My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


9. Chapter 8: Bar Fights


An action chapter. I had some fun writing this, and I hope you'll like reading it!


My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Bar Fights

            Ah, Crimson. Why not? I thought the name of the club. This club was famous for having bleeders. When I said that Tanya made me was evil, I was telling the truth. I still had some morals though. I wouldn’t kill children or mothers. There was never a run where I had to kill a child or mother for money so I didn’t have any problems yet.

            I felt a breeze beside me, sending me all the different smells. It was hard to decide what I would have. Usually, I didn’t drink girls because it put me in an awkward situation. Tehera looked at me in permission and I nodded.

            I stood on the outside of the club where there was a line. Too long. Time for my vampire charm. I hated using my looks to get what I wanted. It made me feel like a whore and a girl that couldn’t do anything but sit there and look pretty.

            I cut to the front of the line. When people started to protest, I shot them a seductive smile. “Hey can I get in? I forgot my I.D.  I also don’t have my wallet…” I trailed off. Money was a second hand thing for me. I barely ever carried it around.

            His mouth curved into a suggestive smile. I found it incredibly gross because he was 30 with facial acne and a bad shave. I shuddered and walked past his without another word. He looked like he was going to follow me, but decided against it.

            “Looks like you’re getting some tonight.” Reese looked at me. I laughed dryly. Reese was the only one who would dare to tease me. Sometimes it made me sad to know everyone was scared of me. I pushed those thoughts to the side and focused on feeding.

            “Oh, he’s not my type. Since I’m such a good friend, I can give him you’re number.” I smiled as I dragged Reese towards the entrance. She looked at me in horror and tried resisting. I had to laugh at her expression.

            “Touché. Now let me go. I swear I’ll bite you.” She said teasingly. I doubted she meant that, but just to be sure, I let her go. She laughed again and ran off. There were teenagers that didn’t look 18 in the club and I wanted someone that stuck out to me.

            I went towards the bartender. “What do you want?” He asked. I flashed my teeth at him. What I didn’t mention was that Crimson was a vampire bar. Only bleeders and vampires were allowed. If you weren’t any of those, you would be drained. Some humans worked here too, but they knew the price of their knowledge.

            “Bloody Mary.” I teased. He seemed to like my sense of humor. He gave me a questioning look. “Do you know where I can find Anne?” I asked. She was usually here and I needed some information.

            “Ah, she told me that you would come. She’s in the back room waiting for you.” He gestured. Anne wasn’t really one for violence, but she was always full of information. I needed her to know what Afton was planning.

            The best part about Anne was that she could give me all the information about the Volturi. She was a mole in their guard. I didn’t know how she got Aro to not read her mind. She didn’t have a shield and I didn’t know what her power was.

            Faster than a human, I ran off to the room. I didn’t need anyone trying to follow me. Anne was waiting in the corner of a room. Her dark, curly hair covering her face. She was a human drinker like me, but less sadistic. “Afton. What is he planning?” I asked monotonously.

            “Well, rumor has it you killed his mate. He wants revenge. He is coming after the Night Shadowers. He wants to take you out and Aro agrees. Rumor also has it, that the Volturi are becoming evil.” She reported in her Russian accent.

            If the Volturi become evil, there will be a rebellion. Vampires will all go to war or die. I thought. As much as I didn’t care about the vampire community, I didn’t want to see it destroyed. “Do you know how he is going to strike?” I asked tensely.

            “No, the meathead is being very secret with his plans. I think he suspects me. Anyway, you will be up against an army. You may want to make an alliance with some covens.” She warned. Suddenly an idea of me fighting with the Cullens struck. It was gone as soon as it came.

            “Thanks. You’ve been such a good help.” The venom was thick in my voice. She snorted and shook her head. It wasn’t really Anne’s fault. I stalked out of the room and slammed the door. It made a visible crack, but I didn’t care.

            “Did you get it?” Derek asked. He probably heard my entire conversation with Anne. Although, hearing the slam of the door was enough to know I was angry. I didn’t answer and he hissed.

            “Keep your pants on!” I remarked irritably. “No, I didn’t get the info I wanted. We’re all in danger. I’m just warning you now.” I looked at him one more time as I turned my back. As suspected, he went to go tell the other Night Shadowers.

            Someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was a guy with brown hair and green eyes. He didn’t look drunk. I quickly checked his thoughts. He was a bleeder. “Need some?” He asked, pointing to his arm. I nodded as he cut it with his own knife.

