My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


5. Chapter 4: The Investigation

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My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Investigation

            “What the hell?” I screeched. A big brown wolf was standing over me in its attack position. It was Jacob, the person who used to be my friend. I used my telekinesis to push him away from me. The wolf was hurled into a nearby tree as I got up.

            I could hear the footsteps of the other wolves coming to aid their friend. Jacob Black, you idiot! I thought in annoyance. Jacob got up and started trying again. I didn’t really want to kill him because he was my ticket to Charlie.

            “I’m going to kill you now, leech.” He growled lowly. I couldn’t help but laugh. He would never think of killing me if he knew it was ‘Bella.’ Let’s see what would happen if I mentioned Bella. How about if I tell him I killed her? I thought nastily.

            “Nope, that’s not going to happen. I’m going to kill you, like I killed your precious Bella.” I spat. That seemed to make him snap. He lunged before I could get away. The other wolves were waiting by a distance, watching. Crap, I thought.

            It was time to use my strongest arsenal. I thought of a protective barrier around me. Jacob was immediately thrown backwards. I took an unnecessary breath and got up. My physical and mental shield was very useful. The other wolves thought it would be good to step in.

            I was suddenly surrounded by a group of snarling wolves. Maybe it’s time to end this? I thought. I ran towards where Jacob was and grabbed him by the throat. “Charlie Swan? Is he here?” I asked coldly.

            “She’s the one we want. She killed Bella. Now she’s here to kill Charlie.” Jacob yelled, breaking my grasp. I clenched my teeth at my old name. Amira! Amira, you idiot! It was funny how all the wolves instantly believed him.

            They circled me and I stepped back. One of them lunged at me and started biting. It hurt, but I wasn’t going to admit that. I kicked at their faces and was satisfied when blood ran down. It was a useless fight and they were going to win if I didn’t use my powers.

            I looked at all the wolves except Jacob, and performed my mind control. I hadn’t gotten the hang of my mew power, but I was desperate. They all looked at me with a blank expression. Jacob ran to a nearby tree and phased back.

            “What did you do to them? And you do you smell so familiar?” He asked. It was funny how stupid he could be. “Answer me!” He yelled. I looked at him with a ‘you’ve-got-to-be kidding-me’ expression.

            “That’s not your biggest concern right now. Now take me to Charlie Swan or you’re friends will be like this forever.” I taunted. He growled one last time before stalking into the woods.

            Eventually, we were in a beach. First Beach, I thought wistfully. There were brown, wooden houses behind the beach. I could smell Charlie from one of the houses. Suddenly, I was interrupted by another wolf pinning me down.

            “No, don’t hurt her! She has the pack under her control! Leah, let her go. She wants Charlie.” Jacob snarled. Leah jumped off me and spat in my face. Ew, it’s going to take months to get the smell out, I thought.

            There weren’t any more interruptions between me and the wolves. “What do you want with Charlie? Do you want to kill him?” Jacob sneered. I can’t believe I have to associate with these things, I thought rudely.

            “That’s none of your business. And if you don’t stay away from us while we’re talking, I’ll just have to make you.” I threatened. He led me to a small cabin and I ran in locking the door behind me.

            There was an old frail man lying on the couch. I saw what he was staring at and I laughed. Football game? I thought. I guess some habits never die. I cleared my throat.

            “Jake, just give me a moment.” He said gruffly. He was about to turn off the TV, but he dropped the remote. He stared at me with wide eyes and tried to approach me. “Vampire!” He yelled. Well Jacob seems to have a big mouth, I cursed mentally.

            “Wait, Charlie I’m not going to hurt you.” I tried to sound reassuring. He was still trying to move away. “Don’t do that. You’re going to hurt yourself. Please, sit down! I swear on the grave of Bella Swan that you won’t get hurt.” I yelled.

            That made him sit down. “What do you know about Bella? You’re probably the vampire that killed her. Are you here to finish the job?” He thundered looking bold. I knew he was scared because of his heart rate.

            “Actually, I did kill Bella, but not physically. She basically, threw out her personality. Surprise Charlie!” I said sarcastically. He looked shocked and then disbelieving.

            “You look nothing like Bella. You’ve got red streaks in your hair, red eyes, and you’re taller!” I had to laugh. It was part of my transformation. It wasn’t like I could control those things. “If you’re Bella name me 2 times she almost died.”

            “If you insist. I almost died from getting crushed with a van that was driven by Tyler Crowley. Edward Cullen stopped the van and he saved me. The second time was when I ‘fell’ down a flight of stairs in Arizona.” I replied in one breath. Charlie looked shocked and ran to hug me.

            “Why did you come here, Bella?” He asked seriously.

