Free Fallin'

Ashley Williams had a hard life when she was growing up. Her father left her family before she was one. Now she lives with her two brothers. She hides her emotions to hide the pain of her life. The only thing she ever lets herself fell is happiness and anger, nothing else especially love. When Ashley when to a One direction CD signing with her friends she never expected to ever see them again. But when she bumps into a green eyed wonder outside the next day she finds herself getting what she fears most... feelings.


1. The Signing

Ashely's POV

"Hurry up!" I shouted. God they were going to make us late! I swear we were gonna be the last in line! My friends Keara and Melissa took FOREVER to get ready but me on the other hand, i took a shower, got dressed, dried me hair and put on just a little bit of makeup in less than 30 minutes.

Finally they were done and we had less than a half an hour to get there! And when I look at them they both had fancy clothes on, "Whats with the dresses and skirts? We aren't going to a club u guys..."

"Yeah but is One Direction!" Melissa demanded while jumping up and down. God I swear that girl was on something! But I loved her anyway.

"Whatever, lets go before were late!" I yelled as I pushed them out the door. We took my car because Melissa couldn't drive because of a "incident" she had and if I didn't drive we would crash Keara behind the wheel with her this excited.

When we got there we were the last in line (like I said) and the line was moving a slow as ever! Girls were screeching and it was more annoying then nails on a fucking chalkboard! I loved them too but i wasn't the type of girl as to throw myself at them and scream like a banshee. I mean, COME ON!

After 2 hours in line and some Advil we were almost there. I could see them from where we were. I could tell how nervous the girls were but if I mentioned it they would get angry...don't ask me why 'cause I honestly dont know.

We got to the boys (and i let the girls go ahead of me to be nice) and Niall was first. While he was signing my CD I remembered how Niall feels "unwanted" in the band so I thought I'd be nice. "Can I have a hug?"

"Sure" he replied and stood to hug me. It took everything I had not to giggle at his accent. I always laughed at Irish accents but I know he saw me smile but what I don't know was if he knew why.

Next in line was Liam and I decided not to hug the others so Niall would feel special. "Hey Liam"I said with much enthusiasm. "Hey babe" he said back with a smile and I moved on. Next was Louis and we was wearing his signature stripes which made me smile. "Whats going on Lou?" I said like I'd known him for years and he smiled at that. "Nothing much girly!" he said and I giggled and kept moving.

Next was Zayn and I looked at him and asked "Vas happnin'?" He chuckled and replied, "Not much!" with his Bradford accent showing through. Last was Harry and may I say he was looking extra fine today! I loved all the boys but I thought Harry was the most attractive. "Hey Curly!"

Harry's POV

As the line got shorter I got relived. I love our fans but signings can get boring! I looked to see how long the line was and I saw a girl and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. unlike all of our other fans I saw today she seemed like she dressed to just go for a walk. She was wearing bright red skinny jeans and a white shirt. I needed to talk to her sooner. I was last in line. Wait why am I getting caught up over her? I'll never see her again, I don't even live in the U.S. Im only here for another month.

I saw her smile ay the other boys as she got closer but I wasn't paying attention to the words they exchanged. Just the way her hair had the slight wave to it as it flowed in the wind, the way she bit her lip before she moved on to the next boy, and the way she carelessly giggled. I just kept thinking and thinking until her voice broke through me daydream "Hey Curly!" We shared this moment of just staring and smiling before I replied "Hey beautiful" she blushed and turned away in attempt to hide it but I saw it. Security then told her to leave and she listened. I watched as she walked away and turned around to look at me one more time and winked at me before disappearing around the corner.

NOTE: Sorry for the short chapter. i know it kinda sucked but hang in there! it will get better!thanks for reading <3 

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