Moments with you

Hi! My name is Aly and my best friend is Emily. We are suppose to go to London for the summer to get away from my dad, I don't even know how he agreed to let me go. But, when our plane ride doesn't go as planned our summer gets crazy. We end up meeting some boys that change our life, in more than one way. ~~heyy guys! It's me grace! I hope you like my story don't forget to favorite if you like it! Comment what you think! No hate please! Love you guys<3 xx~~


6. Chapter six:

I carried Aly over under a tree so she would be out of the sun and away from te plane which was still burning. 'the boys!' I thought I ran looking for the On the beach. I found Harry first. He was on his knees over Louis who looked to be unconscious I looked at Louis who had a big cut on his leg I told Harry to take off his belt and wrap it just above the cut so he doesn't loose any more blood. We then carried him over to where Aly was. Next we found Zayn. He looked to be okay. Except a burn on his leg. He was helping some lady who looked like she was fading away. Zayn took her baby who didn't have a scratch on his little body. Zayn bent down and she kissed his cheek and she was gone. I knew Zayn was okay so I went looking for Liam. I found him over near the plane unconscious with cuts all over his legs. I dragged him to where Harry was sitting with Louis and Aly. I went to the water and took a piece of cloth and got it wet I brought it back and dabbed Aly's forehead. Then I went to Louis and Liam and did the same thing. Liam woke up but was still dizzy. Louis was next to wake up. Why wasn't Aly waking up what was wrong?
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