My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


17. Chapter 16: Date with Sabotage

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School is also not just affecting my copy and pasting time, it's affecting my writing time too. I've only got 4 pages on chapter 21! That's awful. For you readers that are ahead (Llama pushers ;) I'm going to introduce a new character and I need to start writing about more males soon...

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My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Date with Sabotage

            Red’s POV:

            “Hold still!” Alice’s exasperated cry rang throughout the room. She was trying to do Arianna’s makeup, but Arianna was being difficult. I didn’t see why I had to be there. It wasn’t like I liked Arianna.

            “You’re doing it wrong,” Arianna complained. She gestured to her eyes. In my opinion, they looked amazing. Arianna actually looked slightly decent for once.

            “What do you mean?” Alice’s voice was thick with anger and frustration.

            “It’s supposed to be a lighter shade of brown and a darker black,” she protested. I snorted. Did Arianna even know anything about makeup? Arianna shot me a disgruntled look.

“Arianna, you’re welcome to do your own, you know? All you’re losing is a person who has been to cosmetology school three times,” I snapped, shutting her up.

            “Four. I’ve been four times,” Alice corrected proudly. I rolled my eyes.

            That seemed to shut her up. I turned to inspect her clothes and gave her a wary look.

            Her top was blue and quite beautiful. It was pretty modest for something Arianna would ever wear and had rhinestones on it.The only problem was that it was meant for a taller body and Arianna didn’t pull it off. She was too short. It didn’t look ridiculous on her, but there was definitely a better choice.

            Her pants were a better choice though. She wore sparkly jeans that complimented the shirt well. But who was I to judge fashion?

            The doorbell rang. Alice turned to get up but I was already halfway out the door. I would take whatever excuse I could get to leave Arianna’s company. I didn’t even know why Alice made me stay. Why not Rosalie?

            I skipped down the stairs as I bounced while opening the door. I had to stop myself from staring at Derek.

            He looked utterly ridiculous. Red hair and blue eyes didn’t suit him at all. He looked like a clown reject without the face paint.

            I remembered the Derek that I knew. Brown hair and brown eyes suited him well and somehow his eyes always made me feel warm inside.

He raised his eyebrows in response to my stares.

            “What? I’m hot, huh?” His cocky attitude didn’t seem to faze though. For that, I was glad. It would’ve been strange if he was suddenly nice.

            “Yeah... No. You look stupid. Dude, red hair is like a no for you. And don’t get me started on the eyes.” I smiled teasingly. He wiggled his eyebrows and smiled anyway.

            “You’re just jealous Arianna’s dating me instead of you.” His words, although joking, cut a hole in my chest. I struggled to keep a calm look even though he was right. “Hey, you okay?”

            I twisted the corners of my mouth, but my face felt like an elastic band. “Fine, why?” I kept my eyes on the floor, not meeting his gaze. Boys were so clueless. “Well, Arianna’s upstairs doing God knows what,” I explained to fill the silence.

            “I guess I’ll just chill here with you for now. And I can’t wait to see you with red eyes. Maybe then you’re name will finally make sense,” he teased, touching my blonde locks.

            I rolled my eyes in response. “Funny,” I muttered dryly. “I’d probably be the world’s ugliest vampire,” I muttered trying to get some kind of reaction out of him.

            It was all some kind of experiment. If I said certain things, the responses would tell me certain information. If he denied me being ugly, there was a possibility that he liked me back.

            Derek opened his mouth but shut it before saying anything. I felt my spirits fall before covering my feelings up with a smile. He gave me a tentative smile that didn’t touch his eyes.

 “You’d be the most beautiful,” he muttered under his breath.

            The simple statement cut my breath short. Instead of gaping like most girls, I acted like I didn’t hear him and remained calm so I could assess the situation. I was known for being logical when I wasn’t angry.

            Noticing my blank expression, he smiled without any awkwardness. I returned it and punched him lightly on the arm.

He didn’t even blink.

            “Hey Derek? I just want you to know–” My sentence was cut short by the clacking sounds of Arianna’s high heels.

She beamed like a Christmas tree when she saw Derek. She turned her attention to our position and narrowed her eyes at me with seething anger.

 Jealousy doesn’t really look good on your ugly face, I thought cynically.

            “Are you ready to go?” Arianna asked in a voice that was low. I resisted the urge to snicker. Maybe that kind of trash worked on perverted men, but all it did was make a comedy for me.