            “First off, I don’t go by Bella anymore. The last time I saw you, I told you to call me Amira, right? I now go by that all the time. I’m now an assassin. Someone paid me to kill two vampires in this area because they stole poison. They told me that they were threatened to use the poison on you. Do you know anything about this?” I asked quietly.

            “No, I don’t. I don’t like you being an assassin, but I’m glad you saved my life. You need to talk to Jacob and tell him this.” His voice was hard. I sighed, Charlie was right. I let down the shield and Jacob came bursting in.

            It took a long time before he believed I was Bella. I released the rest of the pack from my mind control and told them what I told Charlie. They promised they would look out for anything that tried to kill Charlie. The entire conversation, I wanted to rip the wolves’ heads off. They acted like they were so much better than vampires.

            “Lexana?” I called when I got back to the Ulansi house. She was sitting down, reading a book. Vira and Marko were still in the same place they were before. “Lexana, what are you doing?” I asked rudely.

            “Well, I got bored so I started reading a book. Mind control only takes half of my attention, so I can do it easily.” She explained. I yawned in frustration and told her to let Vira and Marko go.

            “Whoa! What happened? What did you do?” Marko half-yelled. I hissed and Vira gave him a warning look. They just didn’t understand do they? Men… I gave him a harsher look which shut him up.

            “Thank whatever Gods above that I won’t kill you. What do you remember?” I asked tensely. Their golden eyes darkened and they looked at me. They told me everything. I was slightly amazed on how didn’t cry about their family.

            “I’m going to kill whoever wanted you dead.” I promised. They looked at me in shock. “Trust me; I could care less what you do. You don’t mean anything to me.” I growled. No weakness, Amira. I yelled at myself.

            “Then why?” Vira asked, tears in her eyes.

            “It’s because Charlie was my dad. I left him when I left my past life.” I explained quietly. I didn’t really understand why I was acting like this. Wasn’t it a better idea to just kill them and find Charlie’s captors myself?

            “So Afton isn’t just trying to get to Charlie. He’s trying to get to-”I stopped her mid-sentence.

            “Me. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!” I snapped bitterly. “I have my reasons for him wanting to kill me. My reasons are none of your concern. Just get out of my way and we can pretend this never happened.” I snapped. “Lexana, we’re leaving!” I ordered.

            “Wait! Where do you live?” Vira asked; hope shining in her golden eyes. I wasn’t going to tell her. It wasn’t like I had to.

            “New York, why?” Lexana answered before I could stop her. Ugh, now you’ve done it, I snapped mentally. Lexana didn’t know anything about body language, did she? I didn’t want them to live with us! We were assassins, not shelters.

            “Can we please stay with you? Even for one day? We have friends living in New York that can help us.” Vira pleaded. I raised my eyebrow and shook my head. They begged and Lexana reasoned with me, not that it did any good.

            “I swear. I’m thinking off killing all of you right now! Including you Lexana! They can stay in our house if it’s only for one night!” I yelled before stalking out. I could hear them thanking Lexana, but it wasn’t really my problem.

            We ran back to New York and I swung the door open. All the Night Shadowers looked at me with a scared expression. “So, how did it go?” Connor asked fearfully. I barked a laugh harshly.

            “You’re girlfriend is fine, if that’s what you mean. She isn’t hurt. I actually need to speak with Reese. There are also people here that are staying for the night.” I barked. I was in a very bad mood. My darker personality was coming out.

            I should’ve explained sooner. After Tanya changed me, she taught me to become evil. I was still evil, just not as much. My dark personality was contained within me, but it came out when I was angry.

            “Reese! It’s important!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. She was in front of me in a flash. Her expression was worried and kind. “I didn’t kill them. They were sent to kill poison Charlie; they were sent by Afton.” She sucked in a breath.

            “Are they here? I can smell someone different. Why are they here? And why did you leave them alive? Amira, are you going soft?” Reese teased. I hissed and glared. Soft? I was being called soft! My mind was enraged.

            “They’re here because Lexana wants it and I’m too tired to kill them! No, I’m not going soft. You call me that one more time, I swear I’ll make Tanya look like a saint. They’re going to call their friends, which also live here.” I explained in a very rushed tone.

            I rubbed the black circles under my eyes. “Calm down. Who do you think their friends are? They are vegetarians, right? Do you think their friends could be the Cullens?” I flinched in response

Even after twenty years... It didn’t go away. “I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving. Please welcome our guests.” I sneered as I ran out. Reese tried to follow me, but I shook her off. Is she right? Do you really think Vira and Marko’s friends are the Cullens? I thought tensely.

Well, only one way to find out…

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