Moments with you

Hi! My name is Aly and my best friend is Emily. We are suppose to go to London for the summer to get away from my dad, I don't even know how he agreed to let me go. But, when our plane ride doesn't go as planned our summer gets crazy. We end up meeting some boys that change our life, in more than one way. ~~heyy guys! It's me grace! I hope you like my story don't forget to favorite if you like it! Comment what you think! No hate please! Love you guys<3 xx~~


11. Chapter eleven:

~~NIALL'S POV~~ all nine of us got in the plane. The baby which we named Sean, sat on Zayns lap. As we started to take off Aly grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. I didn't mind though. We layer her head down on my shoulder and within five minutes was asleep. I put my head on top of hers and just played with her hair. Everyone was asleep but me and Paul. "Niall we are about fly over London in a minute." "thanks Paul." I decided I wanted Aly to see it so I woke her up "Aly wake up." I shook her a little "come on love wake up" "what Niall?" "we are flying over London, I wanted you to see it." she looked out her window with a big smile. "it's beautiful, Niall" "just like you." Ohhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh did I just say that. I blew it she probably thinks I'm a freak great. I looked at her and she was blushing and kissed my cheek and thanked me. I couldn't help but to blush. ~~ALY'S POV~~ Niall just called me beautiful! I didn't know what to do because I was already blushing enough. I decide to just say thank you and give him a kiss on the cheek which made him blush. I placed my head back on his shoulder. I thought to myself 'I really like this kid. He is cute and sweet but what would a boy like Niall like about a regular plain girl like me? Why was he doing all this nice stuff for me? Does he like me? Eww probably not. Whatever I will wait and if anything happens it will happen but if it's anything like how Chris treated me, stop Aly you promised yourself to never think of him again.' I fell asleep and had a horrible nightmare of Gris coming after me but I was glued to where I was i couldn't. Move so I just screamed. I felt someone shake me and I woke up, it was Niall we weren't in te helicopter we were in a bedroom. ~~sorry about the short short chapter. I have something to do for school I promise I will upload more chapters. Comment of you like it or have constructive criticism but no hate I love you guys<3~~
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