            He gulped nervously and nodded. As he was leaving he turned to wave at me. I took the opportunity to give him a sarcastic grin.

            As the door closed, I felt stupid for standing there. I was acting like a lovesick puppy. When I was going up the stairs, a tiny frame blocked me. “What?” My voice was sharper than I intended.

            A look of hurt crossed her eye. “I can see you know.”

            “See what?”

            “Why don’t we continue this conversation in my room? There isn’t anyone here but I’d rather talk somewhere a bit more comfortable.”

            I didn’t answer her but went to her room willingly.

            The brightness of it blinded me but I understood. It reflected Alice’s personality perfectly, like a light. “Too much?” Alice’s voice made me spin around from where I was standing.

            I looked at her like she had a third eye. “No! Why would you think that?” I fought a smile that was playing on my lips. She giggled before responding,

            “I don’t get how you can lie so well but sometimes you epically fail. Is it because you’re under pressure or because you’ve run out of sarcastic things to say?” She had own knowing look.

            I was stunned. I didn’t really know the answer and I didn’t really want to know where this was going. “What does that have to do with anything?”

            She didn’t answer. Instead, she moved to sit on her couch. Why don’t you have a bed? I thought curiously. Oh yeah... You don’t sleep. I moved closer to sit beside her.

            “You didn’t answer the question,” she sang in a ridiculous tone.

            “Fine! It’s probably the latter,” I answered as honestly as I could.

            She squealed for no reason and made her bright blue couch shake. I contemplated getting off, but I didn’t want to upset Alice. “Now back to what I was saying before. You so like Derek!”

            I opened my mouth to deny it, but she cut me off. “Don’t you dare try to deny it! You look at him the way I look at Jasper. It’s really adorable.” I made a face and wrinkled my nose.

            “Alice, you’ve got me wrong. I’m no ‘hopeless romantic.’ I’m a cynical witch that likes to pick fights with people. I can’t fall in love anyway,” I muttered, almost sadly.

            Alice refused to give up though. “What if I were to tell you Arianna booked a hotel for after their date?” I shuddered as the mental images flooded my mind.

            “Alice!” My face was still screwed up in disgust. “I didn’t need to know that! Derek can do whatever he likes. I’m not his mother.” Since I couldn’t pull denial, I tried being nonchalant.

            “Well, Edward knows about the date and he’s going to go beat Derek up.”

            My heart nearly stopped. If Edward tried to hurt Derek and he didn’t bleed, the entire operation would be sunk.

“And who’s going to tell him?” My voice was dangerously low.

            I wasn’t playing a game with Alice anymore. It wasn’t just fun. If the operation was a bust, worse things would happen.

            “I am,” she chirped cheerfully as she walked out of the room in vampire speed before I could protest. Alice, you have no idea what you just did, I thought frantically.

            I was left alone in the brightly lit room with a bunch of options. I could’ve called Amira and have her yell at me. I could’ve gotten Alice to stop but at the end of the day, Amira was always the best choice.

            I made my way to the garage. Since Rosalie and Emmett were still in the house, I had to talk where there was no one around. At this time, I regretted not taking the Cullens’ offer on getting a car.

            I spotted a motorcycle at the back. It was probably one of Rosalie’s new projects. Since she was still angry about her BMW, she wouldn’t have noticed it gone.

            I had no idea on how to drive a motorcycle. There was a chance of dying or hospitalization.


            I drove to an abandoned street. Maybe it wasn’t smart of me to go to a place where I couldn’t scream for help? Oh well, no time for regrets.

            I picked up my cell phone and called Amira. Her reply was fast and harsh.

            “What?” She whispered in a deadly calm voice. I didn’t want to know why she was whispering.

            “Alice told Edward that Arianna is cheating on him!”

            I heard the crack of something. It was probably Amira dropping the phone. “Get to the restaurant now. I’ll try to get them from fighting but this is the moment where you can finally come back with us.”

            I asked her where to go and when I knew everything I needed, I hung up. As I was about to get on my bike and leave, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

            My body went cold. I wasn’t scared but I knew how to deal with sexual assaulters. I felt his breath on my ear and neck and shuddered. “Now what would a girl like you be doin’ out at this time of night?” I heard the slur in his voice.

Drunk? Typical, I thought carelessly.

            He spun me around and pressed something sharp against my neck. My heart was beating unnaturally slow for someone who could’ve gotten killed in an instant.

