My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


24. Chapter 23: Double Crossing

New chapter, enjoy!

My Past is Your Demise: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Double Crossing


            That was the only thing I felt since I read the letter from the Volturi. Like everyone else, I was pushing my fighting skills and my abilities. There were things I did to conceal my abilities and regenerate my strength.

            Red was also extremely tired. She had dark bruises under her eyes from lack of sleep and tiredness. The help from Samandra was surely tiring her out.

            It took a lot, but Red eventually made up with Sam. There was a lot of crying and tissues in the end of it all. I didn’t stick around for that and neither did Caden.

            It was all about miscommunication and Sam even went as far as letting Red keep the necklace. Caden wasn’t happy about that. Red repaid her by spilling some of the Rooks’ most secret heists and achievements. It wasn’t that amazing if no one knew about it, is what I said , but as usual, my sarcasm was ignored.

            “Go to sleep,” I barked at Red the last time. My tone left no room for arguing. Red looked like she could’ve passed out right in front of me.

            Before she could protest, I grabbed her and dropped her on the bed. She didn’t make a move to get up which was fine with me. There were reasons witches never tired themselves as much as Red did.

            If a witch became too tired, his or her magic would escape from the body and the witch would become a human. I didn’t think Red wanted to be mortal, but I doubt she knew what I did.

            I sat down and I really did wish I could sleep. The feelings of sleep were easy to come by when I was human but now, it was like I had to keep drinking energy drinks to keep going.

            And eventually, I’d burn out.

            I pushed that memory away from my mind. We all had to work together and if one of us wasn’t there, the plan wouldn’t work. I was quite sure the plan would work without me, but it was a team effort.

            “How many more days?” A voice behind me stopped my thoughts short.

            “Reese, you need to chill. Why don’t you go for a hunt? It would probably calm you down,” I advised tiredly. For some reason Reese was immensely nervous for the tournament even though she was an amazing fighter.

            She looked ready to object, but I shot her a look that left no room for argument.

                        She stalked off in a slight huff. I didn’t let her strange behaviour faze me though. There are more important things than a vampire on crack, I thought.

            “Tehera,” I called out impatiently. She came down with a wicked smile that was completely out of character. What was going on with everyone?

            “Sup’ boss?” Her slang was slightly unnatural, but I found myself grinning along with her.

            “Remember a few months back and we spied on the Cullens? Want to repeat history?” I knew she wouldn’t refuse. It was just the thrill in her smile when I asked that made her decision set.

            She nodded enthusiastically and raised her voice again. “A little birdie told me that Vira and Marko –remember those morons– are going to fight with the Cullens... Elimination time, maybe?” Her voice seemed a bit too dark for my liking. It was almost like Morgana.

            I didn’t acknowledge her change of character before taking off. If she was smart, she would follow me. And smart she was...

            When we reached the Cullen house, I knew something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right at all. For once, I couldn’t feel or hear anything. It was like my powers were disabled. “Amira, we have a problem... I can’t use my invisibility,” Tehera mentioned frantically.

            It was a trap, but if I knew what was going on, I could probably shut it down.

            It seemed like both defensive and offensive powers were blocked but what about my special, enhanced senses? My eyes grew slightly darker in color as I looked around my surroundings in a new view. I saw everything ten times clearer than a regular vampire which hurt my eyes slightly.

            There was a thin veil around the house that was slightly greenish. I knew that from a normal vampire’s eyes, it wasn’t noticeable. And from a human’s eyes? They didn’t even stand a chance.

            “An Esoteric Veil,” I growled out. Esoteric Veils were practically invisible to everyone without extra enhanced vision. The Veil was a shield of sorts that rendered powers useless, but it was only as strong as the people who created it.

            And I was sure I was stronger than all of them combined.

            “Esoteric Veils are so easy to crack. After all, I did train from the best,” she said while smirking. We combined our powers and I felt the shock of Tehera’s immense power drive through me. There was so much hidden power Tehera never showed and it nearly knocked me off my feet. Thank God this wasn’t permanent because my mind would’ve probably blown up from the power intake.

            Then I searched for The Veil again. It was quite thick, no doubt built by all the Cullens. I threw a small fraction of Tehera’s power at it and the little blast of energy was absorbed into the shield.

            I screamed in frustration, muttering a few choice words that were not so polite.

