My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


7. Chapter 6: 'Childish' Torture

This chapter is one of the most fun to write! :D

It's got a whole lotta Amira and even a POV switch! Le gasp!

Well, enjoy...

My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: ‘Childish’ Torture

            “She’s fine.” Derek assured irritably. Besides Reese, Derek had a very short temper too. I was hiding in the edge of the forest, where the Cullens couldn’t see or hear me. Arianna’s thoughts were really testing my patience.

            What a whore. She’s probably just saying that because she’s jealous Eddie is mine. Arianna’s thoughts sneered. I laughed quietly. Arianna didn’t know how wrong she was. All the Cullens seemed oblivious to Arianna’s thoughts and expressions.

            Amira? Are you okay? Arianna’s thoughts must be as horrible as her voice. Anyway, everyone is worried. Reese mentally called out to me. I hissed in frustration, Reese was right. I needed to get close to the Cullens so I could break their spirit.

            Silently, I stalked back to where I was before. “Sorry about that. I’m good now. Anyway…” I trailed off nonchalantly. Edward looked shocked. Well get over it pretty boy. I thought. All the Night Shadowers looked really bored.

            “I’m sorry. Anyway, we wanted to offer our help. Vira and Marko told us that a certain Volturi member is giving you trouble. I’m acquaintances with Aro so we may be of assistance.” Carlisle explained. I scoffed in reply.

            “Well, no. I don’t need any help from some weakling coven. I assure you that I can handle this myself. So if there aren’t any more stupid things for you to ask; take your friends and get out of my house!” I snapped, impatiently. “Vira, Marko! Get out!” I yelled.

            They came down in a flash. The Cullens gave me a glare and left. Arianna kissed Edward on the mouth and glared at me. I smiled menacingly, lighting my hands on fire in warning. Her face paled and she shrieked.

            “That freak is going to burn me!” She screamed. I quickly extinguished the fire and looked at her innocently. All the Cullens gave me a weird look and I returned it. The Night Shadowers walked back into the house and left the Cullens.

            “Well Amira? Do we get to hurt these people? You seem to want to…” Aiden trailed off. Aiden had sandy blonde hair and a medium build. He was probably very observant in his past life because he had the gift of telekinesis

“You know how I work. We start with a bit of torture, make them feel safe, and kill them when they’re not expecting it.” I said in one breath.  They nodded in affirmation. I was going to use a tactic I made up.

“Connor, I need to use your power. It’s time.” I smiled menacingly. He nodded, but didn’t smile. How do I get the niceness out of their systems? I wondered to myself. He looked at me and I changed.

I was now a five year old with blonde curls and blue eyes. I looked absolutely innocent and… cute. I could hear the Night Shadowers laughing at me. Eh, they would be turned into a child too and I would be the one laughing. “Now the rest of us.” I said.

My voice sounded cute and innocent. It would be perfect for making them pay. I could see all the Night Shadowers being changed. Some looked about 10 and others looked 7. I was probably the youngest.

“Ok, me, Reese and Morgana are going to the mall. Apparently, the Cullen Girls are going shopping. I’ll call you guys when I know where the others are.” I called behind me as we left.

            “So here’s the plan…” I whispered before we entered the mall. They all nodded and smiled. It was probably going to be fun. We entered the crowded mall. Since there were so many people, the Cullens wouldn’t know we were vampires. I also masked our scent to be thorough

“Are you sure? I like this one better!” Arianna screamed at Alice. I was right. Alice, Rosalie and Arianna were dress shopping. I saw Alice look like she was going to break something and I laughed. Me, Reese and Morgana entered.

I purposely knocked myself into Arianna. She screamed and swatted me away. I stumbled back like a stuntman and Rosalie shot Arianna a dark look. “Get that mean girl away from me.” I cried in my child-like voice.

Reese and Morgana ran to help me. We were supposed to be sisters so they were by my side in a heartbeat. “Where’s your mommy?” Rosalie asked, as she approached me. I sniffled for effect and my ‘sisters’ took a defensive position.

“We were right behind her, and then a bunch of people blocked us. Me and my sisters ran after her, but then this ugly and mean lady hurt me.” I yelled again looking and pointing at Arianna. When the Cullen’s weren’t looking, I shot her a scary smile.

            “We don’t like to be alone. In our old town, someone died. It was a town called Forks.” Reese muttered. I told Reese and Morgana the information they needed to say, but I didn’t elaborate.

            I was glad when Alice and Rosalie looked heartbroken. They looked completely guilty. Arianna just looked confused and angry that she didn’t have attention. “What was the name of the person that died?” Alice asked in a choked whisper.

            “We don’t remember.” Morgana said in a small voice. “I think it was something like Annabella Swan, or something. The grownups would never tell us.” Morgana was a very good actress. We taught her well.