            The blood pouring out was too much to resist and I quickly sucked it up. The male didn’t seem like he was looking for anything else.  I was glad I didn’t kill him or else there would’ve been a scene.

            “Ooh, Amira’s excited tonight.” I heard a male voice behind me. I groaned in annoyance. It was Laurent. I didn’t remember why I didn’t kill him. Oh yeah, it was because he was a very good fighter when he wanted to be.

            “Laurent, I should castrate you. At least then, you’d actually have a chance at being a woman. You’re lifelong dream, right?” I smiled cynically. I pretended to crack my knuckles. He looked at me in offense.

            “Haha, I know you could do it but you wouldn’t because you love me. I heard the conversation with Anne. You talk incredibly loud for a spy or assassin. Whatever you are…” He trailed off. “Sorry, if you need help, I’m willing to offer my services.”

            I snorted. There was only one reason why Laurent would want to come over. “I’m not that stupid. There are 6 female Night Shadowers, and 1 of them is already mated. You’ll be a good arsenal. Just know that if you want to come to the house, you have to either be castrated or wear a chastity belt.” I told him seriously.

            “Haha.” He mocked sarcastically. “Now if you excuse me, I need to go…” He trailed off. I snickered. I knew what he was going to do and he had a right to be embarrassed.

            “Kill a human?” I asked bluntly. The way he looked, it was probably more than that. He gave me a half-hearted look. My face contorted into disgust. “Ew! Laurent, you sick bastard.” I shuddered. He gave me a grin and ran off. His dreadlocks flew behind him as he left.

            I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. A pretty, young girl looked at me with a knife in her hand. It was actually a really pretty knife, if knives could be pretty. I could tell she was a female bleeder. She made me wonder if her parents knew about her habits.

            “Name’s Red. Do you need some?” She asked, perfectly knowing I was a vampire. I smiled. Red, how ironic. She’s blonde. I thought with a smirk. She smelled good, like chocolate. It was funny how I still remembered what chocolate smelled like.

            “Mine’s Amira. Sorry. I don’t bat for the other team.” I muttered. She gave me a confused look. “I don’t swing that way?” I tried again. She looked at me and nodded. Before I could walk away, she cut her arm. “Ah, screw it.” I drank some of the blood from her arm.

            It took a lot of restraint to drink and keep the victim alive. That was part of the reason why I was angry when the Cullens underestimated my control. Red looked at me in hope. “What?” I asked.

            “Change me. You’re a Night Shadower right? I’ve heard of you and I want to join.” She muttered. I gave her a questioning look. “I mean, if you can.” I quickly checked her for a power. I grabbed her hand, which freaked her out a bit. She did have some potential for a power so changing her was a possibility.

            “Yeah, I’m a NS. Also, I won’t change you. I only change people who have nothing left to lose.” I spoke in a cold voice. Her face drained of hope. She looked kind of sad. I noticed that her clothes were old and torn. She didn’t seem well off.

            “My parents disowned me because of my boyfriend. They didn’t approve and they were right. I caught him banging some whore when I was out for money.” She explained, her blue eyes glistening. “I have no one left.”

I sighed heavily. Usually I wasn’t a sucker for a sob story but I had boyfriend troubles in the past too. “Oh fine. I’ll bring you back. If the other Night Shadowers like you, I’ll change you. If they don’t, you’re going to be a meal.” I looked at her in confirmation.

            “So I can still back out now?” She asked in confirmation. I nodded. I would let her go if she wanted. I wasn’t that thirsty anyway. “I accept. If I die, at last heaven will welcome me.” She muttered.

            I sighed and nodded. She followed me. I quickly called all the Night Shadowers on my phone to meet back home. Me and Red walked into an alley. It was the fastest way to get to my car. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind us.

            “Don’t move.” I whispered into Red’s ear. I continued walking, leaving her there. I would never leave her to a bunch of rapists but I needed to get them out before I drained them. “Stay where you are.” One of the rapists looked at me.

            I turned around and there was a gun pointed at my forehead. I would’ve killed the person holding it, but there was a gun to Red’s forehead too. “I’m going to warn you now. Let her go or you’re going to get killed.” I spoke in a deadly calm voice.

            “And who’s going to kill me?” He sneered. I laughed as I spun around faster than a human. I wasn’t going to use my powers. I rarely ever used my powers for a fight. It just wasn’t my style. I only used them when I was losing.

            “I am.” I sneered as I picked him up and threw him at the other man. Red immediately scrambled away. “Have you changed your mind about joining us?” I asked curiously. She looked terrified.

