My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


10. Chapter 9: Taking the Bait

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My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Taking the Bait

            Despite her being a human, Red was actually quite attractive. She gave off the ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ aura and it was good. I think she knew what she was in for and it would be such a shame for her to die.

            “Do you think they’ll like me?” Red asked curiously. God, what a stupid question! Now they’re going to eat me for sure. They’re heartless assassins, they probably don’t like anyone. Her thoughts were all negativity towards herself.

            “Contrary to popular belief, we’re not all that evil. The only one that’s truly heartless would be me.” I answered her thoughts with a smirk at her shocked expression. She looked at me in pure shock and her thoughts went into embarrassment again. “Yeah, yeah. I’m a mind reader. Don’t act like you’ve never seen one before.”

            “Will I have a power when I’m changed?” She asked excitedly. I looked at her in chagrin. Her cold demeanor was gone. We were almost home and she was bugging me. “I mean…” She trailed off in a calmer voice.

            “Yes, you will. If you don’t have one, you’ll be killed or asked to leave.” I muttered ending the conversation. Of course she would definitely have a power, I was certain of it. Hopefully it would be a defensive one, we had enough offense.

            The rest of the ride was very awkward. Red wasn’t exactly scared, but she wasn’t exactly calm. Her emotions were mostly anticipation. I wasn’t going to change her immediately. I had a plan for Red as another way to cause pain to the Cullens. This time, though, it wouldn’t be a prank.

            “Amira? What did you do?” Tehera asked. When I mentioned that she was like a mother figure, I meant it. Her brown hair blew behind her as she walked out to greet me. Tehera had eyes that were kind, though she tried to hide it.

            “Nothing, mom.” I rolled my eyes. “Meet Red. She’s here to be changed and I have a special mission for her.” I grinned evilly and Tehera smiled too. All of us loved torture as much as the next, but I was the master.

            Me and Red walked into the Night Shadowers house. I knew it was safe because the Night Shadowers just fed. It was also because I taught them. I would pour packets of blood on their faces and if they moved, I’d shoot them in the leg.

            The bullets I used for training were ones specially made from titanium. A witch gave me a spell to make the bullets. He was the same witch that made the un-sparkle cream. People didn’t know, but witches and demons existed alongside vampires and werewolves.

            That reminded me of the fact I hadn’t started the training with Lexana. She was still a newborn. Damn. Lexana, don’t you dare! I cursed mentally. I put my shield to block out the scent of Red. Lexana immediately relaxed and Connor gave her a small smile.

            “Who’s that?” Crystal was the first to speak out. She lowered her head, and her blonde hair fell close to her face.  Aiden looked at her in with an odd expression on his face and I looked at him curiously. Really Aiden? I scoffed at the thought.

            “This is Red. She wants to be the newest member of the Night Shadowers.” I smiled with pride and so did she when everyone else smiled. I turned my attention to Aiden. “Hey Aiden? If you like Crystal that much, just ask her out. I don’t need to see fantasies of you banging her. That’s just nasty.” I shuddered and he looked embarrassed.

            “Ooh, Aiden’s getting some tonight.” Derek commented with an eyebrow wiggle. “Hey! I just noticed. I’m the only single guy! Damn…”  He trailed off teasingly. Everyone except me laughed at his expression. I just looked at him with my eyebrow raised. He looked so sad.

            “Back to Red.” I snapped. “Here’s the plan. You’ll make the decision to leave our house to find the Cullens. The psychic will see your decision and you need to get them to trust you. How is your acting?” I asked her, my eyes burning with impatience.

            Victory was so close. All the years I spent planning was finally going to pay off. We were going to use Red as a mole. “I studied acting at school before I got kicked out. Do the Cullens have any other powers that should concern me?” She asked with a glance.

            “Well, the bronze-haired boy is a mind reader so you’ll have to be constantly on guard. Also, the blonde-haired boy is an empath, so don’t let your emotions out too much.” I warned. She grinned manically.

            “Will you still change me afterwards?” She asked. I nodded in silence. “Are we ready to start the plan?” She asked. I was lucky my shield was up, or else the entire plan would’ve been ruined.

            I told Red to get some rest because our plan would be initiated by the morning. The Cullens wouldn’t know what hit them.

