My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


8. Chapter 7: An Assassin or Spy?

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Here you go. And for the record, Sage's power was very easy to guess, lol.

My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: An Assassin or Spy?

            Crystal’s POV:

            “Good calling with the time travelling.” I praised.  All the Night Shadowers had a problem with their tempers. It was probably because they were assassins. I probably had one of the most controlled tempers. “Although, you shouldn’t have done that. You need to freaking control your emotions…” I trailed off angrily. Spoke too soon.

            I had to do my entire procedure again. The entire scene played out again, in exactly the same way. I cried, fell and Edward hissed. When Sage and Aiden came in, they were as calm as possible because Jasper could sense our emotions.

            “Where are your parents?” Emmett asked. I couldn’t believe Amira wanted him dead. Emmett seemed like a gigantic teddy bear, incapable of causing harm. I almost felt bad for what I was doing, but quickly hid my emotions.

            “They were looking for tents when we got lost. I got separated from my sister and brother. We’re so scared. We moved to New York because a girl in our old town of Forks died.” I sobbed, like a child. They looked so sad and Edward trembled.

            “What… What was her name?” He asked in an extremely quiet whisper.” I shook my head. It was Aiden’s turn to shine. He interrupted me and said his lines.

            “Her name was something like Annebella Swan. I don’t really remember. No one would told us because her death was really tragic. We were able to find out from someone, though.” They looked even sadder. Jasper had a look of extreme guilt on his face.

            “Bella. Her name was Bella Swan. We knew her. She was our friend before we left her.” Jasper muttered to himself. “We should never have left her. It was my entire fault.” I looked at him in confusion. “What happened?”

            Amira never told me who Bella Swan was. She also didn’t say anything about the Cullens knowing Bella Swan. It was so confusing to follow orders when you didn’t even have any information.

            “Apparently someone called Edwin broke her heart. She got so sad she went to a forest and died there. She was attacked by a bear. People say that she made the bear eat her on purpose because she was that sad.” Sage lied in her childish voice.

            Edward looked at Sage with pure malevolence. We all cowered back, we needed to make our exit and report back to Amira. “Why should I care? Arianna is the only love in my life.” He snarled harshly. I pretended to cry and run off.

            “Great. Thanks a lot, you meanie! Now we have to go find our sister. You didn’t have to scare her.” Aiden yelled. He and Sage ran off and we went to find Amira. “Nice Crystal.” He winked at me when we were gone.

            If I were a human, I probably would’ve giggled awkwardly. I had no time for a love life; I was an assassin for God’s sake. Love wasn’t supposed to be in my vocabulary. There are something about Aiden though, even if he did seem like a player…

            When we got back to Amira, she wanted to see the entire thing from my thoughts. I showed her and she was very pleased. “Good call in the Edwin thing, Crystal. Now…” She trailed off. Her smile was kind of terrifying. I knew she was going to target the mom and dad next…

            Lexana POV:

            Amira called me, Connor, and Derek. “Here are your instructions. You need to go to the grocery store-” Amira was interrupted by Derek. He looked at her in pure shock. What’s wrong with him? I thought. Amira looked furious.

            “Wait, why would you want us to go there? I mean, it’s not like we eat food.” Derek accused, his eyebrow raised. Amira looked at him with her eyebrow raised. It didn’t take a genius to know that Amira didn’t have patience.

            “Interrupt me again…” She dared. Derek’s crimson eyes widened and he mumbled an apology. “As I was saying, you’re going to the grocery store and running into the Cullens. Connor, you’re going to change them into kids. Now this is exactly what I want you to say and do.” She leaned in and told us separately.

            I was supposed to be the one that came in after. Apparently, the Cullen parents needed to be pranked too. Amira said to only come back after they were pained or crying. It was simple instructions, but I did wonder who Bella Swan was. Amira said that mentioning Bella Swan would make the Cullen parents cry too.

