Its gotta be you, only you

Taye is nothing special, she used to work in the mcdonalds if dawsons creek where only 50 or so people live, Taye is the only one working that day, when one direction decided to stop off for dinner, Taye is whisked away to relize that the world is so much more bigger than dawsons creek, and along the way she meets some pretty evil people and falls in love with Harry and Niall, who will she choose or do they have to fight for her?


4. Leaving dawsons creek almost

While she was running back she smacked into somebody, Taye felt his hands grab her arms to steady her. She looked up and starring down at her was her ex-boyfriend Gavin. "what are you doing here! School hours are over!" Taye asked demandingly "Taye please! I want you back!" Gavin said pleadingly. Taye glanced over at her van where she saw Harry and Zayn hop out of the car, "what seems to be the problem lad?" zayn asked gavin. "nothing i wanted to see taye". Gavin said back protectivly. Harry walked over to Taye " he bothering you sweetheart?" he asked "yes" Taye said back to harry. He walked over to Gavin and threw the first punch right in his stomach. Taye ran into the house "mom!!! Mom harry and Gavin are in a fist fight help!" Taye screamed the next thing they knew Taye's mom came bolting out of the house with her older brother John. John pulled Gavin off harry. "Get off our f*cking property! Taye doesn't want you anymore!" John screamed in Gavins ear as he pulled him across the yard anf across the street. At that point Niall and Zayn were right beside harry helping him up and dusting him off. Taye ran to him "oh sweetie are you ok?take him inside and clean him up mom!" she demanded, She picked up her phone and dialed Louis number "get your butts to 54 mill street right now!" she yelled and then hung up. She walked into the house and into the bathroom where her mom had set harry on the counter and was cleaning the blood up from his face.
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