            “It isn’t just an Esoteric Veil. It’s an Esoteric Veil with the absorption lock. I can’t blast it, so I need you to do something for me,” I explained quietly.

            This was a very risky decision, just because there were a multitude of horrible things that could happen. “What?” Tehera looked almost kind again.

            “You need to take all my power. But there are dangers. My mind was trained to be able to contain all the power and not burn and die. I can’t guarantee the same for you. And I trust you to give me my power back when I’m done. I don’t know if I can trust you,” I confessed in a slightly harsh tone.

            I quickly made a small thought to her and she nodded.

            We stepped out of the Esoteric Veil, where my powers were working and I quickly made some adjustments. Sorry, I thought to her in small guilt. I knew it was going to hurt.

My fingers set on her forehead as I thought in concentration. The tips of my fingers were now starting to burn with pure energy. An intricate design of swirly lines was starting to appear on Tehera’s head too.

            She cried out in pain as I saw her eyes change. They were no longer red, they were blue. Bright blue with my power and strength embedded in her mind.

            “Do it, let’s get in,” she smiled with pride. I could feel the power radiating off of her.

            I moved closer to the Veil as I got Tehera to locate the surroundings for me. I couldn’t feel it –it was a veil after all, but I set my hands on a spot with a slightly cooler temperature.

            Ignoring the pain from the power transfer, I let the energy from the Veil run through me as I let out an agonizing scream. Every part of me glowed with a brilliant white light that seemed wrong for my personality. It seemed angelic to the eye, but I felt like I was being incinerated on repeat.

            It was definitely not a nice feeling.

            Then there was also the hot acid running through my body. I didn’t know if it was adrenaline, but it was what fueled the incineration. It was electrocution and incineration all at the same time...

            I could’ve shot myself and it wouldn’t have been more painful.

            There was only one other thing that hurt as much as this –my change.

            When I stepped back, I found myself stumbling like a drunk. My jaw was slack and I nearly fell to the ground in exhaustion and pain. Even though absorbing energy should’ve made me stronger, the effort it took just made me want to rest for a long time.

            Tehera was by my side with impeccable timing. She lent me her arms and helped me up. I really needed to feel power and expel the Veil out.

            Vampires were not meant to absorb energy, at least not without practice. In the old rights, all vampires were allowed to have powers. If they didn’t, they could’ve done what I did.

            Absorb energy.

            Guaranteed it would’ve made the vampire in question develop a power. The Volturi were selfish. They knew something about it, but seeing as they made enemies with witches, no secrets were spilled. They desperately wanted to know what the secret was –for making the official Volturi Army, I supposed.

            “Tehera, give me back my power,” I told her evenly. My strength was slowly returning. It was like taking pills, but in small doses that barely made much difference.

            She smiled in a feral manner. I knew this was going to happen and it was what I was planning. “Well, dear friend, I quite like your level of power. I think I’m going to keep it.”

            My powers were something of great danger and selflessness. Most people presumed I was evil and selfish, but if they had my powers, they’d probably sympathize. My constant struggle with greed and giving in to the madness was tiring, but worth it.

            It would all be worth it in the end...

            There was also something else.

            A quick flash to Tehera’s eye made me realize she wasn’t even in charge. Of course it was Tehera, but it wasn’t her at the moment. She was possessed.

            “Terry?” I made it sound like a question. She didn’t know how to answer.

            I figured the possession only took place after the powers were transferred. When I gave her my powers, I also gave her my dark voices –telling her to give in.

            But she didn’t.

            There were two personalities in her, I could feel it. The actual Tehera was trying to break free, but with no powers, it was pointless.

            “Oh don’t worry,” she reassured. “I’ll make sure you’ll die along with your friends.”

            It was somebody else. I had a list of suspects on who wanted to sabotage me, but it was somebody else. Someone I least expected was probably looking for me.

Wanting their revenge.

            “No, I think you should be worried, Terry,” I sneered. The facade fell of faster than an upside down egg. “You’re an idiot if you think you can win. I’m no moron and I could feel you coming a long time ago. The thing I did to Tehera before transferring powers? Yeah, I erased her memory of what I told her. I know you can access her memory, so I found it smart. Oh, and this is the best part: All of my powers have a lock, similar to the Veil. The only way to get in is from memories, but since you can’t access mine, good luck with using my powers.”