            Red’s POV:

            I was going to do something. I never liked being a bleeder but it was all for me trying to get turned. Amira seemed scary but I saw right through her. She knew I wouldn’t say anything, but she was suffering from a broken heart. I recognized the same look in my eye when I got dumped.

            I made a mental decision to leave the house when Amira and the other Night Shadowers were still talking. The plan was for me to go to the coffee shop and have Derek ambush me because he was the scariest.

            I was walking down the street to the coffee house. I didn’t really know where to go which helped my acting. I stumbled around the streets and pretended to look scared. I heard something behind me and I had to keep from laughing.

            Derek looked at me in all seriousness. I didn’t know what it was, but something about him made me laugh. Maybe it was the fact he acted like a pervert whenever he could. He reminded me of the brother I had, the brother that fought for me.

            “Help!” I screamed, knowing the vampire could hear me. I whimpered for effect and only thought about fear and vampires. I didn’t want to mess up. “Someone please! I’m so scared.” I nearly lost my hold of the fake fear, it was just so ridiculous?

            I felt a gust of wind blow against me. There was a man that I recognized from yesterday. He had eyes like liquid gold and I instantly knew him as one of the Cullens. He was blonde so I looked around for the rest of them.

            He reached out to me and before Derek even took a step, I was slung over his shoulder and at another location. Instead of a coffee house, I was at a giant, white mansion. There were flowers growing in the front yard. Who would ever think that vampires lived there?

            “Come on? You’re safe now. We’re just glad you’re still alive.” I noticed the way Jasper spoke for his entire family. I looked at him fearfully and thought of Amira. The mind reader came down and looked at me.

            “She’s scared that Amira will find her. Why don’t you just calm her down?” He suggested quietly. He thought of me as a threat to his girlfriend even though I was human. I could see the hostility in his eyes.

            I remembered the first time I met a vampire. It was life scarring. His hungry eyes looked over my body and his gaze lingered on my neck, contemplating on biting it. It was the perfect thing to fuel my acting.

            “Please…” I trailed off in fright. “Don’t send me back to them. They made me kill.” I started tearing up for effect. “I promise you I’ll leave tomorrow.” I muttered quietly. They all looked at me in sympathy.

            “No! You will never have to leave! We will not send you back to them. I’m Esme. This is Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper. ” Esme ordered, appalled. I was grateful for the Cullen 101 lesson Amira gave me. I remembered a lot about them which made things easier.

            I thanked her and gave her an unsuspecting hug. She leaned in and I let go too quickly. “Your room is up here. Will you be okay with sharing one with Arianna?” Alice asked with a forced smile. I was tempted to say no, but quickly changed my thoughts to positivity.

            “Don’t worry. She’s barely ever in her room. Usually, she sleeps in Edward’s room so you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure you’ll definitely like her.” Rosalie looked at me sarcastically. I didn’t want to lie, but I was intimidated by her.

            I was led to the room that belonged to the Arianna girl. Amira never told me about her, but I wasn’t going to ponder on that in fears of Edward reading me. Since Jasper was with me, he could feel my anxiety.

The room was a monstrosity. It wasn’t bright pink, but the walls were vandalized. They were filled with pictures of an ugly brunette and Edward. It was terrifying because the girl looked like she tried too hard.

“Horrifying, isn’t it? Sometimes when you’re in love, you’re dumber than a squirrel on crack.” Jasper joked. I laughed a bit and nodded. “Don’t worry, you can take them down. I’ll take care of Arianna.”

“Thanks.” I said. I saw that the dressers were already filled with clothes that were about my size. I was just glad they suited me and weren’t too bright. “Can you just give me some time? I’m still a bit shaken up.”

“It’s fine. We just need to know why you defended Amira when my kids first met you.” Carlisle said leaning against the doorframe. I noticed the way he called them kids, like they were a family.

I nodded slowly as they left. I took some time to take down all the pictures of Edward and Arianna. I reminded myself that I wasn’t here to make friends. I put some cleaner clothes on and went downstairs to answer questions.

Everyone was looking at me. I felt like they were anticipating an attack. Edward’s brow furrowed and I could see him concentrating on something. “What?” I snapped irritably. I turned to Emmett. “Can Vampires become constipated?”

