Its gotta be you, only you

Taye is nothing special, she used to work in the mcdonalds if dawsons creek where only 50 or so people live, Taye is the only one working that day, when one direction decided to stop off for dinner, Taye is whisked away to relize that the world is so much more bigger than dawsons creek, and along the way she meets some pretty evil people and falls in love with Harry and Niall, who will she choose or do they have to fight for her?


8. Can you say evil?

Taye and the boys quickly ordered there breakfasts and sat down at a 5 seater table and pulled up an extra one for louis to sit on. A girl around 13 was a brave one and walked up to them, Taye noticed her one direction shirt, "will you umm.. Well sign my shirt?" the girl said almost looking like she was gonna faint. The boys got up, Taye relized that Niall and her had been holding hands for a good 10 minuites. As soon as the boys started signing her shirt a bunch of other girl came to get such things as napkins, bags, backpacks, shirts ect.. Signed. One girl came up to Taye and said "sweetie! Back of the line! You don't think you get special treatment do you?" she said nastily "you're so rude!" taye said back to her. "hey! What seems to be the problem here mrs.Jackson?" the boys' bodygaurd said. "oh nothing, she just came up me and said "sweetie back of the line! You don't think you get special treatment do you?" taye mocked the girls voice. "excuse me mrs! But Taye Jackson just so happens to be Niall Horans girlfriend so back off or im gonna have to ask you to leave ok?" the girl looked stunned "umm..sorry!" she said as she walked away. The boys signed 3 more peoples things and taye and them grabbed there breakfasts and walked out of mcdonalds. On the way back to the bus they were mobbed again and this time somebody grabbed tayes hair and screamed "sl*t!" tayes eyes started to burn, trying not to cry in front of all of the camreas ahe waited until they were in the bus and driving. Taye completly freaked out "that stupid idoit pulled my freaking hair out!" she wailed to the boys. They all comforted her as she cried. After she couldn't cry anymore she went to lie down in her bed, niall joined her.
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