My Everlasting Trend

It's written about how life can goes and get you so far with drama, silly stuffs and shit, but you can always rise above it as long as you have something worth!


1. My Everlasting Trend

She wanted to be a writer,

She writes stories, but nobody reads,

She wanted to have friends,

She talks to them, but nobody hears,


She wanted to leave,

She tried, but she couldn't

Do you know, why ?

I know; 

Because she believes

Her stories talk about the world,

They tell things about so many girls


Her talks were about writing, reading, 

Dreaming and believing

People thought she was silly,

So she cried, 

Down her face the tears were streaming


She called for help, but nobody cared

She walked away, she was so scared,

Finally she found two friends,

One of them is in her way to her,

And the other one disappeared.


This time she said it wasn't the end,

She knew that she had to fight,

She had to make her way in her own life,

She knew that she had to be sure,

To make things right and find herself a cure,


So she wrote again and again and again

She knew that this time she won't let it be in vain

She knew that she will wait,

She wanted it to be so great,

She wanted to feel the breath

Of herself getting the real glory,


She decided to live her life writing till the end

.She knew that she had it to be her everlasting trend

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