Moments with you

Hi! My name is Aly and my best friend is Emily. We are suppose to go to London for the summer to get away from my dad, I don't even know how he agreed to let me go. But, when our plane ride doesn't go as planned our summer gets crazy. We end up meeting some boys that change our life, in more than one way. ~~heyy guys! It's me grace! I hope you like my story don't forget to favorite if you like it! Comment what you think! No hate please! Love you guys<3 xx~~


3. Chapter three:

We took our seats. Emily on the inside near the window. Me on the middle, and Niall sat next to me on the outside! Niall actually sat next to me! I hadn't been on a plane ride since I was little. I was really nervous not knowing what to expect. We fastened our seat belts and started to touch back. When we started to take off I hadn't notices but I was holding Niall's hand, and he let me. Once we were in the air I softened my grip on his hand and we stayed like that for a while. We started to talk, about my life, about his life, why we were going to London, we talked about a lot. All of a sudden the captain came on the speaker and told us to fasten our seatbelt. He said we were going through a pretty bad ran cloud but not to worry. I tighten my grip on Niall's hand. He smirked and said "it's alright love." and gave me a reassuring smile I loosened my grip and said "thanks I am just pretty scared of planes. I woke Emily up and told her to put her seatbelt on because we were about to hit a storm. She did as she was told and went back to sleep.
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