Its gotta be you, only you

Taye is nothing special, she used to work in the mcdonalds if dawsons creek where only 50 or so people live, Taye is the only one working that day, when one direction decided to stop off for dinner, Taye is whisked away to relize that the world is so much more bigger than dawsons creek, and along the way she meets some pretty evil people and falls in love with Harry and Niall, who will she choose or do they have to fight for her?


3. Going on the road

Taye walked out of the bathroom and smacked into harry. "what was that for?" Taye said pissly. "Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." Harry said. Taye brushed past him and out into the main part of restraunt. She looked at the clock, have they really been there for 3 hours already? Wow! She went to the back and started cleaning up. She grabbed the mop and bucket and started mopping. After that she went over to the tables and stuck the chairs on top of the tables and wiped down the table the boys were sitting at and put there garbage in the trash can, she tied up the trash bin and threw it in the dumpster. She then said to the boys "well its time for me to lock up!" she went to the back and grabbed her laptop and keys. They all walked out. "I just live down the road if you guys wanna come with me, i have a 7 seater van." said taye. "umm sure! But i think zayn, niall and harry wanna come with you love!" louis said. "mmmh.. Ok boys who are coming to my house get in the van!" taye shouted out. Niall, Zayn and Harry piled into Tayes Blue van. Niall got the front seat and harry and zayn sat in the back. They drove down the road for 3 minuites and came to a stop in front of a fairly large house. "how long ahould i pack for?" asked Taye "about 12 months!" Niall said. "okay, I'll be back!" Taye went to the house and unlocked it, she walked into her room, plastered in one direction posters. She opened her closet and pulled out all of her t-shirts and pants, shorts and sweatpants, and sweaters. She shoved them in her duffel bag and then went into her bathroom to get her stuff from there. She grabbed her phone charger and ipod and laptop charger and got changed into black skinny jeans and a smiley face bellytop with a tank top underneath. She grabbed her bathing suit and shoved it in her bag and then put her bedfing in her bag as well. She walked upstairs and put her shoes on grabbing her bag and headed out the door "bye mom see you later!" screamed Taye as she ran back to her van.
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