            “See, most people underestimate me. They think because I’m small, they can push me around or kill me. Don’t worry; I’ll make your death fast.” I smiled politely as if my threat was no big deal.

            When he wasn’t watching, I twisted his hand so it was automatically drop the knife. He gritted his teeth in pain as he struck out to grab me. He was the exact same as most fighters. He fought with strength over brains. He just struck with no tactic, hoping he could hit me.

            The thing was, he could probably knock me out in one hit because of his muscles. Only problem was that he wasn’t able to find me.

            The man swung aimlessly and I dodged neatly. “Stay still, you brat!” His eyes narrowed from his failure.

            I laughed sarcastically, taunting him. “And why would I do that? So you can kill me? Only someone like you would be that stupid,” I jeered as I jumped over another kick.

            I was taught to analyze my opponent’s weaknesses. The man had strength but he didn’t have much agility. I quickly ran past him, feigning worry. I made it to the other side of the alley a good fifteen meters away from him.

            As expected, he charged toward me.


            Just a bit more...

            I really want to hit you...

            When he was at arms length, I aimed an uppercut at his jaw. He winced and moved his hand to his face, forgetting me momentarily. He also forgot about protection and let his guard down.

            I looked at his legs and kicked him in the shins, knowing it would hurt. He didn’t scream. Instead, he fell to the ground with a very pained expression.

            I shouldn’t have, but I cackled murderously. “Let me go,” he pleaded weakly.

            The angry bruise on his jaw was starting to turn a disturbing shade of purple. I smiled sadistically while flashing my teeth. The attacker who tried to sexually assault me was begging for his life.


            “Were you going to let me go?” What about all the other girls before me? Huh? Why should I let you go?” I raised my eyebrow and cocked my head, taunting him.

            He didn’t answer but met my gaze with bloodshot eyes, full of hate. I scoffed and screwed my face up in disgust.

            “I thought so. You’re lucky I’m not like you. I won’t kill you, but have fun in prison!” I smiled cheerily as I kicked him in the legs again, effectively spraining them.

            I whipped out my phone and dialed the police quickly. Amira was still expecting me and I didn’t want to keep her waiting.

            I got back on the bike without interruptions and made it to the restaurant.

            I could see Amira through the window, spying on Arianna. The worst part was that Arianna didn’t even notice. She was too busy ogling Derek to notice anything around her.

            When I walked in, I was hit with the smell of fancy candles and food. A host came up to me. He had short brown hair and acne on his face.

            He gave me a smile and I fought a grimace. He wasn’t even my age! He was younger than me!

“I’m meeting a friend here. She’s in that table,” I explained pointing to Amira. I wanted to get away from him, fast.

His face visibly fell as he moved on to the next customer.

I moved to Amira’s table, glad the boy left me alone. “I don’t see Edward but I know Alice told him about the date,” I informed.

“Quiet! Arianna might hear us,” Amira reprimanded. “And if Edward does show up, we’re going to get Derek out of here before he can get hit.”

“Good plan.”

We sat in silence, me eating food while Amira pretended. I kept looking over at Arianna and Derek without making it look like staring.

Suddenly, Arianna whispered something in Derek’s ear and he turned his head. Before I could process what was going on, she pressed her lips to him.

His response was to kiss back and I felt emotions that were foreign to me.




Amira looked over to me with a strange expression. Her eyes were too wide and her mouth was slightly parted. She actually looked surprised for once.

            “You know he’s just playing along, right?” Amira’s voice was surprisingly cool. Even though she phrased it like a careless fact, it was for my benefit.

            “I was taught to never find love. I can’t afford weaknesses now.”

            Amira sucked in a long breath. “Love isn’t a weakness. Love is one of the best things that happened to me while it lasted. People like you are the lucky ones that can find their missing other half. Don’t waste your chance or you’ll get your heart broken.” For once in my presence, Amira actually seemed caring.

 The twisting in my stomach was relieved and I looked over to Amira to thank her. She didn’t meet my gaze but when she did, her eyes were shaped in a glare.

            “I won’t mention this to anyone, I swear.” I chilled my voice to make Amira more comfortable.

            “You better not. I have a reputation and I live to maintain it.”

            I was about to respond with a witty comeback when the door of the restaurant swung open and Amira’s eyes became alert.

Like if you think Amira's speech was completely out of character but amazing at the same time?

Who do you think is at the door? Keep in mind I don't like to make the answer obvious all the time so are you sure it's Edward when you're fingers are at the keys, posting an assumption?


- Amelia

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