My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


22. Chapter 21: Her Family Tree

I'm doing 3 chapters, just to get caught up!


My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Her Family Tree

            I could feel the gazes of all the Night Shadowers staring at me, most of them through the door. Even Derek, who was usually pretty calm, was looking at me in shock.

            “So what is she then?” He asked in a quiet tone.

            The few weeks Red spent with us made her become our friend. We all felt betrayed. It was actually a worse feeling than sadness or anger because it was a mix of the two.

            “I don’t know Derek, I don’t know.” I know I repeated it twice, but it seemed necessary.

            “We can always interrogate her when she wakes up,” he tried to joke. It wasn’t though. We –or at least I– would have to figure out how she could get past our noses, no pun intended. Was she a wolf? I really didn’t know, but my suspicions would be confirmed when she woke up.

            Her body temperature.

            Wolves had unnaturally high body temperatures which makes me wonder why I never noticed it. Then again, when I touched Red, she seemed completely normal for a human.

            “You’re thinking,” he stated. “You think she’s a wolf.” I snorted without thinking.

            “How’d you know?”

            “I guessed. I’ve been with the Night Shadowers for years now, so I’m pretty sure I know when you’re thinking. I mean the very fact you’re feeling her body temperature is enough.”

            The expression ‘open book’ came into my mind and so did the person who denied that for the first time.

            “You’re quiet, what do you think she is?” I turned the question on him. Before he could answer, I moved towards the door and flung it open. The rest of the Night Shadowers fell on the ground in front of me, despite their perfect balance.

            “Mermaid? Fairy? Alien? And before you give me your smart aleck attitude about how they don’t exist, save it. If Vampires and Werewolves exist, why can’t the rest?” Derek’s attitude seemed to resort back to unpleasantness.

            “I don’t care if the love of your life is in a coma. You should never cross me,” the danger in my eye seemed a bit foreign considering I hadn’t used it for so long.

            “She isn’t the love of my life,” Derek protested, looking embarrassed.

            I shrugged uncaringly. “I’ll make a mental note of telling her that when she wakes up then, since you don’t care...” My small gloating smile was evident even through my stony eyes.

            Derek panicked for a bit. Red could be quite scary when she wanted to be. “Never mind,” he muttered, defeated.

            “Well, I can’t wait for her to wake up. That could take weeks. You know where I’m going. I’m going to go see The Geminis.”

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ .~ .~ .~

            Ugh, I thought as my feet fell into another mud puddle. There goes another pair of shoes...

            Samandra and Caden Gemini were probably the youngest and best witches I knew. They were the people to go for supplies so they would probably know what was up with Red. I had a lot of faith in them, even though I loved teasing Samandra.

            Seeing as Caden was in school, I decided on calling for Samandra. Samandra was also in school, but she wouldn’t yell at me for disruption her lesson. She had a perfect grade point average.

            Another thing was that the Geminis couldn’t live in an apartment like modern witches. They had to live in a forest with pests and mud. There were even one or two bears the last time I came.

            This is why you don’t see them unless it’s dire, I thought to myself.

I didn’t know where they lived, but it was somewhere near two rocks. The same rocks I saw before, and on my way in... This was going to be hard.

            “Samandra! Hello? It’s Amira, you know better than to keep me waiting,” I barked out which usually caused her to materialize in front of me.

             The temperature dropped a few degrees as a thin layer of smoke appeared near my ankles. Suddenly, Samandra appeared with a small sheepish smile. Noticing my expression, she kept her face hidden under her dark hair.

            Her naturally narrowed eyes looked completely out of place matched with her admittedly wimpy character. “Samandra?” My tone seemed a bit chill, even in my ears.

            “Y-yes?” She had a slight stutter to her words, but it wasn’t because of me. Stupid speech impediment...

            “How many times have I complained about your living conditions?” There was a teasing note in my voice, but I doubt Samandra noticed because of the way her eyes were guarded. “Well, I just wanted to say you owe me another pair of shoes!” The teasing note was gone because I was being completely serious.

