The Act of Fate

The story of Michelle Sheperd, a brave, fearless girl, who works hard to support herself and her family. Michelle isn't living a life of luxury, but all she truly wants is to have her own cinderella story come true. But after having enough experience of reality Michele does'nt believe it will happen, especially when she starts work as a maid for an extremely rich family. A surprise is soon to come!


1. Chapter 1 of My Life

From a young age I had known my family and I were living in poverty. We lived in a small shabby town that someone would never know existed. My mom worked hard everyday as a maid for the richer households, my father had no job but spent every day he would leave to gamble all the money he had. Everyday my mom came home from work she was tired, and would sit down immediately. One day I asked her “mother why are you working so hard?” she answered me “I need to save money so you can attend school” When it came time for me to attend high school, I never really cared enough to come for first period, or really any of the periods. But I always came in for seventh period so wasn’t marked for not being present. One day the teacher yelled at me “why do you come in only during seventh period?!” I told him that I needed to Just get through school, because there was nothing wrong with my grades; I was a straight B student, it was only attendance that was an issue. My teacher yelled “why is it so important for you to attend?” “because my mother said that finishing school and going to college was the only way I would find a suitable husband.”

     When I was 17 I was trying to get through my senior year, while also trying to work to support my family. My mothers job as a maid helped, but I knew she could use some help. I had two jobs, one was where my friend, Rebecca, and I danced at a club. We weren’t strippers and we didn’t work the pole we just worked dancing to pump up the crowd. Rebecca Stanford was the only close friend I really had, we went to the same school and we were both ready to just finish. Rebecca had a flattering body, skinny, which might have been 95% of the reason why she was hired. The other 5% was because of her looks and how she danced. Rebecca was a brunette with hair that waved down a little past her shoulders. Whereas my hair was long and black as night, there was no waves or curls, it was just straight. Where my skin was tan hers was just the opposite. Really the only physical trait that Rebecca and I had in common was that my skinniness was equivalent to hers. But inside, Rebecca wasn’t always as sweet as she looked. She was too easily pushed in to peer pressure and she tried hard for other peoples approval, especially boys, Lord knows shes not a virgin anymore. But me Ive lost interest in what other people think of me, which might explain my ONE friend, but atleast I’m secure enough to know that I am going to wait to have sex before marriage; unless I want to be like Rebecca with a baby to watch over.

     After my shift at the club is over I headed over to my second job working as a busboy or busgirl at at barbecue restaurant. It wasn’t a horrible job, sometimes I would receive the meat that was prepared but never sold. I had suddenly realized that Rebecca hadn’t left the club with me. I went back as quickly as I could and then I found her. She was in one of the clubs more secluded rooms making out with a boy who I felt I knew, but was too busy becoming furious at Rebecca. “what are you  doing?! Stop making out with random boys while drinkinhg alcohol!!” I screamed. “whats the big deal?!” she asked “what If I want to have some fun with rich boys?!” suddenly two police walked in and announced that they were both doing their rounds to check up on the ages of the people at the club. This is bad I thought, they asked for our ID’s and suddenly Rebecca and I panicked. They took one look and they took us down to the police station. Both Rebecca and my breaths smelled of alcohol, but I didn’t remember drinking, then it hit me I had several shots at the barbecue! When my mom came down to the station I knew she feared that there was a chance I might not make it to college.

     The next day she went down with me to school and talked to the principal. “please” she said “I need you to help me get Michelle to college” The principal took a look at me and then my mother and said “with her past attendance I don’t know how likely that will be.” Suddenly my mother pulled out her checkbook and showed the principal “this is all the money Ive been saving up from working as a maid, theres enough here for four years of college money is not an issue.” I looked at my mom and then at the checkbook, then I reached out and grabbed the checkbook; the amount of money I saw shocked me!! I told my mom to stop working and to save the money for herself, but instead of agreeing with me she thanked the principle and pulled me out of the office immediately. When we got home she told me she needs me to go to college so I wouldn’t be a maid, and have a better future than her” she told me. That same night my father left me a note that said he loved us and he was sorry. It was then we knew his gambling problems were worse than we thought.

