Moments with you

Hi! My name is Aly and my best friend is Emily. We are suppose to go to London for the summer to get away from my dad, I don't even know how he agreed to let me go. But, when our plane ride doesn't go as planned our summer gets crazy. We end up meeting some boys that change our life, in more than one way. ~~heyy guys! It's me grace! I hope you like my story don't forget to favorite if you like it! Comment what you think! No hate please! Love you guys<3 xx~~


7. Chapter seven:

~~ NIALL'S POV~~. It has been three days since the plane crashed. There are more dead than alive here. Aly hasn't awaken yet which really worries me.i went looking for some food and found berries and what not. I was starving I barely had anything to eat in the past 3 hours when Harry went and caught a fish. As I was walking back I saw something move out of the corner of my rye under the tree I put Aly under. I turned to see what it was and it was Aly she woken up! I ran towards her and she looks at me confused she asked me who i was. I thought to myself 'should I tell her the truth that we only met a few hours ago but we were good friends or lie and say we are in a relationship already.' I finally spoke "I'm Niall, I'm you're best friend." ~~ALY'S POV~~ I didn't know what to say how could I forget my best friend?! I looked at him for a second then spoke "I'm sorry I just can't remember. Anything.." the last part I said in a whisper because I didn't know if that would offend him. "it's okay you hit your head pretty hard when we crashed." "CRASHED!! What happened?!?!" "we were on a plane ride to London and we hit a storm and we crashed onto this island but before we hit te island you got hit in th head and have been unconscious ever since." he said wry sweetly knowing I did not remember him one bit. "did I only come with you?" I asked scared my mom could have gotten hurt. "no you came with your friend Emily." he said. I remember Emily how could I forget we were friends since kindergarten. "is she okay?!" I said very worried. Yeah des fine she just broke her arm but Harry's taking good care of her" "Niall uhhh... Is uhh harry Emily's umm.." "NO we are all just friends but Harry fancies her." "oh we are all just friends." I whispered that. Hopeing I wasn't just friends with Niall. He was taking such great care of me. I stood up although I was very week I managed to hug and give Niall a kiss on the cheek to thank him.
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