            I lifted my ankle a bit closer to her line of sight. They were my new sneakers! They were state of the art designer runners, not hiking shoes!

            “Okay...” She looked like she didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t understand, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

            Even after knowing her for years, I was never all that nice to her. I didn’t really regret it, but it was kind of a ‘shake my head’ moment. I was pretty sure this was the first time I was remotely nice to her.

            “Well, enough talking. I need some new supplies, so use that materialization mumbo-jumbo and zap me to you lair,” I ordered in a perfectly serious voice.

            She sighed for some reason. Her fingers twirled around the air as bright orange sparks shot out of them. Her eyes glowed a bit orange and her hair blew in a nonexistent breeze. She looked tough, reminded me of myself and in a way I respected that. Too bad she had to be such a wimp in personality.

            When the air chilled a bit, I knew her powers were working.

            Describing materialization wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. It was like the world were little dots of a billion images all squished together so it didn’t make sense. One of them could’ve been from Paris or India, but since they were pixel-like you couldn’t tell.

            I could actually feel the ground a few seconds later. There was a queasy feeling in my stomach but I wouldn’t admit that to anyone.

            I looked around at my surroundings.

            It was a room –probably inside her house– with book shelves full of old, dusty books. She also had multiple desks with glass vials of colorful liquids and brown tags on each one.

The house itself was something that really stood out. It wasn’t run down or ‘haunted.’ If it was run down, it would’ve fit in with the scenery of the mucky forest. It actually looked like a beautiful house on the outside with pristine windows and a beautiful paint job. It was the inside that was very surprising.

The inside was what looked like utopia. Everything was neat and tidy, kind of like a hotel. The furniture was the kind in the show magazines. There was even a pool in the greenhouse type building out back.

Her secret was in the basement. It was the cliché epitome of sorcery down there. As I mentioned the potions, I didn’t mention the flipping cauldron. Actually no, Samandra didn’t own a cauldron.

She came back with a container of something that looked like cream. It was the ‘sun block by: sparkle.’ That was the name I thought would be good if she ever wanted to sell it.

“Is that it? Do you need more of ability stabilizer?” Her quiet voice seemed a bit cautious, as if testing the waters.

“No, I need information.”

“Well, go to Anna,” she replied under her breath.

I forgot about Anna. I hadn’t heard from her since that night at Crimson. Hopefully she was still okay. Come to think of it, I did need an update from her.

            “Sorry, did you say something?” I made sure to keep the venom out of my voice.

            She shook her head slowly, to see if I believed her. I didn’t want to make her feel bad or I would never get the information. “Any time now,” she prompted.

            “Do you know anyone named Red?” My question seemed to cut her air supply for a millisecond. For once in my life, Samandra was scared and it wasn’t me she was scared of.

            “Red? Red who?” Her voice was calm and controlled. Her slight Indian accent seemed to diminish.

            What’s her last name? I searched for the memory of almost a day ago. Red Bishop? Something to do with chess... Red Rook! “Red Rook,” I answered confidently.

            Samandra gasped and her wire rimmed glasses fell off her face in her movement. “Why do you know Red Rook?” Her voice was terrified for some reason.

            “So you do know her,” I replied completely ignoring her question. “What do you know about her?”

            “The Rooks or Whiterooks are a group of thieves. Rylinn or –as you call her– Red is one of the most conniving con artists there is. She comes off as shy and hard headed but you won’t know her real personality until she’s too far away,” she warned in a completely serious tone.

            My eyes widened a bit. Red?  The girl that seemed so fiercely loyal to the ones she protected. She lied and friend or not, she was going down.

            “What did she do to you?” My question obviously startled her. I wasn’t stupid, no one could hold such a hate for someone. She must’ve had a personal problem with Red.

            “What makes you think she did something to me?” Her gaze on me hardened and I matched it completely.

            “No need to lie. Remember how I would never tell you my abilities? I’m using one of them now,” I warned in a sickeningly sweet voice.

            “She stole the Gemini necklace. She became my friend and when we had a sleepover she snuck into my basement and took the necklace. I haven’t heard from her since then,” she confessed.

