save my heart tonight

i know i may not spell everything right , and i may not be very good at this stuff at all , this is my very first fanfic and i hope you enjoy


1. .

saterday :

                  it was dark . quiet . and he was all alone .

                  he didnt know what to do with him self . he was so sorry and he wished they knew that .

                  his best friends , his brothers had left him here to rot and he hated him self because he knew that he pushed them to do it . he know with in the last couple of weeks he had been getting them more upset as he contiued to speak . he missed them , he really did .

                 he thought about what he had dont that was so wrong , he wondered how he could fix it and he wondered if he would ever see them again . as he sat , tangling his fingers in his messy blonde hair , tears started to well up in the corner of his eyes . he started into a light sob  . he was all alone and he was still so young , he didnt know what to do . as he whispered lightly to him self , all he could hear was his irish accent bowncing of the walls , flooding his empty flat , and he wished liam , harry , louis , or zayn was there with him . he wondered how he was going to move on , or if he ever could . he was so lost in his thoughts and his regrets that he failed to hear the knock on the door the first couple of times , the knocking grew louder ,pullinh him from his thoughts , and a small part  of him grew happy as he quickly jumped up off his bed and raced to open the door hoping it was one of his friends , he yanked open the door as fast as his weak and unsteady arms would let him and he was suprised to see paul standing in the hallway out side of his flat .

               " paul ? why are - " niall cut himself off and was just happy he wasnt all that alone any more , for the monent anyway .

               " Niall , i asked the other boys and they said they hadn't seen him ... uuu.. Niall we cant find Harry , have you seen him ? " paul expaned , he could see the worry start to grow on nialls face . " Niall ... are you ok ? " paul said seeming conserned , as the colour draned from niall's skin .

niall couldnt say anything , he was to devistated . the thought of one of his best friends no wear to be found made him his heart race and his mind was scrambling trying to find what to say . he hadnt noticed paul saying his name over and over , he was dazed , he felt dizzy and as he looked forward at pauls face , the world around him started to fuzz , started to blacken .

he fainted .


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