Its gotta be you, only you

Taye is nothing special, she used to work in the mcdonalds if dawsons creek where only 50 or so people live, Taye is the only one working that day, when one direction decided to stop off for dinner, Taye is whisked away to relize that the world is so much more bigger than dawsons creek, and along the way she meets some pretty evil people and falls in love with Harry and Niall, who will she choose or do they have to fight for her?


6. Love triangle

The next morning Taye woke up to the sound of Nialls sweet irish accent saying "Good Morning babe!" and kissed me on the lips. "we're going to be in New York in a few minuites to stop for breakfast, so i advise you get dressed and ready". Niall said sweetly. Taye decided on a pink holister t-shirt and a pair of skinny bongo jeans. She walked into the bathroom and standing there doing his hair without a shirt on was harry. "oh hey sweetie". Harry said "i'll come back later". Taye said. "oh don't worry about it! You can get ready! I won't look i promise!" Harry said with wink. "promise?" "promise!" Taye started getting undressed and she relized she had a bathing suit on underneath her clothes. "oh well you can look i guess! I've got my swimmers on!" taye said to harry. "mmmumm" harry replied back to her. Taye quickly turned the shower onto her "just perfect" heat and hopped in. She started wetting her hair and then shampooed and conditioned it. She finished cleaning up relizing how grimy work from the day before had made her. She got out of the shower and dried herself off. She pulled the towel over herself and made a mini change room where she got out of her swimmers and into her regular clothes. She grabbed her hair brush and took her place beside harry in the mirror. She quickly brushed her hair and dried it and left it wavy. Harry looked over at her "i love you, you relize that right?" harry asked her. "and i really like you to! Why do you all have to be so cute?" she answered in a kind of a question form. Harry never got to reply to her because there was a banging on the door..
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