My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


6. Chapter 5: Bella 2.0

Like the title of the chapter? It gives away so much already, lol.

And this chapter is dedicated to the 2 commenters! I love you guys and commenting really makes me feel so special! :D

My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Bella 2.0

            I didn’t know how I got there, or even if it was planned, but I wound up at the meadow. The same meadow with all my painful memories. Hey Edward, maybe it’s time for my own closure… I thought evilly.

My hands suddenly lit on fire and I set fire to the meadow. Though my hands were in flames, it didn’t hurt. A witch gave me a spell to make me immune to fire. She also gave me a cream to get rid of sparkling in the sun. Sparkling was so ridiculous.

The fire was spreading through the entire meadow. All my bad memories along with the good ones were being burned to dust. I instantly felt better. I wasn’t entirely stupid. I made a shield around the edge of the meadow, just so I wouldn’t burn everything.

I could almost imagine Edward’s face. If he knew I burned down his precious meadow… Well, it would be very good to see him sad and pained. In a small way, I hoped Vira and Marko’s friends were the Cullens. I had everything set for their arrival. Payback was going to be very fun…

Immediately, I ran back to my house. I could see Vira using the phone and calling her friend. “Are you sure it’s okay? We can find something else, you know. Carlisle, you’re too kind.” She laughed. So I’m right! Perfect…

            I looked at Vira, mouthing the words ‘can I speak to him?’ She nodded and introduced me. “What’s your name?” She asked uncertainly. I contemplated on answering with Bella. But decided against it.

            “My name is Amira. Amira Stryker. I’ve heard of Carlisle. His last name is Callum, right?” I asked forgetting his last name on purpose. Lying was my second language, after sarcasm. She looked amused and I rolled my eyes. Vira was nice; I really wanted to get rid of her.

            She handed me the phone. “Hello Amira. I hear you’re an assassin. Can you please refrain from killing Marko or Vira. They’re our dear friends and if you do, we’ll have to defend them.” He said. Well Cullen, you don’t own me anymore! I thought rebelliously.

            “Excuse me, but I can do as I please. If I do decide to kill Vira and Marko there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You could try to kill us, but that would be a death sentence. I’m letting them stay here for one night, if you don’t come to my house within 24 hours, I’m kicking them out.” I growled before slamming the phone shut.

            The phone shattered under my fist. Crystal and Tehera appeared in front of me. They looked scared. “We haven’t hunted in a week. We’re going hunting, do you need us anywhere?” they asked. I sighed and pointed at the door.

            “Fine, but be back in an hour. I’m expecting people in the morning and I need all of you here.” I ordered. They left in a rush and I went to find Vira and Marko. Telling them Charlie was my father could ruin all my plans.

            “Vira! Marko! I need to speak with you.” I called. They left me waiting and I was very impatient when they eventually came. Before they could ask anything, I grabbed their hands and wiped their memories. I took away everything about me telling them about Charlie Swan.

            “Night Shadowers! I have a meeting! It’s important that everyone is here!” I called from the living room. Everyone came in and we sat on the couches. “A coven of 7 will be here in the morning. They are vegetarian vampires.” I stopped to acknowledge the looks of disgust.

 “Anyway, it is important that you don’t tell them anything about yourself or me besides our names. Do not tell about our powers or even who I was in the past life. I know these vampires personally and I want to make them suffer. My shield will be up during their stay because three of them have powers.” I finished my speech.

“What are the powers and who are they?” Morgana asked. Morgana had the power of disintegration. She had red hair and freckles.

“Their powers are mind reading, empathic abilities, and a future teller. The bronze haired male is the mind reader. The blonde haired male is the empath, and the future teller is a female with short black hair.” I answered. “Any more questions?”

No one asked anything and we all left. Vira and Marko were back to doing whatever they were doing. They didn’t even remember me wiping their memories. As promised, Crystal and Tehera were back exactly an hour later and all we did was wait.

The door knocked at exactly 9 in the morning. I went to get the door as everyone assembled around me. Everyone looked the same, it sickened me. It hurt a lot to smile because I wanted to rip them to bits. Even Edward looked happy.

Their gold eyes looked as alive as ever. I would be very glad to make them see pain. I smiled sadistically, but none of them noticed. They all looked worried. It was probably because they thought I killed Vira or Marko.

“Can we take this outside? I’d feel better if we had this discussion outside.” I asked. They nodded and we went outside by a nearby forest.

“Hello, I am Carlisle Cullen. This is my family. Alice, Edward, and Emmett Cullen. And Rosalie and Jasper Hale.” He introduced gesturing to each of them. “We do have a new addition, but my wife Esme has agreed to bring her later.” He added.

“Amira Stryker. Crystal, Tehera, Connor, Reese, Morgana, Sage, Derek, Aiden, and our new addition Lexana.” I did the same thing as Carlisle. “Vira and Marko are somewhere. I’m sure I didn’t kill them, but maybe in the future?” I added sarcastically.

Suddenly a ray of sunlight hit all of us. Nothing happened because of the cream I used. The Cullens looked at me in awe and disgust, not recognition. They don’t recognize me! Great, my plan can work! I thought sadistically. “Whoa! Why don’t you sparkle?” Edward asked. “You’re a human drinker.” Edward pointed out. All the Night Shadowers laughed, me included.

“That’s classified information, Cullen. And no shit, Sherlock. Humans taste so much better. We’re predator, they’re prey. Anyway, it makes us stronger.” I replied, flashing my teeth. They looked at me oddly again. “What, do I have some flesh in my teeth?” I joked to piss them off. The Night Shadowers laughed, but the Cullens didn’t.