            “Isabella. Her name was Isabella Swan. Do you know what happened to her?” Rosalie asked. I didn’t expect her to care. She was an absolute ass to me in my human life. Why do you care now? I thought.

            It was Reese’s turn to shine. “Well, apparently she walked into an alley and was raped. She didn’t die. Apparently, after that she wandered into a forest and got eaten by a bear. She did it on purpose though because she was depressed.” Reese said.

            I watched the Cullen’s faces crumble. Especially Rosalie. I spent years researching the Cullens and I found out the Rosalie was raped in her past life. Bella being raped would crush her. I looked at Arianna again and when the Cullens weren’t looking, I lighted my hands again.

            “Ah! That’s not a little girl, it’s a witch. She can light her hands just like other vampire whore! Amina or something…” Arianna screamed. The Cullens looked at her lividly. Their brains were full of crap if they thought they could trust someone like Arianna with their secret.

            “What? You’re hurting my feelings.” I sniffled. I ran off into a crowd of people and turned myself invisible. Arianna looked extremely embarrassed from her sudden outburst. Serves you right; I’m going to enjoy hurting you. I thought.

            “Thanks a lot! Now, I’m going to go find my sister.” Morgana yelled at Arianna. She and Reese ran off towards me before the Cullens could stop them. I read their minds. Bella… what have we done? It’s my entire fault. Alice was thinking. Raped? I could’ve stopped this. Bella didn’t deserve it… Rosalie’s sobbed. Arianna’s thoughts were the most disturbing. I’ll rip that kid’s neck out. Embarrassing me like that! I’m Arianna Winters, I should be famous!

            When the Cullens were out of sight, I spoke. “That went well. Let’s go home. The male Cullens are next.” I smiled. I wouldn’t be the one to prank the other Cullens because I’d probably kill them.

            I teleported us out of the mall and got Connor to change us back. I couldn’t stand being a little kid, that was… cute. I was relieved when I was changed back to my original form. “Aiden, Sage, Crystal. The Cullen boys are going shopping for camping equipment. Here’s their plan and say exactly this…” I whispered.

            Crystal POV

            Amira whispered us the plan. I was determined not to fail because she really scared me. I was only 17 when I was turned. Amira found me in an alley, I was almost killed. She trained me to be like her, a killer. I couldn’t though, I couldn’t ignore my heart.

            “Crystal?” Sage asked. Sage was a good friend that helped me through the fear. I knew I was indestructible, but everyone had fear. “You ready to go?” She asked in her turned child-like voice.

            I nodded and we ran off. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Amira. She just scared me a lot so I obeyed and followed orders. Sage was a bit hard headed and I hoped Amira wouldn’t kill her. The plan was to tell the Cullens about what happened to someone named Bella. We were supposed to make them feel bad, and we could use our powers if necessary.

            “Are you sure we need so much?” The blonde one, whose name was Jasper, asked. He was gesturing to a pile of camping equipment. I didn’t know why they needed it, but they were veggie vampires. Who knew why they would do anything?

            “Yeah, I’m sure. What if I want to take Arianna camping? I don’t want my love to freeze to death.” The one Amira didn’t like asked. His name was Edward, or something. Amira made it very clear to make him suffer the most, though I didn’t know why.

            “Ok, fine.” Jasper agreed with a sigh. He turned around to start pushing to the cash register. This was my cue; I did the same thing that Amira did to the other girl. At least, that was what she told me. I pretended to trip over something and fall right into their shopping cart.

            My new changed brown hair got caught in the cart. I widened my artificial brown eyes and slunk away. “I-I’m  sorry.” I stuttered like a child. To make myself scared, I just had to pretend it was Amira that I crashed into.

            The big one, who was called Emmett, tried to help me up. He carried me and set me on the floor. “Are you ok? You don’t need to be scared of us. Where’s your mommy?” He asked. I sniffled a bit. He turned to Edward. “Doesn’t she look a bit like Bella?” He asked.

            Edward sucked in a breath. “No, Bella looks like Arianna. It’d be better off if you didn’t speak of her.” He snarled. I sniffled again. Sage and Aiden came in and rushed over to me. I gave them a hug and The Cullens gave them a confused look.

            “What did you do?” Aiden yelled. Even in his child voice, he was kind of scary. Sage narrowed her eyes at Edward and kicked him in the ankle. I hoped she didn’t kick too hard, or our cover would’ve been blown.

            “H-how can you hurt me?” Edward stated, shocked. Oh crap. At least Sage can fix this… I thought. I glared at Sage mockingly. She looked deep into Edward’s eyes. “I mean, why are you so strong?” he fixed.

            Aiden started laughing and we glared. Men… they were so strange. I thought. “I’m so not sorry for this. You hurt my friend.” She whispered harshly. We linked hands with each other and in about a second we were right back where we started.

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