He guffawed and Edward snarled lowly. “I don’t trust you. You’re a potential danger to Arianna.” He hissed at me. I laughed. Coming from the Vampire, I was a danger? I knew he could read my mind so I had to work on not exposing my thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m the danger. It’s not like I have super strength or speed but I’m the danger?” I snapped in annoyance. The other vampires looked at me like I had a point. I smiled in confidence and Carlisle interrupted.

“Sorry, back to the main point. Why were you defending Amira? Should we trust you?” He asked warily. I pretended to look insulted as I thought of the answer in my head. It was the answer Amira gave me.

“You deserve an explanation.” I started. “I work at the club. I’m a bleeder. It’s the only way I can survive because my parents threw me out.” I thought of the memory just to make it more convincing. “Amira told me she would help me and make me a Vampire. It seemed like a good idea because I could barely afford food.”

Esme looked so heartbroken. I didn’t like the Cullens because they were weak, but I did have a heart. I sucked in a breath and continued. “When we got back to her house, she told me about initiation. She tried to make me kill my family.” I cried harder.

“Did you?” Esme asked in a choked whisper. I shook my head fiercely. She nodded in relief. “Please, continue.” She ushered me forward. Edward looked convinced.

“I didn’t. When Amira and her friends were talking about changing me, I left. She noticed eventually and sent the big guy to take me back.” I sobbed again. I made myself seem sad so Jasper would believe me.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here. Jasper already showed you your room. You should meet Arianna. She’ll probably be back from shopping in a while.” Alice smiled warmly. Suddenly, I heard the squeal of a car’s tires.

Arianna came in with her chin up high and her arms covered in shopping bags. I instantly disliked her. It was probably the way she looked at me. She looked at me like I was competition, but I had no interest for her boyfriend.

“Who’s this?” She looked at me like I was the dirt under her shoes. She walked like a wannabe beauty queen and I wondered why the Cullens would keep her around. “I’m going to my room so I can put my clothes away.”

A hand shot out to grab my arm. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t have those kinds of thoughts towards my mate.” Edward hissed as he dropped my arm. He put a smile and went to greet Arianna. “There have been a change of plans, love. You’re going to be staying in my room.”

Arianna looked furious. “You useless pig! It’s my room and nothing will ever change that!” She yelled. Yeah Jasper, sure you’ll handle it. I thought cynically. Edward hissed at me again and I laughed.

“Calm down, love. If you sleep in my room, we can have some more time to ourselves.” He suggested. Arianna smiled and nodded. She still looked at me with pure hate. That was it. Arianna really was a whore.

“Oh and if you go check, all of my stuff will be there and your Edward pictures will be in a box.” She started screaming again. “Hey, just be glad I didn’t put them in a shredder.” Jasper immediately calmed her down with his powers.

“You thought your life was bad before? Wait till I get my revenge. You’re going to wish you never came here.” Arianna vowed. I rolled my eyes and laughed without humor. “What’s so funny?” She snapped, insulted.

“Oh nothing. It’s just the fact you think you’re actually scary. Or maybe the fact you think you can threaten me. I was raised with a knife. I know a few tricks. Maybe you should sleep with your eyes open.” I patted her arm as I went up the stairs.

I could hear Edward calming her down and trying to get Esme to kick me out. No wonder Amira hates these people! I thought when Edward was out of the house. I wondered what Amira had in store for the Cullens and the thought made me smile.

I called Amira when the Cullens and Amira were gone. I didn’t know where they were but they couldn’t hear me which was good. “Amira, you’re right. They’re awful. Can I have permission to kill Arianna?” I asked hopefully.

I heard a stony laugh on the other end. “No, I want to do that. Here is a list of things you need to do. And remember, do anything you can to drive them apart. I want to break their ties and strike when they’re not expecting it.”

I smiled. Amira was truly a genius. She was crazy, evil maybe? She was a genius though. I remembered on what to do before I broke the phone. I didn’t need any evidence on the fact I was working with Amira.

Soon Cullens. You’re going to pay…

Did I forget to mention some of the story is going to be in Red's POV? I'm in the process of making an original version, but it will be only in Amira's POV.

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