            “What does that necklace do?” She never actually did tell me.

            “It strengthens any witch’s power or let’s a human have a witch’s abilities,” she confessed, sighing.

            I looked at her like she had two heads.

            No, still only one.

            “Here, let me find it,” she muttered running around the room. She searched through different stacks of books. It really took a long time and it felt like half an hour. Getting fed up, I realized it didn’t matter.

            “You know what? I think I’m good,” I corrected.

            She didn’t hear me though. She was holding a large book that seemed too heavy for her slightly too skinny arms. There was no muscle there.

            The book was certainly interesting. It was a catalogue of all the magical artifacts in the world, belonging to different witch families. There were also mentions of the Rooks in some artifacts. Mostly on how they stole the artifact, though.

            Everything’s just so confusing! Is Red a human? “Is Red a human?” I spoke my thoughts out loud, which was partly accidental.

`           “I-I don’t know. She might be a human, heck she might even be a werewolf.”

            “If the Rooks are so famous, how would you not know?”

            “Although the Rooks are notorious, they’re very private. No one even knows where they started and who made the organisation up. If you do know, you’d probably be six feet under because they’re secrets get kept, no matter the price.” Samandra had a look of burning hate in her eyes. It was so powerful that I seriously thought she was going to materialize into my house right now.

            I took two fingers and started rubbing my temples. “What if I said I tried to change her and something went wrong?”

            That peaked her interested. Her anger dissipated slightly. “That’s something to start off with. What happened?” She began to start mixing a vial of blue liquid with some white crystalline powder. I knew Samandra had a tendency to multitask, but I knew something was going to go wrong when I told her.

            I pressed my mouth into a thin line. “It started out fine and then her heart stopped and nothing happened. It looked like she was trying to fight the venom.” Her mouth dropped open as her chemicals dropped on the ground making a small fire.

            Aren’t I always right?

            I looked at it and grabbed a water pitcher from somewhere in the corner. While throwing it on the fire, I realized I ruined Samandra’s shoes.

            “What’s going on?” A male voice rang though the basement making Samandra freeze.

            I looked up to see Caden. He was slightly dorky looking with no muscles and glasses, but he was cool nonetheless. His boyish smile made me think he was fourteen when in reality, he was the same age as me.

            “Caden, you idiot! No snooping,” Samandra teased in a happy voice. Did I forget to mention they were twins?

            “What are you doing here? Weren’t you in school?” Remembering school, I realized I unofficially quit. I needed to pull ‘Kari’ and Red out. Poor Katiya, she didn’t even know I was using her.

            “The teach was getting a bit boring so I materialized here. How’s my favorite sister doing? Skipping class and all that, bad girl!” His joke made Samandra glare.

            “Hey, I only skipped because Amira needed my help. And I’m older than you, stupid!”

            “If you want to make a magic block potion, you can’t spill the ingredients on the ground. Who’s stupid now?” He smirked in a confident tone.

            “College is doing you good. You finally get the self esteem thing up, eh?” I hit his stomach, feeling absolutely no muscle.

            “Well if we wanted to talk about–”

            “Hey,” I snapped their attention back to the task at hand. “What were you going to say?” I pressed in anticipation.

            “Witch,” she whispered. “She’s a witch. Witches have a venom expulsion body function that works against vampires. But if she managed to get around you, she must have wicked power,” Samandra explain in a voice that held... awe?

            Caden looked confused, like a lost puppy. “Who’s a witch?”

            I snorted and hit him in the shoulder lightly. “Shush! And Red Rook.”

            His expression morphed into anger and before he could say anything, I pressed a cold hand over his mouth. I knew what he was going to do. He licked my hand and when I pulled back, I slapped in across the face with the wet hand.

            His mouth formed into a not so polite word. “Hey, language like that isn’t tolerated, and how old are you? Licking someone, disgusting,” I reprimanded sternly, with a devilish smirk.

