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Hi! My name is Aly and my best friend is Emily. We are suppose to go to London for the summer to get away from my dad, I don't even know how he agreed to let me go. But, when our plane ride doesn't go as planned our summer gets crazy. We end up meeting some boys that change our life, in more than one way. ~~heyy guys! It's me grace! I hope you like my story don't forget to favorite if you like it! Comment what you think! No hate please! Love you guys<3 xx~~


10. Chapter ten

~~NIALL'S POV~~ As me and Aly walked down the beach looking for any fish in the water, well we were lookIng for anything to eat. I was starving, and the berries weren't really filling. Then I heard a helicopter "Niall look!" Aly shouted I lifted my head and saw they were landing. As soon as they landed Paul came out And ran towards me. "are all you boys okay?! Please tell me you are!" Paul had a worried face "yes Paul we are all fine. But everyone else that was on the plane not so lucky. Oh by the way this is Aly. Aly, her friend Emily, and a baby that Zayn was given before his is mom passed are the only others that made it." "that horrible" Paul said "yeah we'll lets I get the boys!" Aly looked very scared of Paul. He isn't a mean person I don't understand why she looks so scared. When Paul went over to the boys I asked Aly "what's wrong love, scared of Paul?" "no" she said looking at the ground "then what is it babe" did I just call her babe? Hopefully she won't notice. Aly looked up into my eyes blushing. She noticed. "it's not Paul. It's the thought of us going back and me not seeing you again." I looked into her eyes. did she just imply she would miss me?! "it's okay love we can try." I gave her a hug, a small tear escaping from her eye, I wiped it and kissed her forehead and told her everything was okay. ~~ALY'S POV~~ I told I was worried I would never see him again and he told we would try too. I couldn't help but let a small tear escape. He wiped it away and told me everything would be alright. We walked back to the hut. I felt his hand brush against mine, so I decided I would take his hand. As soo as I did he looked at me then at our hands and started to blush. "if you want you and Em could probably stay with us lads." excitement filled my eyes and I couldn't help but blush. "thanks love. I would love that." ~~ EM'S POV~~ I have really big feeling for Harry. Not Harry styles of one direction. But just regular Harry. He makes me smile. I feel happy around him. I looked up and notice Aly and Niall walking back up towards the hut holding hands. I couldn't help myself do I yelled "GO ALY!! GET SOME(;" Aly and niall both started to blush. When they finally reached where we were Niall said "hey lads I've invited Aly to stay with us in our flat. Hope you don't mind. Emily youre welcome to stay to." all the boys were excited and I looked at Harry and smiled. Harry came and whispered in my ear "but if you want you can stay with me in my room instead of the couch(;" I looked at the floor and started blushing "that would be nice I replied." ~~NIALL'S POV~~ we sat down in the hut all talking telling Paul how we crashed. Aly say next to me and before I knew what I was doing I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She looked at me blushing and started to giggle. I left my hand on her waist and I guess Louis saw because he decided to yell "OMG NIALL AND ALY WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT COUPLE!" I shot him a look and he sat back down and shut his mouth but that got everyone started they were all like "omg yeah they would" and stuff. I could feel my cheeks turn red and Aly was clearly blushing. Thanks god Paul was there to calm them down. "okay boys, girls we are going to take the helicopter to London, okay? Let's go!" I love Paul do much right now because everyone was talking about riding in the helicopter and not how cute me and Aly would look. ////----- Authors Note! Hi guys I hope you like the story! Tell me what you think in the comments! Please no hate! If you like the book don't forget to favorite or like it! Thanks love you all! xx <3 -----////
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