“We have to ask. Do all of you have your thirst under control? It would be better if all of you were under control.” Jasper muttered quietly. I could hear his thoughts trying to figure out why I looked so familiar. My shield was up, so there wasn’t any danger.

“Just because we’re human drinkers, doesn’t mean we don’t have self control!” Reese hissed under her breath. I thought it was good if I stepped in. Reese did have a temper problem.

“It’s actually you who should have their thirst under control. I heard that you nearly killed a girl 20 years ago. Apparently it was so serious the Volturi was going to step in.” I lied, smiling.

Jasper stopped breathing and Alice looked very worried. Actually, all the Cullens did. “And where did you hear that, Amira?” Rosalie spat my name like it was poison. Reese laughed loudly and all the Cullens glared. Touchy subject, eh? I thought in my mind.

“Well, the Volturi tried to get me to join more than once. I was curious if they had any test missions and they gave me that one. I was supposed to kill you guys, but you weren’t there. The Volturi called it off anyway.” I replied nonchalantly. Where were all the lies coming from?

            “Do you know Bella?” Alice asked in a small voice. Her voice was sad and quiet, very different from her normal personality. At the mention of Bella, I could feel guilt coming from Jasper.

            “No, who’s Bella? Is she a vampire?” I feigned curiosity. Now, if the Cullens knew that Bella was in fact a vampire… That would’ve been fun. I looked into Edward’s mind. He had a crazy theory that I was the vampire that killed Bella. I was probably going to tell him that just to get a reaction.

            “Did you kill Bella?” Edward asked his voice hard. I didn’t answer. There was a long awkward silence. “Answer me!” He yelled. He jumped at me and pinned me against a tree. I could hear Emmett asking Reese if I needed help.

            I slipped under his grasp and smashed his head against a rock. People looked at me in awe and I kept going. He tried to grab me and I flung a tree at him. Edward was persistent; I had to give him that. I heard him coming up against me and I kicked him in the balls.

            Jasper tried to help his brother but I made a shield. The Cullens thought that I was going to kill Edward. The urge to kill him was so strong, it wasn’t even funny. The Night Shadowers were watching the fight like it was an action movie.

“I can’t hear her thoughts!” Edward yelled out to his family. Um, no duh! I’m a shield for a reason, I thought bluntly. Emmett was laughing at Edward and was rooting for me. After a while, I got bored. I grabbed Edward’s neck and flung him a mile away.

            “You don’t call me an assassin for nothing.” I bragged, wiping my hands on my pants. Somehow, when I was angry, I tended to get an ego. It was probably because I wanted to feel better about myself. “Now where were we?” I asked.

            When Edward came back, he started asking me things. “Why can’t I hear you thoughts, or anyone in your covens’? The only person I couldn’t hear was… Bella.” His voice faltered. I wasn’t going to answer though.

            “I don’t even know a Bella! Are you done trying to kill me? And why you can’t hear my thoughts? That’s classified.” I replied nonchalantly. Emmett was laughing his head off. “Aiden?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled. Suddenly a tree was hurled at Emmett, knocking him backward.

            Aiden had telekinesis, which was pretty useful. Rosalie looked like she wanted to kill me, even though I didn’t hurt Emmett. “What was that for? Answer me, you asshole!” She screamed at me. I grabbed a gun from the inside of my shoe. “That’s not going to hurt me, asswipe.”

            I shot her in the leg and she screamed. “Are you sure about that, Barbie? It’s not going to kill you, but it hurts like hell. Get over it, it doesn’t hurt that much.” I scoffed. I’ve been shot with a gun and it did hurt, but I got over it.

            “Can we please remain civil?” Carlisle thundered. I’d never seen Carlisle mad; it was a sight to see. We all shut up, excluding me. I rolled my eyes and Edward noticed. He hissed and I could help but snarl back.

            “Well, we have things to ask you but Esme’s here. She’s brought our newest addition. You did say your thirst was under control, right?” Carlisle asked. We all nodded. A car rolled up on my driveway.

            Suddenly, I was hit by the smell of a human. What? I thought confusedly. Then Esme appeared with a girl by her side. She had pale skin, and chocolate brown eyes. Her hair was also brown and she was really skinny and short.

            Her smell also confused me. It was strawberries and freesia. Who was this girl? A reincarnation of me? She looked and smelled like me? Is this who Edward is replacing me with? I thought angrily. I’ll make sure to torture her too.

            “Amira, meet Arianna Winters. She’s my girlfriend.” Edward proudly introduced. All my suppressed memories of Edward rose to my mind. It was painful, seeing him with another girl. My ‘Bella’ side was telling me to beg for him to take me back, while my ‘Amira’ side was telling me to snap Arianna’s neck.

            “I’ve got to get out of here.” I mumbled. Everyone gave me a concerned look, everyone except Reese. She knew what was going on. “Her smell. It’s too much for me. I hadn’t hunted in a week.” I lied as I ran out of the room.

            “What’s her problem?” Arianna asked rudely. Her voice sounded nothing like mine, though. My voice, even as a human wasn’t that nasally. She sounded like my old rival, Lauren Mallory. Well Arianna, my problem is that I want to kill you, your boyfriend and his precious family. I thought snidely before running into the woods.

            I could feel the stares of the Cullens, watching me. I was looking forward to making them pay…

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