My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


23. Chapter 22: Swapping Sides

So, this is the latest chapter I just posted on FF.Net 2 days ago...

My Past is Your Demise: Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Swapping Sides

            There was something detectable in Red’s eyes. Fear? Guilt? Sadness? It wasn’t like I cared. I just wanted Samandra’s necklace and her out of my house.

            I was just a second from beating the crap out of Red when an irresistible force pushed me back. Aiden... I thought to my telekinetic friend.

            “Leave her alone,” Derek sneered in my direction.

            All the rest of the Night Shadowers seemed to be in agreement to his statement. “I don’t know what kind of brainwashing you did to my best assassins, but you better stop,” I hissed warningly.

            Just rip her throat out already! I was already tense as it was.

            Red looked confused, but I wasn’t an idiot. “Look, just hear me out. I-” My intense glare was enough to break her mid sentence. “I guess this isn’t open to discussion then,” she muttered bitterly.

            The other Night Shadowers seemed to be oblivious to what was going on. “Amira, I know you don’t trust people, and that’s fine. But seriously, just listen to her!” I raised my eyebrow at Aiden.

            “What are you smoking?” My blunt question seemed to put him off.

            “Here’s my offer: I’ll try to explain. If you still aren’t convinced, I’ll let you kill me. I promise I won’t get out alive,” Red answered instead.

            I realized that I was making a mistake. I should’ve at least heard her out. “Fine,” I replied shortly. I didn’t bother making known that I was slightly embarrassed at my initial reaction. I made my way up to her in a way that didn’t make me look angry.

            But before she even knew what I was doing, I jabbed the truth serum into her arm. She gritted her teeth in pain and narrowed her eyes at me. “If you’re trying to kill me, it isn’t going to work.” She made it seem like I didn’t know anything.


            “No, don’t take it personally, but I don’t trust you. At least, not anymore. So this is truth serum, now you kind of have to tell the truth,” I smiled sweetly.

            Her stomach curled slightly. Her eyes closed in pain. “Well why is it so painful?”

            “There’s also some power block. Just so you can’t fight the truth serum as easy. The serum is human-inspired anyway.”

            Again she wasn’t looking.

            We sat back down in no rush. “Well, I’m guessing you know what I am?” Her pointed glance caused me to stiffly nod. “Yes, I’m a Rook, okay? You don’t get to choose your family,” she muttered the last part to herself.

            “What reaction did you guys have when Red woke up?” My question was directed at the Night Shadowers.

            It was Morgana who answered. “We tied her up and made her explain,” she shrugged, giggling a bit. Morgana was probably the slight sadist in the group. She had that thing about her that made it sound so nonchalant when she was on one of her torture escapades.

            “Nice to know you guys are efficient,” Red grumbled from where she was sitting.

            “Ok, do you know she’s a witch? Or that she’s a con artist from a history of thieves? Or that she has the Gemini necklace? How much did she actually tell you?” Some of my accusations seemed to bring shock to the Night Shadowers.

            “Yes, they know I’m a witch. No, I didn’t tell them about family. I don’t know what the Gemini necklace is though,” she looked at me but I saw the dishonesty in her eyes. If I wasn’t so mad, I would’ve been slightly impressed. Fighting truth serum without any powers wasn’t the easiest thing.

I snarled and someone had to literally hold me back.

            I did notice something interesting though. Reese was sitting by a window, far away from us. She was reading a book, but her eyes were on Red. She didn’t seem like she was interested in us though, which was weird for Red. I knew Reese loved drama but she just looked partly disinterested in this.

            “Sorry,” I apologized stiffly for my zoning out. “And Red? I know when you’re lying. Give me the Gemini necklace, it doesn’t belong to you.”

            “Just so we’re clear, the Gemini necklace is important? Yes?” And there was Sage, clueless about things. For a vampire with amazing memory, she was a bit of an ignorant twit.

            I snorted but before I could answer, Red started again. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Her explosion held blind fury.

            “Did you or did you not sneak into an Indian witch’s house and steal her necklace? She’s got glasses, an awkward stature, kind of nerdy?” My snappy tone seemed to make her think about it for a while longer.

            Suddenly, recognition lit in her eyes. “You mean this?” She reached inside her shirt and held out a pendant. The stone –which was actually a shell– held different hues of red. To me it looked like blood. Or maybe I was just hungry...

