My Past Is Your Demise

First off, I am NOT a Twilight Fan. I am actually a hater. This story isn't meant to mock Twilight. It's meant to show a version where haters and lovers will both love/read!

"You weren't there for me," I cried in agony.

When Edward left Bella, something snapped...

The strength of a human only lasted so much. After being bitten, Bella was reborn and changed. She changed her name to Amira, became an assassin and now has a team. Swearing revenge on the creatures she once loved, the Cullens better watch out.

Because they're just pawns in a much bigger game and when it's over, they'll all be dead...


2. Chapter 1: Against My Wishes

It's midnight and I've actually pre written 17 of these chapters. I don't expect people to read them, but if you do...

I hope you enjoy them. I only posted them here because I felt kind of bored. I'll add a new chapter every day, whether people read them or not. After chapter 17, if I don't have readers, I'll stop.



My Past Is Your Demise: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Against My Wishes

            All my suspicions were wrong. It wasn’t Alice. It wasn’t Rosalie. It wasn’t even Victoria. I didn’t even know who it was. She was blonde and tall, everything I wasn’t. She had strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful pale complexion. Somehow she looked, or sounded familiar. Maybe someone mentioned her before? I thought curiously.

            Did she know Edward, or the Cullens? Probably, why else would she be here?  I answered in my mind. I pretended to look bold, but she probably knew I was scared. She could hear my heartbeat after all. She smiled in an inviting way, different from the smile James gave me at the ballet studio.

            “Do I know you?” I snapped rudely. I was thankful that my voice didn’t crack. Tough   Bel-, Amira didn’t really take into full effect yet. I would probably have a hard time reminding myself of my new personality. I didn’t miss my old one though.

            “No, but I know you, Bella.” She replied in a smooth voice. Her voice had a seductive edge to it, probably used for men. It was like Rosalie’s wind chime voice, but more edge. She smiled, but I didn’t.

            Why? Why did ‘Bella’ have to exist? “Things have changed. I’m not Bella. My name is Amira. Bella Swan is dead. She died a long time ago, I killed her.” I smiled like it was an accomplishment. Talking about Bella made me snarl scarily enough that it almost scared the vampire. She just laughed.

“My bad, Amira. I like it. It sounds so much more feral than Bella. Bella is a weakling’s name. So now you’re Amira Swan?” She wrinkled her nose. Swan was as much a weak name as Bella was. I pretended to gag.

“No, definitely not Swan. Anything other than Amira Swan. Amira S? Amira Shadows? No it’s too dark… Amira Stryker! That’s perfect.” I said aloud. It was my own self monologue and Tanya was there to witness it.

She raised her eyebrow and laughed. “Amira Stryker? I like it. You sound stronger and fiercer. I also hear you’re Edward’s girlfriend.” She said, but it sounded like a question. I laughed bitterly.

            “Ex-girlfriend. Name? You’re probably Edward’s new girlfriend, right? This is the part where you warn me to stay away from him, right?” I spoke in a dead voice. This was probably the vampire that Edward replaced me with. She was everything I wasn’t. The vampire smiled bitterly, before shaking her head.

            “No, not at all. He rejected me years ago. He rejected me… for you.” She snapped. I didn’t know if her hate was directed to me, but I wasn’t scared. “Tanya, my name is Tanya. I’m a vegetarian vampire.” Tanya answered, as if her name explained everything.

            “Well, hi. Um, why are-” I was cut off by Tanya. She raised her hand in front of my face. My eyes went to hers, in a glare. I didn’t take crap from anyone. I didn’t understand why vampires thought they could screw around with humans, and treat them like footstools.

            “It was Victoria. She didn’t want to get her hands dirty, so she planted a bomb. I saved you because I have things to ask you something, and this is Esme and Carlisle’s old cabin.” She finished. Are you sure Edward is the mind reader? I taunted her in my mind.

            “Yeah, pretty much. One more question, what do you want with me?” I asked snidely. I didn’t have good experiences with vampires so it was pretty normal to not trust them. Half my brain was screaming to run while I still could. Normal reactions were overrated.

            “Well, as you confirmed, you’re Eddie’s ex, right? Well, I was thinking we could do some revenge on him. Well, I would have to change you of course…” She trailed off. Who did this slut think she was? Do you really think I want to serve another ass wipe of a vampire? I thought in my  mind.

            Tanya looked like the kind of person who didn’t like rejection. She would probably kill me if I refused, so I decided to stall. “Can I say goodbye to my dad first? I’ll never see him again, and I would like a chance to have some kind of closure.” I reasoned.

