My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


12. Chapter 11: Falling Into Place

School has officially... started.

I'm starting my seventh year and It's going, good? I'm sorry for not updating in the morning because I know you were hoping for a  hour (at least) earlier update..

Well, this is your reward for waiting.

My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Falling Into Place

            Red’s POV:

            I hastily walked back into class with Amira. Everyone looked at us and the teacher scowled for disrupting her class. We muttered quick apologies and went back to our seats.

            Amira had the same goal as me. Blend it, don’t get seen. It didn’t work. People were staring at me for whatever reason. They were staring at Amira too. She just looked back with a feral glance.

            I heard the teacher say something, but I wasn’t listening. Hands shot up and she started picking people to answer her conundrum. Most of us looked tired but there was one girl that’s hand shot like a rocket.

            She looked like a small, quiet, Asian girl. Her body stance seemed to differ though. Her posture was rigid and she looked at Amira in intense curiosity. It was actually kind of funny. Amira just stared back.

            The girl’s hair hung behind her ears, exposing her piercing eyes. She looked like she could scare anyone with a low self esteem. “What is the answer?” The teacher asked, her eye level the same with mine.

            “Uh… Um… Hmm…” I stuttered in panic. The girl looked at me and rolled her eyes.

            “There isn’t an answer. It was a trick question.” She sighed impatiently. I looked at her and threw her a grateful glance. She glared at me for my idiocy and I looked away.

            “Someone’s a little frozen.” I muttered to Amira. She sat diagonally from me so she could hear me. Too bad, the girl was close too. She looked at me with pure hate and I glared back. “Did you have something to say?” I asked.

            “Yes, I do. I don’t exactly appreciate someone insulting me when they don’t even know me.” She spoke under her breath. Her volume was soft, which made it more intimidating. You would think she was a bit nervous, but her tone told me otherwise.

            “Sorry,” I muttered, meeting her gaze. “You shouldn’t take everything so seriously, though.” God, what’s up with that chick? I thought. She turned away from me, ending the conversation.

            In a way, the girl was attractive. I’m sure if she didn’t frown all the time, she would be even prettier. I didn’t know if she was one of the ‘populars’ at the school, but it was possible. She had the scary attitude to be a popular, but the brains too.

            Amira just shrugged at the thought. I continued to ignore everyone during the rest of the lesson.


            The bell buzzed and me and Amira were the first out. “Not so fast!” The teacher reprimanded. I stopped short. “You have to collect your homework. Don’t think you can ditch,” she scolded.

            We got the unnecessary homework and left. I realized that I had the exact same classes as Amira and that the Cullens were nowhere to be seen. Jasper was usually in my class, but somehow I got transferred out.

            Amira. She was the one who did it. Classes were boring, but there were groups of boys that played pranks on the teachers. Amira looked bored, but I saw past that. There were flecks of amusement in her eyes.

            When the teacher wasn’t looking, I gave one of the guys a high five. We smiled and got back to work when the teacher turned around. The high five was a friendly gesture, nothing more.

            The Asian girl looked at me with distaste. What was her problem? It wasn’t like I did anything to her. “Katiya, did you have something to say?” the teacher looked at her sternly. I turned away, not meeting anyone’s gaze.

            “Nope. Why?” She answered nonchalantly. She looked at the teacher as if it was a casual question. There wasn’t a hint of malice in her voice and it forced the teacher to move on. Well played, I complimented in my mind.

            The teacher looked flustered and some of the guys offered their hands in high fives to Katiya. That incident almost confirmed that she was indeed a popular. “Nice.” I heard someone whisper to her.

            A thought occurred to me. Ever since Amira switched my classes, I didn’t know which class I was in. I looked around the class. There wasn’t a display that gave what class it was. I figured that if I sat quietly, the teacher wouldn’t pick me for an answer.

            When class ended, I looked at Amira for directions. She rolled her eyes in animosity. She mouthed the word, lunch. I looked at the clock, and sure enough, it was lunch time.

            Suddenly, I remembered that I usually sat with the Cullens. Where am I supposed to sit? I thought. “Come on! Just follow me.” Amira’s hand grabbed my wrist as she pulled me out of the classroom.

            “Wait! What about my books?” I reminded her. She let me go to grab my -in her words- unnecessary things. I grabbed hers too, just to keep up with appearances.

            “I’ll meet you at the cafeteria. I’ve got something I have to handle.” Amira threw over her shoulder as she walked back in the classroom. I grumbled.

            She left me there. I was holding me and my immensely heavy books. It wasn’t exactly pleasant to carry her things.

            I walked to the cafeteria and waited outside like an idiot.

            Amira was running toward me at human pace. It was probably slow for her. She didn’t bother with an explanation and walked in the cafeteria with me.

            She was pointed in the direction of the Cullens. I was overcome with sudden anxiety.

            Cullens? Are we sitting there? I thought to her. The Cullens had super hearing so I thought it wouldn’t be safe to ask her out loud. She nodded and I had to introduce her.