            We ran as fast as we could. Since Amira’s patience was very thin, it was better to just get the job done. The store smelled like dirt. How could humans eat their food and how could I have been a human that ate the same thing? I thought in disgust.

            Derek was supposed to take the lead. I saw him act and he wasn’t actually half bad. The Cullen parents were like putty in his tiny hands. He flashed them an angelic smile, a smile of a killer. I saw him flash me and Connor an alerting glance.

            We stalked in like protective siblings. “Brother! What did you do? Mommy told us not to run away.” I spoke in my child-like voice. I turned to the Cullens. “I’m sorry for the trouble. We don’t like to be alone, not since a girl died from our hometown of Forks.”

            As planned, the Cullen’s faces cracked as pain washed over them. You didn’t have to be an empath to know they were guilty and hurt. I could see the female one, Esme start dry-sobbing.

            Connor explained how the girl, Bella Swan died. Apparently, she was so sad after her boyfriend left her, she jumped off a cliff. Of course, that didn’t happen. Amira gave each prank group a different story do affect one of the Cullens.

            For the girl, it was rape because it would affect Rosalie the most. She was raped before she got turned into a vampire anyway. For Emmett, it was a bear eating her because Emmett was mauled by a bear before he got changed. The last was for Esme. After losing her baby, Esme tried to jump off a cliff and was rescued by Carlisle.

            I didn’t know how Amira got all the information, but I was impressed. To be able to get all that old history under their noses was especially tricky if some of the info was dated 300 years ago. Carlisle really was that old.

            After the mission was completed, we rushed back to Amira. Connor changed us back and I was instantly grateful. I couldn’t stand another moment of being a child. To think, all the years of karate wasted for vampire strength.

            Amira POV:

            Perfect, everything seemed to be going good. The plans from the first prank went smoothly. Emotional torture was partly complete. You need to leave them alive, Bella. You can’t ignore me. I’m the Bella before the monster took over. My conscience sighed.

            “Go hunt. I can tell you need to. I’ll join you after, maybe. Me and Tehera have some spying to do. You can call anyone to go with you; just don’t go alone.” I warned. I was very glad Tehera was an invisibility cloaker and I was a shield.

            Hearing her name, Tehera came downstairs to see me. She was the youngest of all of us, so she wasn’t on missions a lot. “You rang?” She teased sarcastically. I snorted, not giving a damn how proper it was.

“It’s going to be me and you. We’re going to go spy on the Cullens. I need to know if they have any weaknesses.” I smiled menacingly. I already knew things about the Cullens, but my human memories were stripped away from me and I barely remembered anything.

            “Great. I’ve been waiting for a chance to do something. Can we also go to the club to feed after?” She inquired. I nodded briskly. Her enthusiasm reminded me of Alice and I felt a pang of sadness. Memories didn’t fade, did they? I thought.

            “Let’s go. I’m not going to stay here and collect dust.” I joked coldly. Tehera was used to my attitude so she didn’t question. Feeling the awkwardness, I decided to make my leave and she followed. It wasn’t easy to get to the Cullen house. The only up side was the fact I knew they were all home.

            I had to make sure that my shield was up so Alice couldn’t see my decisions. It wasn’t easy to manage all the different powers because each part of my brain had to manage what powers I had. I didn’t even remember all of them. I was just glad I had a defense mechanism that would activate a power if I was in danger.

            Tehera made me and her invisible and I shielded both of us so they couldn’t hear us. We walked into their house and sat down on their couch without them noticing. It was actually quite funny because they were doing things while we were watching.

            “Emmett! Put that vase down! Esme’s going to freak out. Something happened during her trip that made her angry, but she won’t tell us.” Rosalie yelled at her idiotic husband. I snickered, some people never changed. Emmett would be easy to get rid of.

            “What the heck are you guys yelling about? Arianna’s trying to sleep, could you be a little more considerate?” Edward whispered harshly. Arianna was curled in his lab, snoring like a pig. I looked at her in disgust.