            Tanya’s eyes softened for some reason as she nodded. “How do I know you won’t run away the first chance you get? I’m faster than you, but I still want to know.” She narrowed her eyes slightly at the accusation.

            “That’s the thing,” I smirked, wit lining my eyes. “You won’t. You’ll just have to follow me. My truck is gone and my house is probably miles away. Just give me a lift, ‘kay?” I asked. Tanya seemed to think about it before finally nodding.

            “Get on, before I change my mind.” She ordered. I was about to tell her to screw herself, but decided against it. No need to piss her off. I hesitantly grabbed her hand. It was cold, colder than Edward’s. “Wow, your blood is sweet, Carlisle was right.” Tanya muttered to herself.

            I thought she was going to bite me, but she stopped breathing and started running with me trailing off behind. My heart sped up, but not in the sense of fear. Bella would’ve been scared, but somehow I enjoyed the adrenaline.

            My mind was a bit frazzled, but I got myself under control. The lights in the house and on the front porch were still on. Charlie must be worried sick. What have I done? The small ‘Bella’ part of me asked. Who cares about your dad, he was never there for you? The bitter voice of ‘Amira’ sneered back

            I really did have a split personality disorder. What was wrong with me? Tanya ushered me forward. She was probably getting impatient. I took a small step and walked towards the house I would never have again.

            “Dad?” I asked in a quiet voice. It was the voice ‘Bella’ had. His head shot up from the couch and he almost fell on the ground. “I just came back to say that I’m sorry. You’re probably not awake, but I need to say this. You aren’t going to see me again. People are going to think I’m dead, but you aren’t. I know you, you won’t stop looking. So please don’t look because you won’t find me.” I pleaded.

            That was probably going to be the last time I would ever let my ‘Bella’ personality out again. I knew he was awake, but only partly. Taking a deep breath, I looked around the house and said my final goodbyes. One single tear fell from my eye and I brushed it away.

            “Be glad you can’t cry when you’re a vampire,” Tanya smirked. She leaned against the door frame. “Are you ready yet? We need to go soon. I’m changing you at the cabin.” She said hastily. I followed her without another word.

            I sure as hell would never be Tanya’s servant. What was I supposed to do, though? She was stronger and faster than I was.  I was going to get changed by Tanya and then my plan would be put into action. Amira -unlike Bella- always had a plan.

            In another millisecond, I was back at the cabin. I sat down on the couch and Tanya sat beside me. “I’m going to bite your wrists, neck, and ankles. It’s not going to hurt at first, but it will after a while.” Tanya explained as she leaned in.

            “Wait, if you’re a vegetarian vampire, are you allowed to bite me?” I asked tensely. Was she betraying her ‘diet?’ She simply nodded, but didn’t stop moving closer.

            I did my best to not move away or freak out. Tanya made very quick work of biting me. She was right; the feeling was numbness, at first. After five minutes of numbness, there was a surging fire in my ankles, neck and wrists. I fell to the floor, writing in pain.

            Carlisle, Edward and every other vampire was right. The pain of change was unbearable, but I stayed quiet the entire time. Or so I thought. I lost count of how long the fire incinerated me. Had it been hours? Days? Years?

            As the pain diminished, I woke up with a shock. Everything was clearer through my eyes. I could see every string on a wool comforter that lay on the couch. I could hear everything too. I, Amira Stryker felt superior. I felt superior for once.

            I could hear Tanya outside. Her voice sounded different, though. It was more attractive when I heard it as a human. It wasn’t as edgy or seductive. Maybe that was because I was a girl. She was talking to someone about her plans with me.

            I decided to bolt for it. I was faster after all. I could probably outrun Tanya. Tanya expected it though. She was waiting outside with another female vampire while grabbing my arms and restraining me.

            “You promised! No matter, my friend here will help you behave.” Tanya chided, like I was some toddler. The female vampire took off her black hood, and looked me in the eye. Something felt different. I felt the need to serve Tanya.

            I desperately pleaded for it to stop, before I lost my mind completely. Suddenly a barrier-like shield appeared in front of me. The need to serve Tanya stopped, but the female looked victorious.

            I had a new plan, but I didn’t know how long it would take. I left the shield up. It seemed like only I could see it, which was fine with me. “Tanya, I’m ready to learn what you want to teach me. I also want to get back at Edward Cullen for what he did to both of us.” I heard myself say.

            Tanya looked pleased, like her plan worked. The other vampire stayed with Tanya, but stopped tying me to her. It would take a long time, but I set my plan into motion.

Next chapter is going to be a time jump. What Bella actually does will be revealed in a far future.



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