            She smiled. “Nope. This is way too much fun. And turn around.” One of the men had gotten up. I was sure they would’ve died on impact. Ok, let’s not let a meal get wasted. I thought sadistically.

            I grabbed the man by his throat and he started begging for his life. I laughed and broke one of his arms, liking the crunch sound. “How many girls have you raped?” I snarled. He screamed again and I broke his other arm and two legs. Red watched from the sidelines looking unfazed.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick.” I lied. I was about to take a drink, when something collided into me. “What the hell?” I screeched. “Can’t you find your own meal? For God’s sake!” 7 sets of golden eyes looked at me. “Oh, you’re kidding me.” I muttered.

            “Step away from the man.” Edward commanded. I laughed and bit into him, making him scream. “No!” Edward yelled again. Why did he want to keep the man alive? He was a rapist for God’s sake.

            “No thanks. He tasted good. And I’m sure Rosalie enjoyed that. You were raped before, no?” I asked. Her shocked face was quite funny. She darted over to me and tried to punch me. I grabbed her arm and ripped it off, clean.

            “How did you know about that?” She screamed in rage and pain.  I just shrugged and looked over m shoulder to where her arm was. She turned around and ran in that direction. I looked back at her before turning my attention to a livid Emmett.

            “Leave my family alone!” Emmett snarled. “Get away from the girl! She’s not your next meal!” It was really funny how the Cullens were all angry while I was just messing with their minds. Edward, she’s messing with our minds. Jasper thought.

            “Yep. Jasper, you thought right. I am messing with you. And no, Red isn’t my next meal. She wants to become a Night Shadower, like me. Here, catch.” I tossed him Rosalie’s arm thirty miles away.

            Emmett charged in fury. Anger blinded his fighting skills as he kept missing me. He swung out and I jumped over his arm. I knew Jasper could feel the anger radiating off everyone because he quickly became angry too.

            She’s a mind reader? Emmett thought. We’re going to kill you. He thought purposely, looking at me.

            “Emmett, let’s all handle this. She can’t beat all of us.” Jasper strategized. I shook my head. They were underestimating my powers or strength. I could probably beat them without even using my powers. I just had to threaten one of them.

            They all charged like animals in a stampede. Jasper was the first to strike. My research told me that he was the most experienced fighter. I grabbed his arm and flung him away from me.

            Rosalie came back from finding her arm. There was a thin line where it had been disconnected. Her eyes turned black from rage as she came near me. I grabbed the same gun as before and shot her again. She screamed and I laughed. Some people just didn’t learn.

            While I was laughing, Emmett was able to get behind me and put me in a headlock. I grabbed his neck, while he had mine. “I swear to God, I’ll pull.” He threatened. Before he could do anything, I flung my leg backward and kicked him in the balls.

            Edward came up. I had successfully hurt Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper. Alice and Edward were the only ones left. “You beat me yesterday Amira, but it won’t happen again!” He promised.

He swung at me and I dodged every attack. “Why can’t you leave me alone?” I yelled. I kicked Edward in the stomach, feeling satisfaction when he grunted. I could feel the eyes of the injured Cullens around me. They were counting on Edward to kick my ass.

            “You want to change an innocent human! She deserves to live!” Alice retorted angrily from the sidelines. Red looked at Alice in anger. Emmett and Jasper were trying to get her to leave, but she wouldn’t budge.

            “Shouldn’t I have a say in this? I’m the one who wants to join. Just leave me and her alone!” Red yelled with force. Her blue eyes pierced through the hair covering her face. I looked at her in pride and smiled. You needed that kind of attitude to be an assassin.

            “You don’t know what you’re saying! You deserve to live.” Edward preached. I took the opportunity to strike while Edward’s defenses were lowered. The other Cullens wouldn’t know what hit them.

            I grabbed a needle I kept with me in the pocket of my leather jacket. I pressed it lightly against Edward’s heart. “Enough! One more move and he gets it!” I yelled. The Cullens started laughing, even Edward.

            “That can’t hurt us. It would probably break on impact.” Rosalie sneered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was my turn to laugh.

            “Are you willing to take the chance?” I asked pointedly. They looked at each other and shook their heads. “Good. Leave me and the rest of us alone, or I swear I’ll kill you without a second thought.”

            I threw Edward over to them and grabbed Red. Even as I left, I could still feel the stares of yellow eyes burn my back. It was only a matter of time before they would pay. Red would be a big part in that.

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