            “Yes,” I answered shortly. I made no move to get it though.

            “The Gemini family stole this off the Rooks years ago. I was sent to get it back,” she explained. I check her thoughts and frighteningly, she wasn’t lying.

            Honestly, I was at a loss for words. “Never mind then. But what about your motives for being here, little miss con artist?” I mocked her with bland hatred in my eyes.

            She didn’t look the least bit affected. “It’s funny how you call me the con artist when you conned Katiya into helping you and then dumping her when you were done,” she criticized with the same hatred.

            “You have no idea what my motives are. Why should we trust you? It’s not like you can prove your loyalty.”

            “The same reason everyone trusts you. Loyalty. You don’t have to believe I’m loyal because I already know I am,” she sneered.

            Before I could reply, an intruding voice rang out.


            “Just listen to her motives! Red, tell her why you’re here. I’ll hold her back,” Sage promised, as if it would work. Stupid girl...

            Red laughed a bit. “Gee, thanks? And you have every right to tackle me after this. My family is a gang of con artists and thieves, that much is true. I was recommended by one of my greedy uncles to someone named Afton. He-” She didn’t get to finish.

            I had her tackled on the ground in a semi chokehold.

            I felt her heartbeat; it was slightly faster but somehow pretty calm. I think she expected me to tackle her, so she expected right. Without thinking, I punched her square across the face. I didn’t dare hold back.

            “Well I guess she deserved that,” Reese commented, surprising me. I looked at her in the eye, and laughed.

            “Hey Derek? Are you going to help me?” Red’s pain made me laugh a bit. There were literally traces of magic in her bones which made the hit a little less affective.

            He looked torn. Before I ruined their relationship, I nodded at Derek and he rushed to help her. “Hey, where are Connor and Lexana?” I had only realized that they weren’t here.

            Everyone looked up and the room became dead silent. Oh, I thought stupidly. It wasn’t hard to guess. Two teenagers with a lot of free time?

            “Okay then,” Red answered, feeling completely awkward. She winced when she talked. “I can’t say that didn’t hurt.” She chuckled a little though, for reasons unknown.

            “Afton? As in A-Afton of the Volturi guard?” Tehera looked slightly frightened. I would’ve been lying if I said Afton had never tried to attack us before. The last time was a few years back and it nearly cost Tehera her life.

            I pursed my lips. How was I supposed to answer? Tehera was like a sister to me. She was the youngest of all of us. “Yes,” I answered in a quiet voice.

            Alice wouldn’t even be able to predict the next event...

            Tehera launched herself at Red. Now who needs self control? My thoughts were aimed at everyone who held me back. No one tried to hold Tehera back; probably because they knew Tehera couldn’t do a lot of damage.

            Red looked shell-shocked. Tehera was supposed to be the level-headed one out of us mental patients. Aiden, I thought to him. He nodded and with telekinesis, Tehera was moved away from Red.

            “See what you’ve done?” My words seemed to slice through Red like a knife through butter. “How much do you actually know about Afton? Did you know he nearly killed Tehera?” Calm flew out the window. Accusations seemed to be the best option.

            “I-I’m so sorry...” The way Tehera looked as heartbreaking. Red’s apology seemed so sincere, it wasn’t even awkward. “But you didn’t let me finish.”

            I swear; if she tries to say she changed, I’m going to kill her. And then play a nice game of bowling... with her head!

            “I wanted to get out of the Rook family biz. As much as I like my family, they are only interested in one thing: fame. The act like they cared for me, but up until a few weeks ago, I realized that they wouldn’t have cared whether I lived or died. All they wanted was for me to complete the assignment, even if my life was at stake.”

            “So this has to do with Afton, how?” I knew I was being rude, but I didn’t really care.

            “Let me finish,” she snapped. “This was supposed to be my last mission. After this, I was allowed to quit. I just didn’t know I was expected to die... at your hands. When I found out, I quit and joined your side,” she explained before I could lunge again.

            “When was this?” I referred to her switching sides.

            “A little before the sabotage with Arianna and Derek. I already knew a while before, but when you helped me with Derek and my feelings, I didn’t have the heart to betray you. I’m a con artist, not a monster,” she said.

            I didn’t really know what to say. Was forgiving really the best thing to do? I swallowed my pride as I looked her directly in the eye. “I’m sorry,” I apologized levelly.

            Maybe it wasn’t the sincerest apology, but I thought it sufficed.