            After what happened with Arianna, I figured it was time for a power upgrade. I taught myself tricks to defend my powers and anything else that actually needed defending.

            “Hand to hand combat it is,” Tehera’s possessor said, brusquely. Her hand shot out to break my nose, but I anticipated the attack.

            This was also another reason why power training was only semi important. If I lost my power for whatever reason, how was I supposed to defend myself without powers? So I taught myself eight kinds of Martial Arts with the use of a sparring partner and YouTube.

            My arrogance was threatening to come out and I had to hold back.

            She moved again. Her leg stretched out, close to my chin. It was so close to my face; I could see the little specks of dirt in her old, ratty, sneakers.  I snapped my head back at the last moment, feeling a swift crack.

            My throat was suddenly burning. The wind was knocked out of me and I stumbled a bit backwards. There was probably a bruise on my neck, similar to the dark spots under my eyes.

            Enough defense, I thought snidely. This chick’s going down...

            I moved faster in twisting patterns. Even with all her powers, Tehera couldn’t concentrate on where I was. Her head moved back and forth, trying to follow my movements with no success.

            I cackled under my breath in a harsh tone. It was from adrenaline and the smugness in my eyes. When she spun around, I jumped over her so I was perched over her shoulders while she was left wondering where I was.

            My brown hair hung over my head in ringlets, the red shining brighter than normal. Seeing as my hands were directly on her forehead, I dug my nails into her forehead and started extracting the power.

            The being inside Tehera thrashed in her body. I felt the energy becoming unstable and I knew what was going to happen. It was inevitable. Her forehead was growing hotter and hotter which was strange considering she had no blood or body temperature.

            With my final ounce of strength, I removed the last of my power.

            The newfound strength in my fingertips made me smile.

Suddenly, Tehera bolted from my hold. Her eyes swam with worry and she retreated. But I had to remember, it wasn’t Tehera.

I followed after her with dangerous confidence. Exorcisms were hard to do, especially if the subject was trying to run away. “Tehera! Tehera... Stop!” My voice was perfectly calm, even though I had been running for a while at full speed.

Her head moved in my direction and a weak expression filled her face. She slowly ran back to me, though I knew she was fighting it.

“Amira...” She trailed off. “I can hear her thoughts. It’s her, she’s controlling me. You know who she is but I don’t. We’ll be at the... tour–tournament. I’ll be fine,” she said in a relaxed voice. Her mouth formed into a smile. The same kind of smile people made when they knew they were about to die.

She had accepted her fate.

I was about to reply when she ran. She still looked like she was fighting, but really there was nothing she could do. I was about to follow her when I was hit with another thought.

There was nothing I could do...

Every plan I thought of was flawed. If I knocked Tehera out, there would be no way to get the possessor out. I had no information on possession which made me all the more vulnerable.

Soon, I was left standing outside the Cullen’s house, alone. The shield had been taken down, but with a hefty price. I didn’t even want to go and spy anyway. There didn’t seem like a point.

Rushing home and freaking everyone out didn’t seem logical either. Yes, it was selfish to keep it all to myself, but I didn’t want anyone to do anything stupid.

I knew what irrational decisions were from personal experiences.

 I calmed myself and pretended that someone I considered a sister was not abducted. And technically, she was abducted by herself. But what did her cryptic message mean? Who was she talking about and why didn’t she just put it bluntly?

You know, but I don’t. That was what Tehera said. What did that mean? The thought of not knowing frightened me slightly. I always had the answers, and if I didn’t Tehera would be gone.

The decision was clear.

I walked away, not even looking back to where Tehera had been only minutes ago.

A small part of me was screaming for me to try harder. To care. That maybe there was that smidge of hope that could’ve made all the difference. But I didn’t, at least not enough to do something reckless and stupid.

I ran back to the house. Running took my mind off things and right when I came back, the Night Shadowers swarmed me.

This didn’t usually happen, but I didn’t usually come back without my partner for the mission. I usually believed in saving everyone. Too bad I couldn’t save Tehera.

“Amira, where’s Tehera?” Someone got the courage to ask me. The look I gave Sage was enough to tell her the answer wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“She’s gone and there was nothing I could do to save her. Now, let’s get back to practice.”


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