used to work in the mcdonalds if dawsons creek where only 50 or so people live, Taye is the only one working that day, when one direction decided to stop off for dinner, Taye is whisked away to relize that the world is so much more bigger than dawsons creek, and along the way she meets some pretty evil people and falls in love with Harry and Niall, who will she choose or do they have to fight for her?


7. This is akward!

Harry opened the door to see niall standing there "almost done babe?" niall asked her "yeah of course!" taye replied back and harry closed the door again he locked it and taye returned to the convorsation they were at before "and i love you to but i think niall wants to date me". She said sadly "just shut up and kiss me already!" Harry said in a whisper he came closer to taye and the retured kisses for a couple of seconds, harry pulled away from her and winked. He left the bathroom and left her by herself niall walked in expecting her to still be there. He walked over to her "your gonna break my heart babe! Don't go for harry!" niall said with tears streaming down his face. Taye grabbed him and planted a kiss on his forehead. "better now?" she said niall shook his head no, Taye grabbed his face and planted a kiss on his lips, they kissed until they heard "vas happening 'cause i need to pee!" zayn said. Taye and Niall walked out of the bathroom and into the main part of the bus "how bout now" she whispered to Niall he nodded his head yes. The bus came to a sudden halt and Zayn came sprinting to the front of the bus, "lets do this boys and girl!" he said to them. Taye went to the door and slipped on her hot pink high top supras and took zayns green and red obey hat and slipped out the door hand-in-hand with Niall. Girls from all directions started screaming there names and yelling things like "date me!" time to time when Niall heard that he'd stcik up his and tayes hands gently clasped together. They walked into mcdonalds and taye sighed "at least my mcdonalds isn't as busy as this!" she thought in her head. Taye had this very weird feeling that somebody waa starring at her, she turned around to see the whole restraunt looking at them, she turned back around and pretended that they wern't the famous one direction, boy was that akward!
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