My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


3. Chapter 2: The Night Shadowers


My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Night Shadowers

            “You know you’re really pretty.” The drunk slurred, his body pressed against mine in an alley. I laughed as he wound his grubby fingers through my hair. I laughed melodically. He was drunk, just the way I liked them. They were easier to kill when they were drunk, less screaming.

            “Thank you. This may hurt a bit,” I whispered seductively. Lust shined in his eyes. Pssh, as if I’d ever do anything good to you, I thought sinisterly. I leaned in, my teeth at his neck. He groaned and I bit down hard.

            The drunk started screaming, but I didn’t stop. Yeah, I drank human blood. We were predators, they were prey. Most vampires, me included, liked it that way. I finished all the blood and dumped the body out. Humans were like that, disposable.

            Edward and the rest of the Cullens were dead if they came across me. See, I wasn’t Bella. It took a while to convince everyone, but Bella was dead. I went by Amira. I didn’t even look like Bella anymore. I had red streaks in my hair, I was taller, and I didn’t have the innocent look in my eye.

            I walked back into the club I was at. That was the easiest way to get food. People were drunk and stupid, perfect for someone like me. “Reese! Are you done?” I called to one of my friends. She was the closest thing I had to a friend.

            Reese had brown hair, similar to mine when I was human. Of course, hers was shinier and better. In a way, she looked like me. Tall, pale, and sleep deprived. As if I needed any sleep. The only difference was that I was slightly taller than her, partly because I wore stilettos.

            She was another reckless human Tanya took interest in. The only difference was that she wasn’t a shield so she couldn’t fight Chelsea’s loyalty powers. The only reason we were friends was because she was with me through thick and thin.

            I was the one who rescued her and we left together as friends. Reese’s plan was to do what Tanya said and just go with it. I didn’t think that way. After being controlled by a vampire boyfriend, I would not be a slave to Tanya. So I pretended like I wanted to learn, took e=in everything Tanya taught me and struck when the moment was right.

            I inhaled and started following her scent. She was at an alley across the street. She was doing the same thing I just did. I started laughing at the human’s scared expression. Reese wasn’t very good at the whole seducing thing, but she was very good at fighting.

            I saw her facial expression grow impatient and she bit the human and started drinking. His screams were louder than the human I had. I couldn’t help but laugh as Reese drank furiously. This was the first time in a week we’d hunted.

            When she was done, I approached her. “Are you good?” I asked as my bright crimson eyes looked straight at hers. Her eyes were just as bright but they were full of anticipation.

She laughed and nodded. “Ready Amira?” I nodded once and we took off. I knew why she was so excited. Right about now, one of our newborns would be waking up. We bit her 3 days ago, and were excited to see what her power would be like.

I didn’t run to our house. I thought about the walls of our current home, and I was teleported there. It was a power I gained from a nomadic vampire that tried to kill me. He didn’t know that I stole his power, and I killed him before he even noticed.

I appeared in my bedroom at my house. The extent of the nomadic vampire’s power was teleporting within a country. Mine was far better; I could teleport anywhere in the Earth. I didn’t know about other planets but that was a possibility.

“Crystal, has she woken up yet?” I asked her. Crystal was another vampire I changed. She was about my age with long blonde hair and crimson eyes. I was the leader of a group called the Night Shadowers. We were lethal freelance assassins. All of the Night Shadowers had to have a special power that could aid them in a fight.

People paid us money and we made their problems ‘go away.’ Covens from all around the world were trying to get us to join. The most persistent were the Volturi. After killing Chelsea -the girl that made me loyal to Tanya- the Volturi thought I owed them.

Crystal’s power made me laugh. I had it too of course, but the look on her face when she first used it was still funny. Crystal had lips that could incinerate anyone and anything if she kissed them. I liked to refer to her power as ‘poison lips.’ She could only use her power through her lips, unlike me. I just needed to touch someone and activate my power.

“Yeah, Connor’s taking her hunting. I think he likes her,” Crystal giggled. I looked at her oddly and she automatically shut up. I was known not to be tested because I was eviler than all the other Night Shadowers combined.

I laughed at her scared expression and she let out a shaky one. I didn’t mean to scare all my fellow assassins, but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. They knew better to cross me. “Do you know what her power is?” I asked.

“No. She seems kind of scared. I don’t think she wants people to know. That’s always the best, isn’t it Amira?” Crystal smiled. Most newborns I picked out were kind hearted, I had the worst luck.  When a vampire didn’t want to admit their gifts, they were usually very good assets.

“Get Connor to make her spill. It’s about time he does something useful and deceitful.” Connor was the second boldest out of all of us. He was one of the only guys, along with Aiden and Derek. He was the second least scared of me, and the kindest out of all of us.

“He probably won’t do that.” Crystal muttered, thinking it she was too low for me to hear. I raised my eyebrow in a challenge. I could tell she wanted to take it back. “Never mind I said anything. I’ll g-go get him.” She stuttered.

Hmm, I can make a vampire stutter? Interesting, I must be scarier than I thought.  I was a sick person because the thought made me laugh. I was just lucky I wasn’t as evil as some. Tanya was worse. Tanya would do cruel things to make me evil and she would make me watch.