            “Hey guys!” I chirped cheerily. Amira looked at me with distaste. Too much? I thought again. Her head nodded slightly. “This is A-… Kari.” I corrected my mistake. They looked at me with distrust.

            “I’m Jasper.” Jasper was the first to introduce himself. He took her hand and shook it. The others introduced themselves, except Edward. “This is Edward. He’s just a bit upset that he can’t read people.” Jasper explained.

            Amira raised her eyebrow, noticing Jasper’s mistake. “What do you mean by that?” She asked. Edward glared at Jasper ferociously.  The Cullens looked awkward trying to produce an answer. I could see that Amira was having fun making the Cullens anxious.

            “Sorry Kari. I forgot to tell you that Edward’s an expert on body language. He can read almost everyone. Apparently, today’s an off day for him. That was probably what Jasper meant, right?” I shot him a look.

            “Oh, ok. For a second I thought you were like crazy or something.” Amira giggled. Adding the word ‘like’ made her sound retarded, but it was acting.

            Arianna wasn’t saying anything. She was just giggling with Edward about something. “Hey, Kari! Rylinn?” I heard a shout on the other end of the cafeteria.

            The populars want us to sit with them? I thought. “I’m sorry. Katiya needed to talk to us so we’d better go. It was really nice meeting you guys!” Amira smiled. I noticed how she dragged the word ‘nice’ so it was almost sarcastic.

            Amira was the first to move and I threw the Cullens an apologetic glance. Amira’s stride was long and confident. I felt like a complete idiot by her side. The populars’ eyes widened at the sight of Amira.

            “So, I hear there’s something you want.” Amira stated, her mouth curving in a scheming grin. Katiya was indeed sitting at the table, chatting idly with some of the guys. She looked at Amira with anxiety.

            “What’s that supposed to mean?” Katiya asked in her intimidating, quiet voice. Her tone was challenging, but her volume said otherwise. It was actually useful to be able to contain anger and speak civilly.

`           Amira, frustrated by Katiya’s ignorance whispered something in her ear. Katiya instantly paled. Her almond eyes looked slightly scared. “Are you going to blackmail me or something?” She asked through gritted teeth.

            “No, I want to help you get it. I promise. I won’t tell and I do have a plan.” Amira replied loftily.

            “Why do you want to help me?” Katiya asked, astonished. Her hands, which were digging into each other moments ago, were curled in tight fists. I felt completely awkward because I had no idea what was going on.

            “I have my own hatred for your target. I’d like to see them suffer.” Amira left no other explanation. “Your place? After school?” She asked. Katiya nodded as if she didn’t really care.

            I looked at them in confusion and Amira ignored me. We looked around, me feeling awkward. The Cullens were probably staring at me. I just had that kind of feeling. Arianna was probably too busy with her mouth on Edwards.

            I had only lived with them for about a week, but I already knew them inside out. They were all too predictable. Edward was usually the one in touch with music. Rosalie with cars, Emmett with video games and pranks, Esme with gardening, and Carlisle with medicine. Jasper was the only one who was different.

            Amira looked at me with a small huff. She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the cafeteria. “What?” I snapped quietly. Making a scene wouldn’t be good for anyone. She looked at me with frustration.

            “Can you at least pretend you know what’s going on?” She snapped quietly. “Don’t you get it? Katiya has a crush on Edward! I’m trying to break Arianna and Edward up. ” Amira sighed.

            “Fine then.” I looked at Amira angrily and walked off.

            I found myself hotwiring someone’s motorcycle in the parking lot and riding off. I knew it was a reckless decision, but I was too annoyed to care. I didn’t even have a helmet.

            I found that when I was angry, I tended to do stupid things. It was one of my tendencies. Last time something happened, I got into a car accident. I did survive.

            My phone rang, and I ignored it. I didn’t want to talk to Amira, or the Cullens.

            When the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, I pulled over and grabbed it out of my pocket. “What?” I growled into the phone. Irritation was an understatement.

            “Calm down, Red! Or should I call you Rylinn?” I heard the teasing note in Derek’s voice.

            “Was whatever your message was that important?”

            “Well, Amira saw one of the Cullens start crying during lunch. Apparently, she saw you die. Amira told me that it would make sense to you.”

            I couldn’t breathe. I was supposed to die? “When exactly was my presumed death?” I asked shakily. I was having trouble trying to calm down.

            “Amira said 1:04.” Derek answered. “Judging by the fact you answered, you aren’t dead.” I checked the time on my phone, 1:03.

            “Well, I’m glad I picked up a minute before my death. Where are you? Can you come and get me?” I started looking around for a street name or indication on where I was.

            “Turn around.” Derek said. Although his voice sounded clearer. Derek was right behind me, leaning against his car.

            “Oh, so you’re stalking me now?” I raised my eyebrow in mock terror. “Wait, can’t Alice see this?”

            “Nah, Amira’s got her shield wrapped around half of New York.” He chuckled and led me to the car. “I have specific orders to take you to someone named Katiya’s house.”

            I nodded and the rest of the drive was filled with awkward silences.





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