            Red got up, shuffled her feet awkwardly and turned to leave. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I saw her nod slightly. As she left, Derek followed and we all started to file out.

            A large wave of anger hit me like a typhoon. It nearly knocked me off my feet. When I turned to the source of rage, the shock was almost laughable.


            “You may forgive her,” she said without any emotion. “But I won’t. She was working for the man who nearly killed me!” I knew Tehera had death issues. Considering how I found her on the streets trying to provide for her younger brother who ultimately died, I’d say she was pretty normal.

            I sighed. She was so typically childish. That was what was eventually going to get her killed. “Maybe so, but just promise me you won’t try to kill her,” I told her in all seriousness.

            She laughed harshly and walked away.

            A small tap made me whip around.

            Connor and Lexana stood behind me with an envelope. “I see you guys are back from your activities,” I noted mockingly. I felt perfectly comfortable discussing their personal lives. It was immensely fun to see them squirm.

            They shuffled their feet awkwardly. I want to die right now, Lexana thought in embarrassment. She buried her face in her hands and moved to leave.

            “This was in the mail; I think it’s really important.” He pointed at a crest on the wax seal.

            “Well yeah, captain obvious. When are letters from the Volturi ever friendly?” My string called sanity was suddenly wound up again. “Hey, you lazy *ss vampires? Get down here! Now!” I called out to the entire house.

            They all raced down with a slightly pained look on their faces. “How the hell can someone who looks so innocent be so loud?” Sage was whining again, which caused me to tune her out.

            “Guess what I have?” My voice was oddly singsong.

            “Great, what do those vultures want now? Get it? Volturi, vultures?” There should’ve been a law about Aiden making jokes. He may have been Mr. Smooth with the ladies, but when it came to stand up comedy, he was a target for rotten tomatoes.

            As expected, we all groaned. Crystal even went as far as started to make fun of him. Ah, young love, I thought mockingly. “Very few people can handle the awesomeness of my humor,” Aiden retorted. “Don’t feel bad because you don’t get it. You just aren’t ninja enough.”

            “One, we’re assassins, stupid! And two, just shut up and listen to Amira,” Crystal snapped again. She also hit the back of his head... for good measure.

            I just stood there and waited patiently. At least, I looked patient. “Okay, I’m going to read it now,” I announced to get them back on track.

            Dear Night Shadowers,

            We request your attendance in the yearly vampire tournament. The tournament, if you forget, is a worldwide fight against the vampire covens. The winning team will get full access to the Volturi library as well as the title of most feared coven in the world.

            Our rules: You must have no more or less than six people per team. You are allowed to use your abilities only if both you and your opponent agree and you are not allowed to mind control them into agreeing. Also, the opponent must be on the ground for at least ten seconds. There are no substitutes. As a last note, if limbs get scattered around the arena, the Volturi are not responsible for cleanup.

            We hope to see you there Night Shadowers,

            Aro, Caius, Marcus Volturi

            There were no words to how disgusted I was.

            They had this fight ever year and the population of vampires always decreased by almost half. It was sick how the Volturi hosted this. Also, usually you had a choice to attend, but seeing as almost no one attended last year, it was now law.

            “We have to win,” I announced seriously.

            “Why? Can’t we just ditch? I mean, the Volturi are no match for us,” Morgana questioned with an arrogance that couldn’t be defined.

            “If you didn’t listen, the library is up for the winner. There are so many ancient spells I can use and a full guide for vampire powers to ever exist. Plus, the rumored archive is said to be hidden in the library. I need to know what’s been recorded about me,” I explained in a slightly bored tone.

            “Well then, let’s get outside. We’ve got some kickbutt training to do. Those failure covens won’t even see us coming,” Red muttered devilishly.

            Red had a point there. The Night Shadowers were only well known in the US. In other points of the world, no one knew who we were. It was a secret we tried to keep. There was also a spell that made it impossible for someone to tell another person about us. They had to hear it firsthand.

            Wait, how does Red know? My thoughts rang in confusion. Hey, idiot? Not the time.

            “And by those failure covens, you mean the Cullens right? You do realize they’re going to have to come too,” Tehera pointed out smartly. I looked in her line of sight, and she was deliberately ignoring Red.

            “Let’s have some fun with this,” I decided. We all came closer so that we resembled players in a football game. “So here’s the plan...”



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