Reese came in a minute later. She looked a bit pissed. “And you didn’t bother to teleport me too because?” She asked sarcastically. Reese wasn’t really that scared of me. She knew what kind of person I was and I only tolerated her because she wasn’t too annoying.

“You’re welcome,” I smirked sarcastically. Running wouldn’t tire Reese out, so I didn’t know why she was so angry. She took off before I offered, even though I probably wouldn’t have offered.

Reese stood near me. She was second in command for the Night Shadowers. I called all the Night Shadowers into the living room for the arrival of our newest member. All the female Night Shadowers looked innocent and feminine, but they could kill you in a heartbeat.

It took a while but eventually Connor and the new girl came back. She was very pretty, but not as pretty as Rosalie. “What’s your name?” I asked half-coldly. She reminded me of Rosalie, but with black, pin straight hair.

Her expression stayed cold. “Lexana.” She snapped coldly. I looked at her with false anger. It was a test to manipulate Connor’s emotions. Connor looked scared for a moment and I knew why. Newborns that pissed me off were reduced to ash. I absorbed all their power and killed them if they defied me.

I leaned in. “You should know I’d be able to turn you into powder. Don’t cross me.” I whispered in Lexana’s ear. She looked pissed, but tried not to show it. I took a look in her thoughts using Aro of the Volturi’s power.

This witch thinks she’s so tough? I can probably kill her with my power. She’s all talk and no bite, Lexana thought. I looked at her angrily and Connor stood forward. That was something I didn’t expect. He looked at me with disgust.

“Amira, don’t you dare hurt her.” He commanded. I looked at him with boredom. My hands were twirling my hair in ignorance. I dropped the red streak and looked Connor directly in the eye. My empathic power told me that he was slightly scared.

“And why Connor, should I do that? I’ve threatened all the other newborns that have disobeyed us. They’re all piles of ash, but that’s not my point.” I raised my eyebrow and Connor stepped down. Lexana looked scared for Connor.

They’re perfect for each other, I sneered in my mind. I would’ve banned Night Shadowers from having relationships, but I wasn’t that bitter. It was all a test, but Lexana was a real pain in my ass. Was she a rebel in her past life?

Before anyone saw, I grabbed Connor and held him by his neck. He was too smart to test me. Connor went limp. He saw me kill before and I could do it before he could try anything. Everyone’s eyes were on me and Connor.

I wasn’t going to do anything, but everyone except Reese knew that. Reese just looked at me in amusement and I rolled my eyes. No one noticed the look we had but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

“Don’t you dare hurt him!” Lexana burst out. I was sure I was going to kill that witch if she didn’t stop her whining. “I’m sorry, just please...” her voice faltered. I smiled sadistically and laughed. Some vampires didn’t know anything.

“Relax people. So you do seem to care for him. Hmm…” I trailed off. I was circling Lexana, inspecting her for any signs of fear. There were none. “I like your attitude; it would be good for a fight. Just don’t act like a jackass in front of me.” I snarled. She looked scared and furiously nodded.

I let go of Connor and he let out a surprised look. I was sure he trusted me, so he wasn’t as scared as Lexana. “Before I forget, I’ll need to know what your power is.” I said nonchalantly. Lexana looked defensive for a minute, but reached out to touch me.

I gasped in shock. All the other Night Shadowers except me were frozen. They had a blank look on their face. “See what I can do? I’m a monster.” She growled. I froze in shock. The only person I knew who called themselves a monster was Edward. I remember me constantly repeating that he wasn’t a monster.

I felt something against my shield. “Don’t even try. Did Connor explain everything to you? Also if you could give me your hand?” I asked as Lexana gave me her hand. My absorbing power was limited. I found her power source and tapped into it.

I felt the energy knocked out of me as I collapsed. It was a generally normal process but Lexana didn’t know that. After 5 minutes, I sat upright and found Lexana freaking out. “I can tell Connor didn’t explain everything to you.” I commented, as she nodded.

I launched into my long explanation of what happened. I told her about all of the Night Shadowers’ powers and about her membership as one of us. She took the news surprisingly well. I also warned her about my past –not going into detail of course- and that if she disobeyed me punishments would be taken into action.

 I called for Connor and told him to start Lexana’s training. I would’ve helped but I had other things to deal with. She gladly went with him. I went to my room to explore the extents of my new power.

My room looked like an artfully styled murder scene. I had black furniture, and blood red walls. There was a very dim chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was very dark, I liked it. I called for Reese to come in. She was like a lab rat to me.

I found out that I could control her mind, but it was hard. I had to use my mind and work her body like my own. Could you guess how many times I sent Reese into a wall? I was about to give up when the phone rang. It was my business phone. My hold on Reese snapped and she fell to the floor.

“Night Shadowers. We make your problem go away.” I spoke into the phone. “Two grand? Fine, I’m going to need photos.” I spoke. The person on the other line faxed me the photos.

I looked at them in curiosity. “Who’s going to take this run?” Reese asked, when she got up. I gestured to myself. Reese nodded and left me to my own thoughts. Man, I’m so going to enjoy this… I thought evilly.




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