     In three months I was outside a different club I didn’t work at, but this time I had a baby strapped to my back. Don’t worry though I was never pregnant, I’m smarter than that, but it was Rebecca’s daughter. After last times incident I stopped working at the old club, but shortly after my mom died. It was the hardest time for me.  I walked in looking for Rebecca but she found me first, she pulled me into a separate room and said “how could you bring my child to a place like this?” I was annoyed and said “you told me you were going to work at a restaurant! And here you are drinking and ignoring your child! She thinks I’m the mom I spend so much time with her.” Then Rebecca stood up and took her daughter back, she began to plead with the child to call her ‘mom’. After she strapped her child to her back she left and headed home. Suddenly I heard a slight moaning sound I turn around and see a guy asleep on the couch, probably drunk from alcohol. Then I take a closer look and I recognize who it is, it’s the infamous Harry Styles. Harry sleeps quietly on the couch with his brown curls everywhere. I notice he was lot more chubby than he looked in magazines. I notice that its almost closing time, so I reach over and try to pull him up off the couch; but hes to heavy for me to lift. The more I tried to pull him I could tell im just wasting energy, so I stand up on the couch and pull on both his shoulders to move him. Suddenly Harry moves his body, startling me and I fell. Then he opened his eyes and stared straight into mine. Suddenly a voice said “the both of you are not permitted to do that in here.” I turned around and saw it was a man who worked at the club, then it occurred to me what he was talking about; the position of Harry and my bodies. “no.. no that’s not what’s going on” I stuttered. “Here” the waiter said handing something to me, I looked down and saw it was the bill for all the drinks Harry bought for him, and I think his friends. “No please no I have no idea who he is!” Suddenly both Harry and I were taken outside by guards. They both suddenly started checking Harry and I for money, Harry for some reason had none and the guards had found all of my money. “No!” I screamed “please don’t take that I need that to help pay for rent!” But the guard took it and counted the money “youre still short” he said and handed me the rest of the bill. I screamed at Harry to please help me but he was still half asleep. Suddenly I just threw a fit, and Harrys eyes opened up filled with surprise. We both were kicked out, and Harry started to walk away. I ran after him and I found him back asleep in the car, I knocked so hard and continuously that he unlocked the car doors. I got in and showed harry the bill, but instead of taking the bill Harry started searching the car. When he looked in the back he pulled out two boxes of cereal and asked me “sweet or very sweet?” I grabbed the sweet and took handfuls to my mouth, while Harry ate his very sweet cereal. I watch and I see that Harrys not sober yet so I give him directions to a coffee house I used to work at. As we drove he told me he lost his wallet but he can’t remember where.  He told me the worst thing he lost in the wallet was a picture of him and his grandma. He explained that his grandma was the reason he gained so much weight.

     When we arrived at the coffee house I set a cup of coffee in front of Harry. Even though I didn’t have any money I still had people who would give me a free cup of coffee, for a friend. I needed Harry sober if I wanted to get my money back. Then suddenly my phone rang and it was my father saying he lost all my moms money in his attempt at winning his poker game. I realized then that I had to go home, but I needed the money back from Harry. Out of panic I grabbed a napkin and wrote my number on it and told him “Harry I really need that money back, please use this number to call me back! I am hoping youre someone I can trust” after that I ran home. What am I going to do that was all the money I had to finish my next three years of college.

     When I came home my father wasn’t home and I was so mad, my life was going even farther down hill then I thought, all I could hope for now was that Harry would call; so I could get my money back. The next day my realtor said my apartment was up for rent, and I was even more scared Harry wouldn’t call. Two days later I got a call from an unknown number and I jumped up I was so excited, but when I answered it was a females voice. She asked that I come to her neighborhood. When I pulled in to the community I saw these were the houses of the richest people. And outside I saw the woman I talked to on the phone, I got out of the car and walked toward her. Once I was close enough to her to talk she said “my name is Melissa Mccurdy, is this your child?” holding out a boy in her arms.  I told her I was a virgin and would be until I was married. The woman was surprised and struggled to hold the child. When the baby began crying I took him from Melissa and rocked him back to sleep. When Melissa saw how well I handled the child she offered me a job as the maid/nanny, she told me that her son in law is in America for a year and she needed someone to raise his son. Melissa said it included high pay and a room at her house. I accepted the job with extreme enthusiasm. And suddenly I thought maybe my life is looking up now.



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