            “She took my little sister’s necklace, why should I not be angry? That necklace was the only thing left of our parents,” Caden spat, full of hate. I doubted that he missed his parents. Most witch parents taught their children and when they were fifteen, they would have to fend for themselves.

            In Caden and Samandra’s case, their parents were assassinated. It wasn’t their fault their parents got into the illegal stuff.

            “How long does it usually take for the venom expulsion to happen and for Red to wake up?” I knew my voice was tense.

            If there was someone like that sneaking under my nose, I wanted to know why. How can you be so stupid? You knew you shouldn’t have taken her that night at Crimson! My thoughts were a long verbal war. My different sides were fighting against each other and truthfully, it was giving me a migraine.

            Samandra didn’t meet my eyes.

            I stared at the clock on the wall. Its mocking hands were slowly moving as if telling me that time was running out. The fact that it was wooden made it easy to break, if I wanted to destroy it.

            “Well?” My tone was harsh and demanding. It was something I was used to hearing.

            Caden looked from Samandra’s slightly worried expression to my extremely wound up one. “Don’t you talk to my little sister that way,” he growled, finally standing up to me for the first time in years.

            I scoffed in anger. “First, she’s older than you, smart one. Why is it you always think she’s younger than you. You called her your little sister like three times already. Second, there is a con artist at my house that could cause potential danger to my... friends.” I stumbled a bit on the status of the Night Shadowers. “I think I have a right to yell at Samandra if I’m being threatened, and who are you to stop me?”

            His boyish appearance disappeared and suddenly he actually looked his age. There was no innocence behind his eyes and his jaw was set in a rigid position.

            “No, stop!” I shook my head. It was completely Samandra’s character to break up a fight between me and her brother. “Four hours at the least, twenty-four at the most.”

            The clock was still making its ticking noise. Only now it was annoying, mocking me for the fact Red could’ve already woken up.

            “Do you have truth serum?” My question was actually directed to Caden.

            Samandra might’ve been good with spells, but she was downright awful when it came to potions. I mean, how could someone manage to drop two bottles of solutions and make a fire? Caden was the opposite which made the Geminis a perfect team.

            He looked at me with slight hate. “Yes,” he answered begrudgingly.

            I decided to take the high road for the one and only time in my life. “I’m sorry for snapping at you,” I apologized with much more sincerity that I intended.

            His dark eyes widened slightly before resorting back to normal. “Funny, you got me. If you want that potion, you know you don’t have to suck up right?”

            I inwardly shook my head in irritation. “Fine,” I muttered to myself. “I need that stuff. Now!”

            Must you be so demanding? Bella’s sweet voice rang out through my mind. Shut it stupid, I thought back. Yeah, I had a slight multiple personality disorder. It wasn’t something I made known to everyone.

            Caden reached a hand over a select vial of liquid. “You need to put this in an injection and make sure it goes into a major vein in her arm,” he instructed.

            I contemplated on thanking him, but after the incident with the apology, I decided against it. It wasn’t worth it anyway.

            “I also need to witch off,” I joked. When he looked confused, I explained. “I need something that renders a witch’s power useless.”

            “A potion like that is incredibly dangerous because witches have been known to take it and die,” Caden warned.

            “Well I’m one in a million,” I replied arrogantly.

            He huffed before handing me another glass of liquid.

            “Wait, Amira?” Samandra reached a half-tanned hand toward me. Her eyes burned with hate under her admittedly dorky glasses.

            I rolled my eyes, but made sure she couldn’t see me. “I really need to go. It’s been five hours. You forget I spent like three hours looking for you.”

            She smiled a sad smile. “Just make sure to kick her ass for me.” Samandra never swore. She was the complete golden girl.

            I nodded in understanding. “I’ll get you that necklace back,” I promised. “Now beam me up Scotty,” I joked using the old line from Star Trek.

            I quickly found myself back in my living room. The expression ‘there’s no place like home’ came to mind. I heard tinkling voices in the dining room. Why we had a dining room, I didn’t know. It wasn’t like we ate.

            I followed the sound and swung the door open in anger. “Get out,” I spat at Red before proceeding to lunge at her throat.


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