The Act of Fate

The story of Michelle Sheperd, a brave, fearless girl, who works hard to support herself and her family. Michelle isn't living a life of luxury, but all she truly wants is to have her own cinderella story come true. But after having enough experience of reality Michele does'nt believe it will happen, especially when she starts work as a maid for an extremely rich family. A surprise is soon to come!


2. Chapter 2 of My Life

It’s been about 8 months since I’ve been working for Mrs. Mccurdy and her husband. But since I’m their maid I have been forced to call them madam and sir. Every time I do I quietly say an apology to my mother that I became a maid, out of all the jobs she never wanted for me to have I take it. After working for three weeks something interesting happened to me. I walked out to go get the mail when I saw an older woman reaching in our mailbox. “Can I help you?” I asked nervously. For a second I wondered if the elderly woman even heard me, but then she opened her mouth and said “all I want are the letters my grandson and I exchange.” I tried to process the information she just said in my brain, but it was hard considering I was freezing in the middle of winter. “Do you want to come in?” I asked, “No the woman replied I won’t go into that house.” After five minutes she offered to talk to me in her car, I wasn’t sure but I needed to get out of the cold, and she looked nice so I decided to take a risk. The elder woman told me that she used to be the maid before me, and I felt a twinge of guilt. The woman continued she was also the grandmother of the boy who left for America; she kept in touch with him through mail. The reason she couldn’t go in was because she was fired by Mrs. Mccurdy. After she told me her story I had become overwhelmed with a mix of guilt and sadness. The grandmother then pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen, and asked if I could write the letter to him. When I finished I gave it back to her, and was about ready to leave when she said “I’m not going to be around to keep writing to my grandson.” I thought of where she was going with this. “I need you to please continue the letters to him.” I didn’t like the idea of lying but she told me they had to be done, all I had to do was sign the letter to grandson and end it with grandma. I agreed, and that was the last I saw of the woman.

     A week later I received a letter for ‘grandma’ I opened it up and read it; I tried my best to write a responding letter that would sound like it was from his grandma. The pattern repeated for the next three notes, I balanced doing chores and watching over the child; while writing sincere letters to the grandson. I liked watching over madam’s grandson, his name was Cody; one of the sweetest three year olds I could’ve watched. I taught him everything I could, I made sure he was polite but still had fun. It was then I thought that my life might just stay great, but I was wrong.

     I had worked at the master’s house for almost a year, and I felt my life was settling down. I had become friends with the other maids, and every week we got together and watch the news to see if we won the lottery. Later in the week I bought our ticket, while I was in there I felt the urge to buy a second lottery ticket. I decided not to go against my instinct and did, I told myself to remember ‘mines in the left pocket, ours is in the right pocket.’ When I got back to the house I started on my chores, I was in the middle of washing the dishes when the phone rang. “Hello?” I asked, a male voice said “could I please talk to my grandma?” I asked who it was and he said it was her grandson. Suddenly a panic ran over me “uhhh grandma is out running errands, where are you calling from?” “America” he answered, but I saw he was lying when I looked at the caller ID. “Could you just tell grandma I called from America?” he asked, “umm yeah ok” I answered back. After that he hung up and I began to panic, ‘oh no he’s coming home today! What am I going to do? He still thinks his grandma is the maid.’ I thought.

     My mind was reeling ten times faster than it should be, ‘I need fresh air, I just need to go outside and breathe’ I thought. I quickly ran outside trying to think and run at the same time. After five seconds of running I tripped over a pothole I carelessly noticed. I just lay on the ground, ‘why get up?’ I thought to myself ‘my life isn’t going to look up if I do.’ Then I heard footsteps behind me, I knew it was probably someone rich who thought I was just a weird maid lying on the ground. “Go away” I said annoyed, but I heard no footsteps leave. “Please just leave me alone” I complained. Then I heard footsteps come towards me instead, before I knew it I was flipped over onto my back. I was looking up into two... or was it four brown eyes. I must’ve had a concussion from falling because I felt dizzy. “Wow” the voice said, I could tell it was male, “what are you doing here?” “Mind your own business” I said grumpily. “Haven’t you seen me somewhere?” he asked me, I wasn’t sure he might have looked familiar but I couldn’t focus. “I don’t know” I mumbled, “can you walk?” the man asked me. I worked to stand up but I felt my ankle was sprained. “Let’s go to the hospital” the man said trying to pull my arm up. “What are you doing?” I said irritably, then he moved to stand right in front of me pushed some hair out of my face and said “you haven’t changed a bit, you still look the same.” The man walked with me to the hospital, while trying to carry my foot on his for support. “So why were you on the ground?” he asked me, “Why were you just watching me?” I replied. “I was trying not to laugh” he said with a giggle, it was then I took my foot off and started to hop away from him on one leg. “I told you I’d let you use my leg” the man said, “forget it” I replied. Then before I knew it I saw the man hopping on one leg right next to me. I giggled as I watched him and he smiled right back at me, “by the way” he said “my names Harry Styles.” I stopped dead in my tracks, I couldn’t think. How could I not see it, he had brown curls and the same brown eyes I remembered. But this was a new Harry, a fit Harry he was no longer chubby, but actually extremely handsome. I looked up into his eyes “have you been doing well?” he asked. I couldn’t speak at all; I just walked towards the hospital with Harry. After I was helped by a doctor I asked “are you really Harry Styles?” “I’ll give you a call” he responded. I couldn’t believe it I asked him what he was doing back and he said he was here to come see his grandma he hadn’t seen in forever. At that moment I felt like someone had just thrown a bucket of ice water on me.

     After Harry left, I panicked and started to freak out. What was I going to do when Harry figured out that his grandma was no longer working at the house. I decided the only thing I could do was go back to the house and face Harry there. When I got to the door I could hear Harry was already inside and he sounded unhappy. What am I going to do?! I was constantly panicking now. I’m going to be in so much trouble! I started to run from the house, and then I saw it! Milo’s dog house! I crawled in and hoped no one would see me. When I was fully in the dog house I looked out, and it looked clear. But then suddenly someone snuck up on me! It was… Niall! “I never thought I would see you here.” He said “have I seen you somewhere?” I asked, “at the club I was. . . with your friend, before you came in the room.” Then it suddenly all came back to me, when we were at the police station I knew he looked familiar! “Niall go away!” I whispered desperately “what are you doing in there?” he asked. “Shhh” I whispered “is there enough room in there” he asked “maybe I should come in and have a look.” He started to try to come in, but I instantly shoved him back. Then I heard a voice “Niall what are you doing?” it was Harry! “Nothing” Niall said “where is grandma?” Harry asked. “Wow Harry you’ve really changed!” then suddenly Milo started barking. No no no I thought please stop barking, but he didn’t and I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes it was Harry looking straight at me.   

To Be Continued. . .

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