            Everyone immediately quieted down. I could see the intense anger coming off from Edward. Everyone was in a bad mood ever since my prank. Good. “I forgot! There was something I needed to show you.” Arianna said, waking up.

            I could see that she hadn’t even been sleeping. She was just trying to be the centre of attention, which worked. The Cullens are so stupid. She thought. Arianna left to Carlisle’s office. Hmm…Theories of the Working Mind, Arianna thought. She was holding a book with that title.

            “Ok, everyone here! Now! I have an announcement.” She ordered like she was superior. Tehera looked at me confusedly. The vampires are listening to her? Why don’t they just snap her neck? She thought. Arianna held up her book and started ranting. “Ever since I got here, everything’s been Bella, Bella and more Bella. What about me?”

            Alice looked like she was going to kill Arianna. If I didn’t have any control, I would’ve done the same. Arianna was oblivious to the emotions around her. “I need to get out.” Jasper snarled, lowly. I knew what he was going through, emotions for him were killers.

            “No. Everyone is going to listen to what I have to say!” Arianna screamed. Jasper knew if he upset Arianna he would tear the family apart. “This book says that when someone dies, the people who used to like her will describe her as perfect. It says guilt is making you guys think Bella is perfect. Guess what? She’s not!” Arianna bristled.

            Edward turned and started rubbing circles on her back. He was taking her side? My thoughts screamed. Why do you care? He doesn’t love you. I rubbed my forehead and cleared the thoughts out of my head.

            “She was a stupid girl that wanted what she couldn’t have. Eddie is mine! She was so stupid she got herself killed on purpose. I want you to stop talking about her, she’s not important. She isn’t even alive! You guys are neglecting me!” She finished her rant as she sunk lower.

            I hissed aloud. That was a mistake. “What was that?” Jasper asked. He was sitting nearest to me, so he could probably hear me. That was a downside. My shield blocked out smell and mental power, but not sounds. Sometimes it was really annoying.

            “Sorry Arianna. You’re perfectly right. Bella Swan wasn’t perfect. She never accepted my gifts.” Edward smiled in reassurance to her. I felt my heart breaking. As much as I hated Edward and wanted to kill him, the ‘Bella’ part of me wouldn’t let him go. I wanted to leave, but I needed to hear the rest.

            “Edward, you’re right. She would never go shopping with me.” Alice offered with the same cold expression. I was shaking slightly beside Tehera and she looked at me, concerned. I gave her a warning look.

            “No dice. Not only that, she would always get angry when I pulled pranks on her.” Emmett grumbled unhappily. This wasn’t him. I guess all people could change.

            Then someone spoke that I didn’t expect. “She would never accept my help when it came to me trying to heal her.” Carlisle muttered softly. Everyone looked at him, shocked. Carlisle wasn’t the type of guy that offended anyone.

            “I hated her the most. She didn’t appreciate Edward’s love and was selfish to the fact he wanted her to stay human.” Rosalie agreed with an evil smile. Rosalie I expected, but not everyone else.

            “Our lives are so much better without Bella Swan. Thank you Arianna!” Esme smiled warmly. It was the same smile she used to give me. Arianna looked triumphant and I could barely wait until I killed her.

            “Let’s get out of here.” Tehera looked at me. She didn’t know who Bella Swan was. I was going to make an announcement after explaining everything.

            “Good call. The others are waiting for us at the club.” I complimented. Tehera froze in shock. I felt slightly offended. Just because I was cold, didn’t mean I couldn’t compliment people. She noticed her mistake and gave me an apologetic look.

            By the time we got far away, I let down my shield. That was a big mistake. I just didn’t realize it yet. I let my defenses down and things at the club weren’t going to turn out well.

            A small part of me thought that the Cullens were lying through their teeth to please Arianna. It seemed like false hope so I didn’t bother my wandering thoughts. Too bad, I was right…

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