Free Fallin'

Ashley Williams had a hard life when she was growing up. Her father left her family before she was one. Now she lives with her two brothers. She hides her emotions to hide the pain of her life. The only thing she ever lets herself fell is happiness and anger, nothing else especially love. When Ashley when to a One direction CD signing with her friends she never expected to ever see them again. But when she bumps into a green eyed wonder outside the next day she finds herself getting what she fears most... feelings.


2. This Cant Be Happening...

Ashley's POV

I don't know why I winked at him...I just did. It felt right. The girls were screaming over things the boys said to them but I wasn't paying attention. It wasn't too long of a drive home and my brothers wouldn't want me out too late so I went straight home after dropping the girls at their houses. Plus I was really tired and I needed a nap...

When I got home Aj (My oldest brother) was cooking dinner and Nick was watching TV with his asshole friend Kieth. God I hated him! Kieth was always hitting on me and slapping my ass. Nick didn't like it but I can take care of myself and he knows it. "Hey sexy!" Kieth called as I walked by. Did he ever quit it? "Shut up dick or you will have no chance of future children!" and with that I went to my room, took my shirt off and fell asleep.


When I woke up it was light outside. Damn I didn't mean to sleep all day yesterday. When I thought of yesterday those green eyes popped up in my mind but I quickly shook it off. I didn't need to be thinking of him right now, or ever for that matter....not in that way at least. I hopped in the shower, washed up, got dressed and went downstairs. I saw a note on the counter that read, "Ashley, I went to Megan's house and Nick left with Kieth. Stay out of trouble! -AjMegan was his girlfriend and she was one of my closest friends. I really loved her and hoped they would get married someday.

I decided to go to Starbucks to get coffee and I thought I would walk to get some exercise. when I was halfway there my phone beeped. I took it out and read the text

From:Melissa   OMG yesterday was AMAZING! thanks for taking me!! love u hal hal!!

As I was texting her back I heard someone mumbling under their breath angrily. As I looked up to see who is was they knocked me over, with much force may I add, and spilled something hot like coffee or tea on me. I was very mad about being knocked over and now my bum hurt! As I looked up to see who it was, my jaw dropped. "Umm.. I'm sorry! Er.. I ruined your shirt! Im so sorry!"

Harry's POV

When I woke up, my mind automatically drifted to her. Oh god no...I just needed coffee. I couldn't find the damn car keys! None of the boys knew where they were but I bet Lou was hiding them. whatever, I can walk! I grabbed a hoodie and stomped out of the hotel. When I arrived, I was noticed so I put on a happy face, took a few pictures, got my drink and left. I stomped down the street still pissed. I was staring at my feet and cursing under my breath when I bumped into someone and spilled my coffee on them. When I looked at them I froze. It was her... the girl from yesterday. I saw her jaw drop when she saw me...we just stared at each other until I managed to spit out, "Umm.. Im sorry! Err...I ruined your shirt! Im so sorry!" smooth Harry...

"Thats okay. I wanted coffee anyway..." she mumbled and I laughed at her remark. I noticed she was still on the ground so I offered her my hand. She hesitated but took it and I helped her up "Thanks..." she said

Ashely's POV

He chuckled and then quickly offered me his hand. I felt these warm spots in my stomach and they made me nervous. After a minute I took it and he helped me up. "Thanks..." I said... I was suddenly very nervous... were these..feelings? No! I would NOT fall for him... I couldn't let myself. Lets hope he just leaves quick...before I make a huge mistake.

"Let me buy you a new shirt... its the least I can do," Oh no..I didn't want to be rude."Alright..." I just couldn't say no to him...this was bad. We walked to my favorite clothing store and i picked out a few shirts. He had me try them on to see which one he liked best... I knew which one I liked but I let him see them... Im not sure why. After he picked his favorite I wanted to slap myself...he picked the one I loved. I just smiled, nodded and went to pay. It wasn't worth it to change back into my soaked shirt. Now I wanted to go home. Lets hope I get away before he asks me for my number...

"I should probably get home.." I explained and his face seemed to drop. I hated that...but he nodded and and said," Yeah so should I...we should exchange numbers..." This couldn't be happening....


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